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Zuora Marketplace Release Notes

Zuora Marketplace does not have a fixed schedule for product releases. We publish release notes only when a release contains user-facing changes.

June 6, 2019

A new version of Zuora Connector for NetSuite has been released. This release includes extensive UI changes to improve user experience and align with Zuora branding. 

Main Changes

  • Users are now required to follow the intended configuration flow and cannot select other pages until the initial configuration has been submitted.

  • Users no longer have to submit their own account IDs as the first step of the configuration. This process is now entirely automated.

  • The Scheduler page is no longer a required page for configuring settings.

  • The About pop-up window has been removed. The information is now displayed on the instance’s landing page.

  • Refresh Sync has been renamed to Update Logs.


  • The navigation menu now properly highlights the active page.

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