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Configure Rate Plans in Zuora


Configure Rate Plans in Zuora

After the Tax app is installed and configured in Marketplace, you need to perform the following tasks before using the configured tax instance:

  1. Set up External Tax Engine
  2. Set up Taxation Codes
  3. Activate Configurable Tax Code in Product Rate Plans

Set up External Tax Engine

  1. In your Zuora tenant, navigate to Settings > Billing > Setup External Tax Engine.
  2. If there is not a Connect tax engine on the list of tax engines, select Connect Tax Engine from the dropdown list and click setup new tax engine. If a Connect tax engine is available in the list, you cannot create a new Connect tax engine. You need to edit an existing Connect tax engine.
  3. Complete the Tax Engine configurations. 
    • Name - Name the tax engine you would like to use in Zuora.
    • Connect URL - Enter
    • Connect Token - Enter the unique 32-character API Token of the Tax app. To obtain your API Token, launch the app instance and navigate to Options > API Token
  4. Set up custom fields that will be used in the request. see Manage custom fields for more information.
    Note that Vertex Tax Connector supports any number of Vertex flexible fields. To use Vertex flexible fields, you must define custom fields in your Zuora tenant. For details, see Define custom fields for Vertex flexible fields.
  5. Select all the custom fields you want to use in the tax request. Failure to select them will result in that blank values are used in the corresponding Liquid objects. Up to 50 custom fields are allowed.
  6. Click Save.

Note: If you modify any of the Tax Engine details after the initial configuration, the Zuora token must be entered again. 

Set up Taxation Codes

  1. In your Zuora tenant, navigate to Settings > Billing > Setup Taxation Codes
  2. Select Setup New Tax Code.
  3. Complete the Tax Code details.
    • Name - Name of the tax code to be selected in the product catalog when discerning which tax engine the charges will be calculated from.
    • Tax Engine - Select the name that you have specified for the Connect tax engine.
    • External Company Code - Select the company code created when setting up the external tax engine.
    • Active - Select No.
    • (Optional) Description - Enter the description of the tax codes being used and the tax engine that will be sent for future reference.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Activate to ensure the tax codes are present in the product catalog.

Activate Configurable Tax Code in Product Rate Plans

  1. In your Zuora tenant, click Product Catalog in the UI.
  2. Click the name of the product where you want to change its rate plan
  3. Select an existing rate plan or create a new rate plan to use the Tax app. See the following articles for more information:
  4. Hover over the title and click Edit to edit the rate plan. Note that only the rate plans in the One-Time Charges and Recurring Charges / Period columns can use the Tax app.
  5. Complete the details in the Taxation section of the selected rate plan:
    • Taxable - Select this check box to enable rate plan to be taxable.
    • Tax Mode - Select the desired tax mode:
      • Tax Exclusive - Tax is excluded from the charges.
      • Tax Inclusive - Tax is included in the charges.
    • Tax Code - Select the desired tax code in the dropdown list.
  6. Click Save.

What's Next 

You are now ready to test the configured tax engine in your Zuora tenant. See Test Tax App for details.