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Prepaid Drawdown


Prepaid Drawdown

Prepaid Drawdown Overview

With the Prepaid Drawdown app, you can offer a prepaid and drawdown model for your products or services to customers. This enables you to collect payments upfront and allows customers to consume against that balance. With its deep integration to the Zuora billing system, the app offers a quick and easy solution for your prepayment use cases.


  • Specify prepayment charges, which tops up a prepaid balance by a specified amount.
  • Apply drawdown charges against a prepaid balance using any combination of one time, recurring, and usage charges.
  • Hold a balance at the customer's account or subscription level.
  • Provide options to customers when the prepaid balance is insufficient to pay an invoice.
  • Offer promotional “free” prepayment amounts to prospective accounts. This can also be linked to the Promotion Code app to apply a prepaid balance when a personalized promotion code is used.


  • Prepaid Drawdown is not compatible with the Zuora Connector for NetSuite app.
  • Prepaid Drawdown is not compatible with Prefix and Numbering Configuration for Billing Documents.
  • You cannot use Prepaid Drawdown if you have the Invoice Settlement feature enabled in your Zuora tenant. 

Getting Started with Prepaid Drawdown

Prepaid Drawdown Setup

  1. Follow the instructions in Install an App to install the app. Note that OAuth is not supported by this app.
  2. See Set Up Prepaid Drawdown for setup information.

Using Prepaid Drawdown

After the Prepaid Drawdown is set up, you are ready to use this app. See Using Prepaid Drawdown for more information.