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Set the Layout of Account Profile Pages

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Insights administrators can customize the account profile pages that are displayed within Insights and when Insights is embedded into Salesforce or another application.

See Embed Insights on Your Salesforce Account Profile and Embed Account Profiles in Your Application for information about embedding Insights.

Account profile pages comprise a sequence of sections that contain headlines and panels:

  • Each section can have either one or two columns.
  • Headlines highlight the values of account attributes and provide graphs of account metrics.
  • Panels list the values of account attributes and metrics.

The following figure shows the types of item that are available on account profile pages:

See Using Account Dashboards for an example of an account profile page that contains data about an account.

You can create several different account profile page layouts. You can then assign one layout to be used within Insights, a second layout to be used when Insights is embedded into Salesforce, and a third layout to be used when Insights is embedded into a custom application.

To set the layout of account profile pages:

  1. From the profile menu, navigate to Settings > Manage Account Profile Layout.

    The Manage Layouts page opens.

  2. (Optional) Use the following procedure to create a new layout.

    1. On the Manage Layouts page, click Create New.

    2. Enter a name for the layout in the Label field.

      Each layout must have a key that uniquely identifies the layout. Select the Key field to automatically assign a key, then modify the key if necessary.

    3. Click Create.

      The layout editor opens. The default layout contains headlines for account metrics, a panel for account attributes, and a panel for account metrics.

    4. Customize the sections, headlines, and panels:

      • Use the Single Column and Two Columns buttons to set the number of columns in a section.

      • Click Add Component to create a headline or panel in a section.

        Each headline displays a single attribute or metric. To specify the attribute or metric, click Add an Item in the Edit Your Headline dialog box. After selecting the attribute or metric, you can customize the headline name, type, and size (in the Advanced Options section).

        Each panel displays multiple attributes or metrics. To specify the attributes and metrics, click Add an Item in the Edit Your Panel dialog box. You can also add all attributes and metrics from data sources.

      • Use the up, down, left, and right arrow buttons to move headlines and panels within and between sections.

      • Use the Up and Down buttons to change the location of a section.

      • Click Add a New Section to add an empty section at the bottom of the layout.

    5. Click Save Layout.

  3. On the Manage Layouts page, locate the layout to use within Insights or when Insights is embedded into an application.

  4. (Optional) To check the appearance of the layout, click Preview.

    Insights uses the data from one of your accounts to illustrate how account profile pages will appear.

  5. Click Edit in the Where Used column for the layout.

    The Apply Layout page opens

  6. Select whether to apply the layout within Insights, when Insights is embedded into Salesforce, or when Insights is embedded into a custom application.

    The default option, Apply to Account Profiles, applies the layout within Insights.

  7. Click Save.

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