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Z-Force Q4 2012 Release


Z-Force Q4 2012 Release


We are pleased to provide you with a summary of our Zuora CPQ Q4 2012 release, including new features and resolved issues. 

This release includes Zuora Quotes version 5.80 (November 2012). 

New Features

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

Zuora Quotes

The following features have been added to Zuora Quotes. 

New global method gives you the ability to load a list of product rate plans into a quote

We have added a new global method, zqu.zQuoteUtil. This new global method loads a list of product rate plans and associates them with an existing quote. You can use this global method to load up to 500 product rate plan charges. 

It returns a list of zChargeGroup objects with type TYPE_PRODUCT_NEW.

The new global method has the following signature: 

List<zqu.zChargeGroup> getChargeGroups(String quoteId, List<ID> ratePlanIdList);

See Global Classes for more information.

Ability to create multiple subscriptions and issue a single payment from one quote

In this release, we have added the ability to use a single quote to create multiple subscriptions, and issue a single payment from that quote. This ability is supported through global methods only. 

Note Note: This is a controlled release feature. Contact Zuora Global Support to learn more about enabling this feature. 

A quote now can have child quotes. A quote that has child quotes is referred to as a parent quote, and a child quote is referred to as a sub-quote. A parent quote can have two or more sub-quotes. One or more products can be added to a sub-quote, but products cannot be added to a parent quote.

When a parent quote is sent to Z-Billing via the sendToZBilling Global Method, a subscription or a list of amendments will be created for each sub-quote.

See Creating Multiple Subscriptions and Issuing a Single Payment from a Quote for more information about using this feature.

Ability to add a cancellation amendment to an Amendment Quote

We have added a new global method which you can use to cancel a subscription. Use the new method, zqu.zQuote.util, to create a QuoteAmendment__c record of type Cancellation and link it to the quote. Sending this quote to Z-Billing will cancel the subscription.

The new global method has the following signature:

Quote__c createCancellationAmendment(Id quoteId);

See Global Classes for more information.

Zuora 360

The following feature has been added to Zuora 360. See Upgrading Z-Force 360 for more information about upgrading Zuora 360 to use these new features. 

Sync Subscription OriginalCreatedDate to

We have added a new field to the Zuora 360 Subscription object: OriginalCreatedDate. This field records the date when the subscription was originally created. This value will be the same as the CreatedDate value until the subscription is amended.

As part of this new feature, the subscription sync supports the sync and migration of the OriginalCreatedDate field on the Subscription object.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Zuora Quotes

The following issues were fixed in Zuora Quotes.

DE10106: sendToZBilling bulk global method: Error sending amendment quote with discount charges

In previous releases, using the sendToZBilling global method to send amendment quotes to Z-Billing that contained discount charges would cause Z-Billing to return the error "Discount charges cannot be amended."

We have fixed this issue in this release. The global method no longer sends discount charges on amendment quotes to Z-Billing. This replicates the behavior in the single-quote sendToZBilling global method.

DE10381: Z-Force Quotes: Quote upload failure email should be sent to the user who uploaded the quotes

In previous releases, Quote upload failure notifications were sent to the tenant admin's email address, instead of to the user who uploaded the quotes. 

We have fixed this issue in this release. You can now upload quotes to a sandbox of a org (that sandbox org can connect to any Zuora server, including Zuora Sandbox and Zuora Production). Any quote upload failure notifications are sent to the user who performed the quote upload.