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Zuora 360 Q4 2013 Release Notes


Zuora 360 Q4 2013 Release Notes


We are pleased to provide you with a summary of our Zuora 360 Titanium Release (Q4 2013), version 2.70. These release notes also include information on how to upgrade.

New Zuora 360 Features and Enhancements

Z-Force 360 branding changes to Zuora 360

We've changed Z-Force 360 to Zuora 360. Look for this change in the Top Application menu. 

Extended payment gateway response

Fields were added to the SObjects in the Zuora 360 package and synced to Salesforce:

  • Payment SObjectGatewayResponse and GatewayResponseCode
  • Refund SObject: GatewayResponseCode (only)

The maximum length for these two fields:

  • GatewayResponse: 500
  • GatewayResponseCode: 20

These maximum lengths are declared in the Zuora API.

See Zuora CPQ Field Reference for more information.

Upgrade information

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Zuora 360, these two new fields are not on the Billing Account page and must be added.

Follow these steps to update the Billing Account page with these two fields:

  1. In Salesforce, navigate to Setup > App Setup > Create > Objects.
  2. Select the Payment object.
  3. Go to the Page Layouts section and click Page Layout Assignments.
    Payment object Updating Page Layout
  4. Select the applicable user profiles and assign the page layout: Payment Z-Force Layout v2.7
  5. Click Save.

Enhanced Sync History and Crmld Change Result table by removing entries older than 30 days

We've enhanced our Sync History and Crm Id Change Result table performance by storing only a maximum 30 days of data. 

For each synchronization, entries that have a Finished on date that is lower than or equals today's date minus 30 days will be deleted. The same cleanup logic applies to the Crm Id Change Result table.  Entries in this table have a Master-Detail relationship with the Sync History entries.

Upgrade information

When upgrading from Zuora 360 version 2.50 or later, a job will run automatically to clean up all entries in the Sync History table – removing entries older than 30 days. This initial job runs only once on upgrade. 

Note: Your upgrade will not affected by the initial clean up if you are upgrading from Zuora 360 version 2.4 or earlier.

Set the invoice date through Order Builder subscribe and amend calls

We've add the new InvoiceDate global attribute. This attribute lets you set the Invoice Date on the Order Builder through subscribe and amend calls.

The following is a sample code snippet for the InvoiceDate global attribute on a subscribe call:

/* Set InvoiceDate here */
subscribeInvoiceProcessingOpt.InvoiceDate = '2013-12-01T00:00:00';

so.SubscribeInvoiceProcessingOptions = subscribeInvoiceProcessingOpt;

The following is a sample code snippet for the InvoiceDate global attribute on an amend call:

/* Set InvoiceDate here */
invoiceProcessOptions.InvoiceDate = '2013-05-01T20:44:54.718+05:30';

See zsubscribe Method and zamend Method for more information.

SubscriptionId is now supported on the AmendResult object

We've enhanced the AmendResult object by adding SubscriptionId as a global attribute.  You can now get the SubscriptionId from the AmendResult object.

The following is a sample code snippet for AmendResult:

zApi.AmendResult amendResult = PROXY.zamend(new List < zApi.AmendRequest > {
System.debug('Subscription Id : ' + amendResult.SubscriptionId);

See zamend Method for more information.

Patch Release 2.70.1

The following issue was resolved in the 2.70.1 release.

Intermittent On-Demand Sync Error​​

Zuora 360 provides a workaround for a known Salesforce platform issue where some GET and POST HTTP requests became CONNECT requests and returned Zuora home page instead of the expected API responses. This issue caused On-demand Sync and other API Callouts to Zuora to fail intermittently.  

Patch Release 2.70.2

The following issue was resolved in the 2.70.2 release.

Retry Callouts

Zuora 360 now retries all callouts to Zuora in the event that an intermittent/unexpected error occurs while sending the callout.

Patch Release 2.70.3

The following issue was resolved in the 2.70.3 release.

A retry logic to the zLogin SOAP API call

The zLogin() call is now retried up to three times if Zuora returns a 'Read Timed Out' message' in a SOAP response.