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Master Data Management

The quality of analytics data in Insights is only as good as the quality of the data inputs into the product. This is where master data management becomes so important. Master data management enables you to link together accounts, users, events, and sessions from a wide variety of data sources so that you can avoid duplicate or incomplete Account or User records.

Accounts are only created from Zuora

All accounts that are created in Insights must originate from core Zuora Billing Accounts. There must be a 1:1 mapping between Insights Account and Zuora Billing Account.

Identify and use an Account Master ID

Decide on an Account Master ID that you will use to uniquely identify all accounts across all of your data sources. Once identified, systematically ensure that the Account Master ID is tracked in each of your data sources. Insights uses the Account Master ID to match accounts across data sources and is required for every data source you bring into Insights.


Users are created from only one data source

Core Zuora does not track Users; unlike Accounts, it cannot be used as the system from which all users are created in Insights. You will need to review each of your data sources and decide on the one data source that will be used to create all of your users. This data source must map users to the Account Master ID and it must also have a User Master ID.

Use a User Master ID

Once identified, systematically ensure that the User Master ID is tracked in each of your data sources for which you will be bringing in User-level data. This User Master ID will be used by Insights for matching users across all data sources.



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