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Zuora Quotes Q1 2014 Release Notes


Zuora Quotes Q1 2014 Release Notes


This release notes provides a summary of Zuora Quotes Release (Q1 2014), including new features, enhancements, and resolved issues.

This release is part of the Zuora CPQ Q1 2014 release that includes:

  • Zuora Quotes, version 6.1, 6.1.1, 6.1.4, 6.1.5, 6.1.6, 6.1.7, 6.1.8, 6.1.9, 6.1.10, 6.1.11
  • Zuora 360, version 2.80, 2.80.1, 2.80.2, 2.80.3, 2.80.4, 2.80.5, 2.80.6
    See  Zuora 360 Release Notes for the complete list of new features and enhancements in the new release of Zuora 360.

To use the Zuora Quotes 6.1 release, you must upgrade your package as described in Upgrade Zuora Quotes to Q1 2014.

Zuora Quotes Highlights

Here are highlights from this release:

Enhanced Amendment Quotes With these new features and enhancements, managing Amendment Quotes is more intuitive and closely aligned with the Zuora application.
Better integration
and Other Enhancements
A number of commonly requested features and enhancements were implemented to streamline the quoting process and better integrate Zuora Quotes with Zuora.
Components and Plug-ins Enhanced use and management of components and plug-ins offers you faster and dynamic customizations process.

New Features and Enhancements

Enhanced Amendment Quotes

Subscription Product Charge List Available for Amendment, Renewal, and Cancellation Quotes

A list of product charges is available for each subscription when you select a subscription to amend, renew, or cancel in the Quote Wizard. You can use these product charge lists to identify the correct subscription to make changes.

Ability to Change Terms and Conditions in Amendment and Renewal Quotes

Now the Terms and Conditions values of the subscription are editable in Amendment and Renewal Quotes.

You can change the following fields when creating a Quote to amend a subscription:

  • Term Setting
  • Initial Term/Renewal Term
  • Auto Renew

​​See Create Amendment Quotes for more information about changing Terms and Conditions on Amendment Quotes.

You can change the following fields when creating a Quote to renew a subscription:

  • Renewal Term
  • Auto Renew

​See Create Renewal Quotes for more information about changing Terms and Conditions on Renewal Quotes.

Service Activation Date and Customer Acceptance Date Available on Amendment Quotes

You can view and change the Service Activation Date and Customer Acceptance Date when you create an Amendment Quote.

See Create Amendment Quotes about these billing trigger dates.

See Add Billing Trigger Dates to Amendment and Renewal Layouts to learn how to add the trigger dates to the Amendment and Renewal Quote page layouts.

Date Assistance for Amendments and Renewal Quotes

Date assistance for the following dates on Amendment and Renewal Quotes are available via the new Mutton components:

  • CED (Contract Effective Date)
  • SAD (Service Activation Date)
  • CAD (Customer Acceptance Date)

See Create Amendment Quotes about setting trigger dates when creating Amendment Quotes.

Ability to Amend the Usage Type Charges

Now the Usage type charges, included units and tiers, are editable in Amendment and Renewal Quotes.

See Create Amendment Quotes about editing charges and Included Units values in Amendment Quotes.

See Create Renewal Quotes about editing charges and Included Units values in Renewal Quotes.


The component-based architecture of Zuora Quotes allows you to easily upgrade and dynamically customize Zuora Quotes. You can create your own custom components or override/extend plug-ins for standard components.

Example use cases are:

  • Use plugins to support custom logic. For example, you can set default values for fields when creating a Quote, using custom filtering criteria for Product filter and Rate Plan filter in the Product Selector.
  • ​Use the page and UI components to support custom user interactions, such as using the SelectProduct or Mutton (menu button) component on your own Visualforce page
  • Use the Quote Wizard to support custom quoting processes out of the box, such as adding the custom product selector on a B2C commerce page

Component Registration

You can create and register your own custom components using the new Component Registration UI.

From the same page, you can override or extend the out-of-the-box logic in plug-ins with custom logic tailored to your subscription management process.

See Component Registration for information about registering and customizing components in Zuora Quotes.

Mutton (Menu Button) UI Component

The new Mutton component provides developers with a quick and easy way to add a customizable menu button to their pages. The following configuration options are available with the Mutton component:

  • Customize a list of select options
  • Disable certain select options
  • Invoke a JavaScript function based on the selection

See Mutton Component about using the Mutton component.

Better Integration and Other Enhancements

Ability to Create a Quote without an Opportunity

Creating a Quote does not require an Opportunity in Zuora CPQ, any more. You can create a Quote for an Opportunity or for an Account to custom fit your sales model.

See Create a Quote for steps to create a Quote in Zuora CPQ.

New Quote-Level Setting to Automatically Process a Payment in Z-Billing

A new Quote attribute, Process Payment, is introduced to control the payment process in Zuora. When this setting is turned on for a New Subscription, Amendment, or Renewal Quote, Z-Billing automatically processes a payment when the Quote is submitted to Z-Billing. When the organization-level setting for Process Payment in Zuora Config is enabled, this Quote-level attribute is automatically enabled, as well. You can unselect on a quote by quote basis.

See Create a Quote for information about the new attribute and additional requirements for the automatic payment process.

Ability to Send Account Custom Fields to Z-Billing

Zuora CPQ admin can now use Salesforce field sets to configure Account-level custom fields. When a Quote for a new Billing Account is sent to Z-Billing, a new Account is created in Zuora, and it is populated with the values of these Account custom fields.

See Configure Custom Fields for detail information about configuring and using Account-level custom fields.

Ability to Customize the Update Zuora Account Details Page

The Update Zuora Accout Details page was re-implemented using PropertyComponent, making the page now configurable. Zuora CPQ admin can configure the Account and contact fields on the page by editing the Update Account Fields field set. 

See Compare and Update Salesforce and Zuora Account Information about customizing and using the Update Zuora Account Details page.

Support for Additional Custom Field Data Types in the Product Selector

Now the following additional data types of custom fields are supported in the rate plan charge list on the Choose Product and Charges page for all types of subscription Quotes:

  • Checkbox
  • Currency
  • Date
  • Date/Time
  • Number
  • Percent
  • Picklist
  • Picklist (Multi Select)
  • Text
  • Text Area
  • URL
  • Formula

See Configure Custom Fields to learn more about the supported field data types.

New Zuora Config Setting for Opportunity TCV Rollup Calculation

Using the new Zuora Config setting, TCV Rollup Method, you can configure how the TCV (Total Contract Value) ​metric of Quotes are rolled up to calculate the TCV of the parent Opportunity. The available options are:

  • Roll up 100% of the TCV from the last modified Quote.
  • Roll up a percentage of TCV of each Quote under an Opportunity.
    The percentage is based on the status of each Quote. Use this method if there are multiple Quotes in an Opportunity or if the last modified Quote is in an early phase of the sales process.

See Configure the TCV roll-up setting about setting this option.

New Zuora Config Setting for Quote Metrics Calculation

A new Zuora Config setting, Autofill Dates for Quote Metrics Preview, was added. When this setting is enabled, blank trigger dates are automatically set to the default values when previewing Quote metrics on the Quote detail page.

See Configure Quote Settings for more information about how the new setting controls the metric calculation.

Zuora API Users Can View Invoice Documents and Generate Quote Documents in Zuora CPQ

You are no longer required to have the Zuora UI Access permission to view Invoice documents or to generate Quote documents in Zuora for Salesforce. You can view Invoice documents and generate Quote documents as an API-only user specified in the Zuora Connection setup in Zuora 360 as well as the Zuora Connection setting in Zuora Quotes. Invoice and Quote documents are in the PDF or Word format.

See Generate a Quote File for detail information about generating a Quote file.

Quote Types Can Be Removed or Displayed Based on the Subscription Type Custom Field

You can now remove or re-order Quote types as shown on the Select Billing Account page by editing the Subscription Type custom field of the Quote Wizard Setup object.

See Customize the Quote Wizard about customizing your Quote flow with the Quote Wizard.

Resolved Issues

Improved Error Messages from Validation Rule Violations and Trigger Exceptions

When a validation rule violation or trigger exception happens while saving a Quote or a Quote Charge, you get a more user-friendly error message that is readable, clear, and descriptive.

Error When Creating an Amendment/Renewal Quote for a Billing Account with a Big Number of Subscriptions

While creating an Amendment or Renewal Quote for an existing Billing Account with a large number of subscriptions, over 100k records, the following error could occur: Upsert failed because of non-selective query. This error was fixed by modifying the offending query and adding a criterion on an indexed field (external ID).

Ampersand Character, "&", Incorrectly Replaced in the Product Selector

When using the type ahead feature to select a product or a charge on the Choose Product and Charges page, the ampersand symbol, "&", was incorrectly replaced with "&" For example, "Product & Test" was displayed as "Product & Test".  The issue was fixed in this release.

Property Component with No Field Sets Returns an Error

If there is no field set defined for a property component, you no longer receive an "Unexpected token" error when you access the property layout page. Now the page shows an empty box. 

Patch Releases 6.1.1, 6.1.4, 6.1.5

These releases include internal operational fixes.

Patch Release 6.1.6

The 6.1.6 release includes the following resolved issues as well as other internal operational fixes.

Update quotes only when the Sold To Contact address detail is changed

 The ContactTrigger was updated so that only changes to address fields trigger the Is Charge Expired field of Quote object.  The Is Charge Expired field is an indicator that the quote metrics need to be re-calculated due to potential taxation changes.  And this update to quote will not trigger a roll-up to the opportunity.

Unable to view read-only quotes

When viewing a read-only quote, an error returned because the quote metrics could not be updated for the read-only quotes. 

Now, when you open a read-only quote, Zuora Quotes does not update the quote metrics, and thus you do not see an error.

Unable to submit a quote to Zuora when a product rate plan charge of the quote uses specific billing period

A quote with a rate plan charge that uses Specific Billing Period can now be sent to Z-Billing without errors.  

An error returns in the quoting flow if Subscription Term Type is not configured on the field set

After removing the Subscription Term Type field from the zqu__Subscription_Terms field set, a user will no longer see an error after clicking the "Back" button on the Select Products page.

An error returns when creating an Amendment quote whose Sold To Contact value contains an apostrophe

Now you can create an amendment quote with special characters in the Sold To Contact field.

The invoice owner value not sent to Zuora after reviewing or editing quote details

If you reviewed or edited a quote on the Edit Quote Details page and then sent it to Z-Billing, the invoice owner value was always changed to the subscription owner.

The issue has been fixed, and now the correct value of the invoice owner is sent to Z-Billing.

Patch Release 6.1.7

The 6.1.7 release includes the following resolved issues.

An occasional exception when sending a quote to Z-Billing

An occasional exception happened when sending a quote to Z-Billing:

Insufficient Privileges

You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or you administrator if necessary.

The underlying cause for the error was fixed, and you no longer see the error when sending a quote to Z-Billing.

An exception when sending a quote to Z-Billing after editing the quote detail

An exception happened when sending a quote to Z-Billing after editing the quote detail. This exception was caused because the InvoiceOwnerId on the quote was incorrectly set to the Salesforce id of the invoice owner, instead of the Zuora Id. 

Now the InvoiceOwnerID of the quote is correctly set to the Zuora ID, and you can send a quote to Z-Billing without encountering the exception.

Override the billing period

Starting in the 6.1.7 release, you can override the billing period of:

  • A rate plan charge in a new subscription quote
  • A rate plan charge of new product when in an amendment/renewal quote

You can set the billing period to the following billing periods defined in Zuora: 

  • Month
  • Quarter
  • Annual
  • Semi-Annual
  • Eighteen Months
  • Two Years
  • Three Years
  • Five Years

​This feature is not supported in the standard Zuora Quotes UI pages. 

Patch Release 6.1.8

The 6.1.8 release includes the following resolved issue.

Retry callouts

Zuora Quotes now retries all callouts to Zuora in the event that an intermittent/unexpected error occurs while sending the callout.

Patch Release 6.1.9

The 6.1.9 release includes the following resolved issues.

Unclear validation error message on the QuoteCharge object on the Choose Product and Charges page

The validation error message is now displayed in a better structured format that is easier to decode when a validation on the QuoteCharge object fails.

The getChargeGroups global method does not correctly handle multiple charges with the same Product Rate Plan ID

The getChargeGroups global method treated the charges with the same Product Rate Plan ID as the same one charge, preventing each of those charges from having different custom fields, prices, etc. Now the charges with the same Product Rate Plan ID are treated separately, and each charge can have its own custom fields and prices.

Product Selector does not display certain Product Rate Plan Charges

Due to a limitation in Salesforce, charges with more than 500 tiers were not shown on the Choose Product and Charges page. Now Zuora Quotes supports a maximum of 500 tiers in one charge in the product selector, and a warning message appears if there are more than 500 tiers in one charge.

Incorrect Zuora connection failure message when caused by no remote site setting

If you tested the Zuora Quotes connection without an entry in the Salesforce remote site setting, you received a generic error message, "...failure after 4 attempts." The issue was fixed, and now the actual error message is appended to the generic error message.

Patch Release 6.1.10

The 6.1.10 release includes the following resolved issue as well as other internal operational fixes.

In IE 9, the picklist type custom fields were not editable on the product selector page

When you add custom fields on the Quote Charge and Quote Rate Plan Charge objects to the product selector page, now you can edit  the picklist type and all other types of supported custom fields on the product selector page.

Patch Release 6.1.11

The 6.1.11 release includes the following resolved issue as well as other internal operational fixes.

New ability to edit custom fields in Amendment and Renewal Quotes

When creating an Amendment or Renewal Quote in Zuora Quotes, you can now edit the custom field values for existing rate plan charges in the subscription that is being amended or renewed.  When you send the quote to Zuora, the custom field values will be available in the rate plan charges in the newer version of the subscription.