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Complete Your Marketplace Profile


Complete Your Marketplace Profile

Before you can purchase an app in Marketplace, you need to complete your Marketplace profile by either migrating your existing Connect profile to Marketplace or creating a new profile.

Migrate Your Connect Profile to Marketplace

If you have a Connect account, migrating your Connect profile to Marketplace means that your purchased apps are instantly available under Marketplace in Zuora.

To migrate your Connect profile to Marketplace, select Marketplace > Link Connect Account. Zuora will automatically import your Connect account profile as the Marketplace profile and populate the purchased apps for you.

Create a New Profile for Marketplace

  1. In Zuora, select Marketplace > Link Connect Account.

  2. On the page that opens, complete the details for your profile.Connect_Edit_Profile.png

  3. Select the method for two-factor security. If you select Text Message, enter your mobile number.

  4. Click Submit.

    Zuora will verify your two-factor authentication setup by sending a token to you by text message or by asking you to generate a token on your device.

  5. Enter the token in the Token Check dialog box, then click Check Token.

You are now ready to purchase apps in the Marketplace within Zuora.

What's Next

You are now ready to purchase and install apps in Zuora Marketplace. See Purchase an App and Install an App for more information.