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Zuora Quotes Q4 2013 Release Notes


Zuora Quotes Q4 2013 Release Notes


We are pleased to provide you with a summary of our Zuora CPQ Quotes Titanium Release (Q4 2013), including new features and resolved issues.

This release includes:

  • Zuora Quotes, versions 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2, 6.0.3, 6.0.4, 6.0.5, 6.0.6, 6.0.7, 6.0.8, 6.0,9, 6.0.10, 6.0.11, 6.0.12, 6.0.13, 6.0.14
  • Zuora 360, version 2.70

To use this release, you must upgrade your package as described in Upgrade Zuora for Salesforce Quotes to Q4 2013.

Zuora Quotes Highlights

The Q2 2013 and Q4 2013 releases are the first two releases of Zuora CPQ. Here are highlights from both releases:

Q4 2013

Z-Force rebranded to Zuora for SalesforceZ-Force has a new name – Zuora for Salesforce. Same great product – with a new name.  
Re-architected with new reusable components: Leverage our new reusable components in order to build and configure pages quicker than ever before. We've developed reusable components so that you can take our out-of-the-box functionalities and quickly tailor them to meet your business needs.   
New configurable Quote Wizard: Our new admin-friendly Quote Wizard lets you easily implement a quoting flow that works for you.  By leveraging's point-and-click user interface, admins can quickly add pages, re-order them, show progress bars, and label buttons directly through the UI. Wizardry without the spells, gimmicks, and no developer code.  
New configurable product selector: Our new Product Selector provides a fast and easy way to add or modify product rate plan charges while creating or editing a quote. It supports inline editing and filtering, custom tiered pricing, and flexible discount management.  
Extended and improved custom field support: You can add and configure custom fields at the quote-level and charge-level to display on the pages in quote processing flow or to sync to Z-Billing.   
New quote metrics: We have new subscription metrics and now they are calculated in real-time!  These metrics are configurable too – you can choose whether the metrics are calculated for a specified number of billing periods or through the end of a subscription term.   

Q2 2013

Capture electronic payments as part of the quoting flow: Out-of-the box support for capturing electronic payment methods as part of the quoting flow
Cancel subscriptions: Out-of-the box support for canceling a subscription directly through Zuora Quotes
Expanded quote template support: Sort, paginate, search quote templates when generating quote document, and associate a specific quote template with the quote.
Extended contact and customer account support on quotes: Out-of-the-box support to select a contact from a parent and/or children accounts and support to update account information from Zuora Quotes
Ability to localize labels
Support for Configurable layouts: Admin users can now add, update, and remove page sections and fields, and change the column layout of lists and lookups
Enhanced lookup fields to add auto-complete functionality
Enhanced Configuration settings: Support to make configuring Zuora Quotes easier and simpler

See Zuora for Salesforce Quotes Q2 2013 Release for more information.

Zuora 360 Highlights

See  Zuora 360 Release Notes for the complete list of new features and enhancements in the current release of Zuora 360.

In case you are wondering

We jam packed Zuora for Salesforce Titanium Release (Q4 2013) with so many great features that we skipped the Q3 2013 release. You haven't missed anything.

New Features and Enhancements

Z-Force rebranded to Zuora for Salesforce

We've rebranded Z-Force. It is now call Zuora for SalesforceIt's the same great product - just a new name. We've freshened parts of the user interface to keep in sync with the new name.

Look for the following changes in the Zuora for Salesforce user interface:

Where? Was Now Is
Top Application Menu Z-Force Quotes Zuora Quotes
Top Application Menu Z-Force 360  Zuora 360
Zuora Quotes application Z-Quotes Config tab Zuora Config tab

New Quote Metrics

For Functional Users

Do we have metrics? Yes we do. With this release, you can view the following quote metrics from the Quote Detail page:

  • MRR
  • TCV
  • Sub-total
  • Discount
  • Tax
  • Total

Quote metrics are calculated based on a specified number of billing period or through the end of the term. You can configure the Zuora Quotes Calculate Metrics Through option from the Zuora Config tab, or you can override this setting on a quote by editing the Quote Details. 

The metrics are automatically recalculated when you generate a PDF or Word version of the quote.

See Quote Metrics for more information about this highly anticipated feature, such as a description of each matrix, how and when metrics are re-calculated, and how to configure the Calculate Metrics Through setting.

For Developers

A new global method, zQuoteUtil.previewQuotes, was added to the zQuoteUtil class for developers to preview Quote Metrics from the Zuora side.

For a given quote, this method:

  • Calculates Quote Metrics for a specific number of Billing Periods.
  • Calculates the Quote Metrics through the end of the subscription term if a number of periods is not given.

See zQuoteUtil Class for more information about the new previewQuotes method and the zQuoteUtil class.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, see Upgrade Zuora for Salesforce Quotes to Q4 2013 Version for information on how to configure Quote Detail page with a revised layout and how to update your quotes to trigger a recalculation. 

New Configurable Quote Wizard

No magic, no gimmick, no developer code! Build a quoting process flow that works for your organization through Zuora Quotes configuration settings.

For Salesforce Administrators

Salesforce administrators can now configure and customize the flow of quoting process on the Zuora Config tab. The following features are available:

  • Wizard flows specific to each subscription type.
  • You can add Visualforce pages to the quote wizard and in any order you choose.
  • You can configure the progress bar on each wizard page with your own text.
  • You can configure the Back and Next buttons on each wizard page with your own text.
  • You can display or hide the progress bar on your quote wizard.
  • Each quote type has a set of default Visualforce pages, the Progress Bar text, and the Next and Back button texts to get you started.

See Quote Wizard Configuration for detail information on how to build a quoting process flow in Salesforce.

For Developers

New developer resources are available to create or enhance your Quote Wizard. 

The following new tools available to developers to integrate custom pages into the Quote Wizard:

  • QuoteWizardManager.cls: This Apex controller class provides global navigation methods and an easy access to Quote Wizard metadata. 
  • BaseQuoteWizardController.cls: This virtual Apex controller class handles global navigation. This class provides the virtual methods to insert custom business logic to be executed before navigating from the current page.
  • Use this Visualforce page to display the components of a custom page along with the Progress Bar and the pre-built Back, Next, and Cancel buttons.
  • Similar to  the, but this template page gives you more control over navigation in Quote Wizard. Use this template if you want to build and implement your own navigation buttons. 

New Customizable Product and Rate Plan Selector

The Product and Rate Plan Selectors provide you an easy way to add or modify product rate plan charges while creating or editing a quote.

For Functional Users

The new Product and Rate Plan Selectors support the following tasks for Zuora Quotes users:

  • Add product rate plan charges when creating a new subscription quote.
  • Add, update, or remove product rate plan charges when creating an amendment or a renewal subscription quote.
  • Add, edit, or remove custom tiers in charge model with the tier level discount.
  • Modify multiple product rate plan charges all on one page.
  • Define your own fields and modify them from the product rate plan charge list.
  • Edit inline in the product rate plan charge list.
  • Choose a Product and Rate Plan with the auto-complete feature or with the Lookup icon to get more information on the products and the rate plans.

See Select Product and Charges for Quotes for complete information on the Select Products feature.

For Developers

The SelectProduct component was implemented to support the Product and Rate Plan Selectors. The component consists of:

  • SelectProduct.component: The Visualforce UI component for the Select Products feature.

  • SelectProductController.class: The Apex controller class for the SelectProduct UI component
  • SelectProductComponentOptions: The Apex class that stores the configuration options specified by the developer and used by the controller to render the selector component.

See SelectProduct Component for the complete information on the SelectProduct component.

In Salesforce, configure the rate plan charge list columns for the subscription types. 

New Ability to Edit Charge Tiers

Zuora Quotes users can review charge tiers and update tier-level information on product rate plans as you negotiate deals with prospects. Discounts at the tier-level as well as at the charge-level are supported.

For Functional Users

For the following charge models with the Usage and Recurring charge types, tier-level information is available. You can add, edit, or remove the tiers. 

  • Tiered with Overage Pricing
  • Volume Pricing
  • Tiered Pricing

See Select Products and Charges for a Quote for more information on adding and updating charge tiers.

For Developers

The zCharge class was enhanced for developers to add custom tiers to charges or to get a list of custom tiers for a specific charge. 

The following methods were added to the zCharge class:

  • zqu.zCharge.hasCustomTiers
  • zqu.zCharge.chargeTiersObjects
  • zqu.zCharge.populateCustomChargeTiers

See zCharge Class for more information on the zCharge class and its new methods.

New Custom Field Support in Quote Flow

Salesforce administrators can add and configure quote-level and charge-level custom fields using Salesforce Field Sets. These fields will be displayed on the quote-level or charge-level layouts in the quoting process flow.

See Configure Custom Fields for the steps to add custom fields in Salesforce.

New Configurable Quote Detail and Order Preview

Salesforce administrators can customize the layout of the Order Preview pages and Quote Detail pages in the Layout Configuration Settings page.

For Salesforce Administrators

You can customize the Order Preview page for each type of quotes, new, renewal, and amendment subscription quotes. The Field Sets on the Order Preview page can be added, removed, or updated in the Layout Configuration Settings on the Zuora Config tab. 

You can add custom fields or reorder the existing fields in the Product Selector on the Quote Detail page.

See Customize Object Layouts for the steps to customize the Order Preview and Quote Detail pages.

For Developers

The QuotePreview component provides Salesforce administrators with a customizable page that offers all of the configuration options of the Zuora Quotes UI components. It offers developers the following: 

  • A plugin to insert a custom sendToZBilling method call
  • Ability to block the Create Order button if certain validation criteria are not satisfied
  • Ability to configure the visual attributes of the page, such as section titles, section collapsibility, button bar location, and an embedded customizable notification component
  • A component body to insert custom Visualforce content

The QuotePreview component consists of:

  • zqu.QuotePreviewOptions.cls: This Apex class contains all the configuration options the developer wants to specify for the component.
  • zqu.QuotePreview.component: The actual component contains the configurable property and the Select Products component.

See QuotePreview Component for the complete information about the QuotePreview component.

Enhanced Notification Component

The Notification component is a reusable UI component for displaying notification messages. This component was improved for greater flexibility and makes use of an option object similar to the Property, List, and Lookup components. It now supports the following new configuration options:

  • A new warning message type with a yellow background color
  • A modal popup mode
  • Up to 2 buttons with customizable actions and labels

See Notification Component (version 6.0+) for the complete information on the newly designed Notification component.

New UOM and Rounding Mode Validation

Zuora Quotes now supports charges specified in non-integer values. Units of measure (UOM) in Zuora Quotes can handle the Rounding Mode and Decimal Places defined in Zuora. If you update the quantity on a Per Unit or Tiered charge, Zuora Quotes will automatically round up or down and populate the decimal places based on the UOM setting of the associated Product Rate Plan Charge.

See Rounding and Precision for more information on these UOM rules.

See Select Product and Charges for Quotes about where you can use the new UOM features.

Resolved Issues

When the Electronic Payment Method Settings is set to "Do not set default", the external payment method should be set as the default payment method of a new billing account

A quote can have an external payment method or an electronic payment method, or both. When both the external payment method and the electronic payment method are set on the same quote for a new billing account, and when the "Do not set default, no auto-pay, process payments only" option is selected for Electronic Payment Method Settings, the external payment method is set as the default payment method. 

Zuora now sets a standalone payment method as the default payment method of the newly created billing account. The billing account is updated to set the external payment method as the default payment method.

Patch Release 6.0.1

The 6.0.1 release includes internal operational fixes.

Patch Release 6.0.2

The 6.0.2 release includes the following resolved issues as well as other internal operational fixes.

Creating a cancellation quote fails with an error if the cancellation date is set to the contract effective date of the subscription being cancelled

The issue was resolved in this release.

The Include Unit field does not correctly display the updated value in new subscription quotes

When you make a change to the Include Unit field on the Choose Product and Charges page while creating a new subscription quote, the Include Unit field still shows the original value from the Product Catalog after the quote is saved and reopened.

The issue was resolved in this release, and the updated value is displayed correctly.

Cannot select and save lookup values from Contact and Product selectors

While creating a new quote, selected values from lookup lists for the Sold to Contact, Bill to Contact, Product, and Rate Plan fields, were not correctly populated. Selecting values using auto-suggest populated these fields as expected.

The issue was resolved in this release, and now a selected record in the lookup list can be set in the input field.

Patch Release 6.0.3

The 6.0.3 release includes the following resolved issue as well as other internal operational fixes.

Cannot save The Effective Price on the One-Time and Recurring Flat Fee Pricing charges

When creating a quote, if the List Price was set to $0 in the product catalog, you could not set and save the Effective Price on the Flat Fee Pricing charges.

The issue was resolved in this release, and now the Effective Price can be correctly saved.

Patch Release 6.0.4

The 6.0.4 release includes the following resolved issue as well as other internal operational fixes.

An error returns on the Layout Configuration Settings page after a custom field set is deleted

When you deleted a custom field set, the custom field set was not correctly removed from Layout Configuration Settings. Next time when you tried to view the Layout Configuration Settings page, you received an error, "zqu:DML currently not allowed".

Now the orphan fields are correctly removed from Layout Configuration Settings after a custom field set is deleted.

Patch Releases 6.0.5, 6.0.6, & 6.0.7

These releases include internal operational fixes.

Patch Release 6.0.8

The 6.0.8 release includes the following resolved issue as well as other internal operational fixes.

The Change Currency button does not work when preview is successfully completed

 While creating a new quote, clicking the Change Currency button from the Quote Preview pages does not allow you to change currency. If preview is not done or failed, currency can be changed correctly.

The issue was fixed, and now you can change currency from the Quote Preview page.

Standard Product Selector does not work correctly with sharing rules

When you use sharing rules on products to control product selector for different profiles, if you are a non-admin user, you get an error when using the product selector.

Now non-admin users are able to select products based on the sharing rules.

Contact name containing a special character can't be selected as Bill To Contact or Sold To Contact for quotes

When a contact name includes a special character, such as an apostrophe, that contact cannot be selected in the Bill To Contact or Sold To Contact fields for quotes.

Now the lookup component in Zuora Quotes can correctly handle special characters, you can select values with special character from lists.

Patch Release 6.0.9

This release includes internal operational fixes.

Patch Release 6.0.10

The 6.0.10 release includes the following resolved issue as well as other internal operational fixes.

In the Quote Wizard, browsing back to a previous page can cause your input data to be reset on that page

When you clicked Back from the Select Product and Charges page in the Quote Wizard, the saved quote data was reset, and you had to re-enter values on the Provide Quote, Account and Subscription Term Details page.

Now the data you enter on the Provide Quote, Account and Subscription Term Details page is preserved even when you browse back in the Quote Wizard.

Invoice Delivery Method of Quotes in Salesforce is not correctly sent to Zuora

When you sent a quote for a new billing account with the Invoice Delivery Method set to "Both" from Salesforce to Zuora, the Invoice Delivery Preference on the new customer account was set to "None" in Zuora, specifically, both the Email and Print options were set to "False".

Now when the Invoice Delivery Method is set to "Both" in Salesforce and sent to Zuora, both Email and Print options are selected for the Invoice Delivery Preference in Zuora for the Zuora customer account.

Patch Releases 6.0.11 and 6.0.12

These releases include internal operational fixes.

Patch Release 6.0.13

The 6.0.13 release includes the following resolved issue.

Retry callouts

Zuora Quotes now retries all callouts to Zuora in the event that an intermittent/unexpected error occurs while sending the callout.

Patch Release 6.0.14

The 6.0.14 release includes the following resolved issue.

Incorrect TCV calculation at the Quote Charge Summary level

For a specific use case, the TCV value on the Quote Charge Summary object was not correctly calculated when the original Quote Rate Plan Charge value was updated for a Renewal Quote. Subsequent updates to the Quote Rate Plan Charge produced the correct TCV value.

The issue was fixed, and the TCV value is correctly calculated at the Quote Charge Summary level for Renewal Quotes.