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Zuora Quotes Q4 2014 Release Notes


Zuora Quotes Q4 2014 Release Notes


This release notes provides a summary of Zuora Quotes Release (Q4 2014), including new features, enhancements, and resolved issues.

The release is part of the Zuora CPQ Q4 2014 release that includes:

  • Zuora Quotes, version 6.30, 6.30.1, 6.30.2, 6.30.3, 6.30.4
  • Zuora 360, version 2.100
    See  Zuora 360 Release Notes for the list of new features and enhancements in the new release of Zuora 360.

To use the 6.30 release of Zuora Quotes, you must upgrade your package as described in Upgrade Zuora Quotes to Q4 2014.

Zuora Quotes Highlights

Some of the highlights in the Q4 2104 release of Zuora Quotes are:

  • Product and Price Rules: The Product and Price Rules provide you a guided and controlled product selection and accurate quoting experience. You can manage and offer your users dynamic pricing, automatic addition and removal of rate plans, and error checking in the Product Selector.
  • Hosted Payment Pages Enhancements: Payment Pages 2.0, a new and improved version of hosted payment pages, can be integrated into your quoting process. You can create Payment Pages to match the look and feel of your checkout flow. And your customized Payment Pages will allow your subscribers to send payment details directly to Zuora in a secure, PCI-compliant manner.

New Features and Enhancements

Product and Price Rules for Product Selector

Product and price rules are for companies with complex, extensive product catalogs. They allow granular control of the product selection process through standard Salesforce configuration.  

With product rules, you have a better control over product and rate plan selections. Product rules check that the products and rate plans your users select will result in a correct, streamlined quote for the downstream processes.  

Price rules offer your users dynamic pricing during the quoting process by allowing standard pricing and custom fields to be altered through Salesforce configuration.

See Product and Price Rules for detail about Product and Price Rules.

Payment Pages Enhancements

You can create and use, in Zuora Quotes, the new version of hosted payment pages implemented with Payment Pages 2.0. While retaining the benefits of the existing Payment Pages 1.0, Payment Pages 2.0 are more flexible to configure, easier to localize and customize on the fly, and faster to implement. The following are some of the new features related to Payment Pages 2.0:

  • Simpler configuration with a button to retrieve Payment Page settings from Zuora.

  • More flexible configuration options, such as inline or overlay rendering, than the previous hosted payment pages

Currently, you can use both Hosted Payment Pages 1.0 and Payment Pages 2.0. However, we recommend that you upgrade and use Payment Pages 2.0 going forward.

To use Payment Pages 2.0 in Zuora Quotes, your tenant must have Payment Pages 2.0 enabled in Zuora.

See Payment Pages Settings and PaymentPage Component for detail information about setting up and using Payment Pages 2.0 in Zuora Quotes.

New Quote File Generation Service with More Supported Fonts

A new and improved quote file generation service is available. With the new service, you have access to a greater range of fonts in quote files. You will also benefit from Zuora's continued investment in features related to generating quote documents.  

Zuora will continue to support the old quote file generation service, but we encourage you to upgrade as soon as possible in order to take advantage of new features as we release them. Zuora will eventually stop supporting the old quote generation service.

See Upgrade to New Quote File Generation Service for upgrade instructions.

See Supported Fonts for Quote Templates for a list of fonts available with the new file generation service

Cancel of Future Dated Renewal

The check for any future dated renewals in a subscription prevented the user from doing any type of amendment. In this release, the check was removed, freeing up users from the restriction.

Support More Than 100 Billing Accounts During Quote Creation

Now you can list more than 100 Billing Accounts on the Select Billing Account page during quote creation. A new Zuora Config setting, Get BillingAccounts from 360, was added to instruct Zuora Quotes to retrieve the Billing Accounts from Zuora 360 instead of from Zuora. When this setting is selected, your users will not hit the 100 Billing Accounts limit on the Select Billing Account page.

Additionally, you can add custom fields to the Billing Account object and add the custom field to the Billing Accounts field set for display.

Turn on Real-time Sync when you enable this new setting.

Additional Fields Sent to Z-Billing

The following fields were added to the list of fields sent to Z-Billing:

​See Send a Quote to Z-Billing for a list of fields that are sent to Z-Billing when your user sends a quote to Z-Billing.

Support of Configurable Scales for Prices and Discount 

If you need to use and display price and discount fields in a larger scale, i.e. with more than two digits to the right of the decimal point, you can set the desired scales in the Display Scale Settings. The scale values will be used to display the specific field values. The following fields can be configured:

  • List Price
  • List Total
  • Effective Price
  • Discount
  • Total

The Display Scale Settings do not affect the display of tier level price and discount fields in the Product Selector. 

Ability to Invoice Subscriptions Separately

When you create a quote for New Subscription, you can now specify to invoice the resulting subscription separately from other subscriptions. 

This new option field is not a default field on the Quote Layouts. If you want to allow your users to use the option, add one of the following Quote field sets to a Quote Layout in Layout Configuration Settings. The field sets contain the Invoice Separately field (zqu__InvoiceSeparately__c):

  • Detail_Subscription_Terms
  • Subscription_Terms

Auto-Set Option Added to the Bill Cycle Day Setting

In Default Value Settings in Zuora Config, the Bill Cycle Day setting has one additional option, Auto-Set.

​See Customer Account Dates: Bill Cycle Day to find out how the Auto-Set option effects your bill cycle day.

Quote Amendments Should Pull Data from Subscription Rate Plans

A new quote configuration setting, Get Tiers from Zuora, was added to control whether Subscription Rate Plan Charges are retrieved directly from Zuora or from the synchronized Product Catalog in Zuora 360. When this setting is selected, quotes will obtain Subscription Rate Plan Charge Tiers directly from the Subscription in Zuora.

This setting is relevant only for Amendment and Renewal quotes.

See Quote Configuration Settings for more information about the new setting.

Resolved Issues

The Guided Selling Flows for All Types of Quotes Are Displayed in the Product Selector

The Product Selector displayed two Guided Selling Flows for all types of quotes, one for New Subscription Flow the other one for Amendment/Renewal Flow. Now the Product Selector displays only the correct Guided Selling Flow for the quote type. New Subscription Flow appears for New Subscription quotes, and the Amendment / Renewal Flow appears for the Amendment/Renewal quotes.

Cancellation Date Is Not Updated When Required Fields Are Blank on Edit Quote Details Page

If any required field on the Edit Quote Detail page was left blank, the Cancellation Date was not updated.

Now, an error message appears if user changes Cancellation Effective Date while there is a required field with no value.

Patch Release 6.30.1

The 6.30.1 release includes the following resolved issue.

Guided Product Selector Requires Users to Make a Selection in Every Step

In the 6.30 package, the Guided Product Selectors, you could not move to the next step until you select at least one product and a rate plan. 

This issue was fixed, and now you can move to the next step in the Guided Product Selector without making any selection.

Patch Release 6.30.2

The 6.30.2 release includes the following resolved issues and other internal operational fixes.

Incorrect List Price and Discount for Tiered Charges in Quotes

When you create a quote and add a tiered charge in the Q4 2014 release of Zuora Quotes, 6.30 and 6.30.1, List Price and Discount were incorrectly calculated.

The issue was fixed, and now the List Price and Discount are correctly calculated for all tiers.

The Misdirecting Account Link on the Cancellation Quote Detail Page

The Account and other lookup field links on the Cancellation Quote Detail page now direct users to the correct pages. 

Patch Release 6.30.3

The 6.30.3 release includes the following resolved issues and other internal operational fixes.

Inactive Product Features were Added to Quotes

When you create a quoting flow using Global Methods, inactive Product Features of selected Products were added to the quote and caused an error on the Quote Detail page. The global method zqu.zQuoteUtil.getChargeGroups did not filter out the Features whose status is set to inactive. The out-of-the-box product selector filters out inactive Features and does not cause an error.

The global method zqu.zQuoteUtil.getChargeGroups was fixed to correctly filter out inactive features and no longer causes an error.

Product Features with Special Characters Causes an Error on the Quote Preview Page

When you create a quote and add a Product Feature, the Product Feature is not displayed on the Quote Preview page if the Product Feature contains a special character. Zuora Quotes did not encoding special characters for Features in the product selector. 

Now the charge summary is displayed with the Features even if the Feature contains special characters.

Patch Release 6.30.4

The 6.30.4 release includes the following resolved issue.

Charge Level Price Fields Were Incorrectly Recalculated in the Product Selector

When charge level price fields, such as discount, quantity, total, were recalculated, the display values were incorrectly used, instead of the corresponding values in the database. Miscalculation resulted when the display scale was not the same as the scale stored in the database. This issue existed only in the Product Selector, and not in the underlying global methods.