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The Zuora Central Platform is a development platform that enables customers, partners, and developers to build, customize, extend, and integrate with Zuora.

Now the Platform consists of the following features:

  • Data Model
    With Data Model, you can define additional data objects and fields to extend and enhance the Zuora data model to meet your business requirements. You can link your data objects to standard Zuora objects for easy reporting and data exports.
  • Workflow
    With Workflow, you can automate a set of business processes that otherwise need to be performed manually and repetitively. You can create workflows for integration with your business systems, for communication, for service provisioning, and for various cash-to-revenue processes.
  • Data Query
    With Data Query, you can leverage the power of SQL to perform joins on accounts, subscriptions, orders, invoices, payments, usages, and more. It reduces data migration, validation, cleansing, and transformation steps. 
  • Events
    You can capture any customer or system event. 
  • Notifications
    Create and trigger notifications and workflows based on any event.
  • Settings API
    Settings API allows you to automate your tenant settings management process. With this API, you can programmatically retrieve the list of all settings available, get a setting value, and setting a setting value. You can also leverage this API to transfer settings from one tenant to another.


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