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Zuora Marketplace Release Notes

Zuora Marketplace does not have a fixed schedule for product releases. We publish release notes only when a release contains user-facing changes.

Upcoming release

We plan to release a few new features and enhancements to the Tax app in the week of December 5, 2019. 

The main changes include:

  • The Request Settings tab will be renamed to Engine Settings. Specific engine settings will be split into three tabs. 

  • The Skip Taxation on External Failure option has been added to the engine settings. When this option is selected, taxation will be skipped for external failures like networking or response errors from the vendor side.

  • The layout of UI elements in the Template Configuration tab will be slightly changed. There are no functional changes.

  • The Tax app will support any number of Vertex flexible fields.

June 6, 2019

A new version of Zuora Connector for NetSuite has been released. This release includes extensive UI changes to improve user experience and align with Zuora branding. 

Main Changes

  • Users are now required to follow the intended configuration flow and cannot select other pages until the initial configuration has been submitted.

  • Users no longer have to submit their own account IDs as the first step of the configuration. This process is now entirely automated.

  • The Scheduler page is no longer a required page for configuring settings.

  • The About pop-up window has been removed. The information is now displayed on the instance’s landing page.

  • Refresh Sync has been renamed to Update Logs.


  • The navigation menu now properly highlights the active page.

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