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Zuora Quotes Q3 2014 Release Notes


Zuora Quotes Q3 2014 Release Notes


This release notes provides a summary of Zuora Quotes Release (Q3 2014), including new features, enhancements, and resolved issues.

The release is part of the Zuora CPQ Q3 2014 release that includes:

  • Zuora Quotes, version 6.2, 6.2.1, 6.2.2, 6.2.3, 6.2.4
  • Zuora 360, version 2.90, 2.90.1, 2.90.2
    See  Zuora 360 Release Notes for the list of new features and enhancements in the new release of Zuora 360.

To use the 6.2 release of Zuora Quotes, you must upgrade your package as described in Upgrade Zuora Quotes to Q3 2014.

Zuora Quotes Highlights

Some of the highlights in the Q3 2104 release of Zuora Quotes are:

  • Guided SellingThe Guided Selling features enable you to implement customized product recommendation rules and provide easy and effective quoting experience with advanced navigation and filtering of your product catalog.
  • EntitlementsA new entity, feature, was added to Zuora Product Catalog. You can define features, add features to products, and add products and additional features to Quotes.

New Features and Enhancements

Guided Selling

Using the Guided Selling features, you can create product recommendation rules and customize Product Selector based on your recommendation rules. Guided Selling consists of the following features:

  • List Filters
  • Guided Product Selectors
  • New components to support Guided Product Selectors
  • Pre-configured Guided Product Selectors for New Subscription and Amendment Quotes
  • The Price Summary object that displays all charges in a single field in Guided Product Selectors to assist users in product selection
  • ​New plug-ins for you to customize the Guided Product Selectors for more control over product and rate plan selections

List Filters

You can set up List Filters that are applied to any list during the quoting flow, e.g., the product list and the rate plan list.​The List Filters improve the efficiency of the quoting process by surfacing only the relevant items in the lists through configuration.

See List Filter Configuration Settings for configuring List Filters.

Guided Product Selectors

With the Guided Product Selectors, you can customize the entire product selection process based on how you sell. In the Guided Product Selectors, your users navigate through the flows and steps you have configured while, at the same time, filtering, searching, and browsing large and complex product catalogs.

See Guided Product Selectors for creating customized Guided Product Selectors.

Two pre-configured Guided Product Selectors, one for New Subscription Quotes and one for Amendment/Renewal Quotes,  are also available out of the box as a starting point.

See Select Products in Guided Product Selectors for using the out-of-the-box Guided Product Selectors.

New Components

The following components were added in this release. These components are basic building blocks of Guided Product Selectors, but they are also available for you to customize your Zuora Quotes functionality:

Guided Selling Plug-ins

By customizing the following plug-ins, you can extend the current functionalities of Guided Product Selectors and apply more granular rules-like capabilities, using the IF-THEN-ELSE style logic.

  • Add/Remove Rate Plan Plugin on Product Selector to add or remove Rate Plan records
  • Allowed Records Plugin on Quick List to control which Rate Plan records to show
  • Guided Selling Flow Plugin on Product Selector to control button bars in Guided Selling Flow

​See SelectProduct Component and QuickList Component for information about the new plug-ins.

​​Price Summary Object

The new Product Rate Plan Charge Price Summary object was added to store the price summaries associated with a Product Rate Plan Charge per each currency activated. This price summary value is displayed in the Guided Product Selectors to assist your users in product selection.


Entitlements introduces a new "Feature" concept in Zuora Product Catalog, Quotes, and Subscriptions. With Entitlements, multiple features can be associated to a product as a bundle. The Entitlements feature offers the following capabilities in Zuora and Zuora Quotes :

  • Create and manage features in the product catalog.
  • Associate one or more features with a product.
  • Create or amend a subscription with features associated.
    • Enhance Zuora Product Catalog to represent what you "get" as a true entity.
    • Enable you to package products and to provide more customized pricing and discount mechanisms.
    • Support more detailed provisioning information.
  • In Zuora Quotes, associate specific custom field sets with specific features to describe feature attributes.
  • Synchronize features and product-feature associations from Zuora to Salesforce.
  • Create a New Subscription, Amendment or Renewal Quote with features associated in Salesforce, and send the Quote to Zuora. 
  • Present product features in Quote documents.

You can define features, add features to products, and add products and additional features to Quotes. 

Features are supported in all Zuora APIs.

If you are on the Enterprise or higher edition of Zuora, contact to enable the Entitlements feature in your tenant. 

See Manage Features for information about adding and managing features in Zuora.

See Manage Product Features for information about adding features to products and managing product features in Zuora.

See Manage Subscription Product Features for information about managing product features in subscriptions and amendments in Zuora.

See Manage Quote Product Features for adding and updating features in the Zuora Quotes Product Selector.

See Feature Field Set for setting up feature field sets to describe feature attributes.

Zuora APIs have been updated to include feature-related information in responses. See REST API and SOAP API for details.

Other Enhancements

Ability to Set Default Payment Gateway for New Subscription Quote 

A new field for the default payment gateway is available for Quotes. You can use this field to set the payment gateway on new Billing Accounts when sending New Subscription Quotes to Z-Billing.

See Layout Configuration Settings for adding the new field to your Quote page layout.

Support Custom Fields for Amendment and Renewal Quotes

Now you can edit and synch the values in custom fields between Zuora Quotes and Zuora when you send Amendment or Renewal Quotes to Z-Billing to update the Rate Plan Charges object in Subscriptions.

See Configure Custom Fields for information about using custom fields in Zuora Quotes.

Resolved Issues

Incorrect TCV Calculation at the Quote Charge Summary Level

For a specific use case, the TCV value on the Quote Charge Summary object was not correctly calculated when the original Quote Rate Plan Charge value was updated for a Renewal Quote. Subsequent updates to the Quote Rate Plan Charge produced the correct TCV value.

The issue was fixed, and the TCV value is correctly calculated at the Quote Charge Summary level for Renewal Quotes.

Patch Release 6.2.1

The 6.2.1 release includes the following resolved issue.

Rounding Issue on Tier Unit Prices of Amendments in Product Selector

When user overrides a Tiered Price of an amendment in the Product Selector, the price is rounded to the nearest cent, and the resulting tier effective price is not calculated correctly. 

Now, when overriding tiered price, the scaled value is used to calculate the tier effective price.

Unable to Create or Edit Amendment/Renewal Quotes with a Large Number of Charges

When creating an amendment or renewal quote with a large number of rate plan charges, e.g., 50 or more, the error returned in the Product Selector: "Too many SOQL queries: 101"

Now with improve queries, you can create or edit amendment/renewal quotes with a large number of charges.

Patch Release 6.2.2

The 6.2.2 release includes the following resolved issues and other internal operational fixes.

 Unable to Reset Product Catalog Filters in Guided Selling Steps

Once a filter was created on the Product Catalog in a Guided Selling Step, changing the filter condition to select "Entire Product Catalog" did not reset the previously created filter. The previous filter continued to be applied to that Guided Selling Step.

This issue was fixed, and now if you select "Entire Product Catalog", the previous filter is no longer applied to this Guided Selling Step.

Incorrect Price Type for Quote Charge Tiers Sent to Z-Billing

When you added a new charge tier to a rate plan in Zuora Quotes, the charge tier was sent to Z-Billing with its price type always set to Flat Fee.

Now newly added quote charge tiers are sent to Z-Billing with the correct price types. 

Patch Release 6.2.3

The 6.2.3 release includes the following resolved issues.

No product listed in Guided Selling Steps,In Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

In IE 9, the Guided Selling Steps now correctly show products for selection.

Error when editing tiered rate plan charges

Zuora Quotes did not allow the same Starting Unit and the Ending Unit values in a tiered rate plan charge. For such types of rate plan charges, you received an error, "Tier 1 Ending Unit should be bigger than Starting Unit."

Now you can have tiered rate plan charges with their Starting Unit and Ending Unit the same.

The product list not refreshed in Guided Selling Steps after removing a breadcrumb

The Quicklist component did not correctly refresh the results after removing breadcrumbs that contain a non-alphanumeric character. The Quicklist component is used in Guided Selling Steps to list products and rate plans available for selection.

Patch Release 6.2.4

The 6.2.4 release includes the following resolved issue.

Unable to create an Amendment Quote to remove a product

When you created an Amendment Quote to remove a product, an error returned: "Cannot add or remove SubscriptionProductFeatures when product's overridable is false."  

This error happened if the product being removed had the Allow Feature Changes in Subscriptions flag set to False.

The issue was fixed, and now you can create an Amendment Quote to remove a product regardless of the Allow Feature Changes in Subscriptions setting.