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Zuora 360 Q1 2014 Release Notes


Zuora 360 Q1 2014 Release Notes


This release notes provides a summary of the Zuora 360 Release (Q1 2014), version 2.80, including new features and resolved issues.

This release is part of the Zuora for Salesforce Q1 2014 release that includes:

  • Zuora Quotes, version 6.1, 6.1.1, 6.1.4, 6.1.5, 6.1.6, 6.1.7, 6.1.8, 6.1.9, 6.1.10, 6.1.11
    See Zuora for Salesforce Quotes Q1 2014 Release Notes for the complete list of new features and enhancements in the new release of Zuora Quotes.
  • Zuora 360, version 2.80, 2.80.1, 2.80.2, 2.80.3, 2.80.4, 2.80.5, 2.80.6

To use this release, upgrade your package as described in Upgrade Zuora 360.

New Zuora 360 Features and Enhancements

Rate Plan Id Added to the Subscription Product Charges (SubscriptionProductCharge__c) Object

The Rate Plan ID field was added to the Subscription Product Charges (Zuora__SubscriptionProductCharge__c) object as Zuora__RatePlanId__c and is populated with the Subscription Rate Plan ID of the corresponding Subscription Charge in Zuora. This change will enable the grouping and ordering of the subscription charges by rate plan.

See Sync Field Reference for mapping of this new field.

Zuora API Users Can View Invoice Documents and Generate Quote Documents

You are no longer required to have the Zuora UI Access permission to view Invoice documents or to generate Quote documents in Zuora for Salesforce. You can view Invoice documents and generate Quote documents as an API-only user specified in the Zuora Connection setup in Zuora 360 as well as the Zuora Connection setting in Zuora Quotes. Invoice and Quote documents are in in the PDF or Word format.

See Generate a Quote File for detail information about generating a quote file.

Ability to Execute Product Catalog Sync in Parallel with Account & Related Objects Sync

Now you can concurrently execute one sync session for Product Catalog and one sync session for Account & Related Objects, using any sync types of Zuora 360. For example, you can execute a manual Product Catalog sync in parallel with a recurring Account and Related Objects sync.

See Zuora 360 for more information about running parallel sync sessions.

On-Demand Sync Goes GA

On-demand Synchronization is generally available in this release. You can trigger an On-demand Sync session, in Salesforce, to synchronize billing accounts or products data from Z-Billing to Zuora Quotes.

See On-Demand Sync for the requirements, installation steps, implementation details, and code examples.

​Resolved Issues

fieldsToNull of zObject Does Not Work on Order Builder

The fieldsToNull field of zObject is used to set a list of fields to null in Order Builder. The Knowledge Center articles have been updated to correctly describe the usage of the fieldsToNull field.

See Import the WSDL into Zuora 360 to learn about how you use the fieldsToNull field in Order Builder.

See zObject for detail information about the zObject and the fieldsToNull field.

Patch Release 2.80.1

The 2.80.1 release includes internal operational fixes.

Patch Release 2.80.2

The following issue was resolved in the 2.80.2 release.

Intermittent On-Demand Sync Error

Zuora 360 provides a workaround for a known Salesforce platform issue where some GET and POST HTTP requests became CONNECT requests and returned Zuora home page instead of the expected API responses. This issue caused On-demand Sync and other API Callouts to Zuora to fail intermittently.  

Patch Release 2.80.3

The following issue was resolved in the 2.80.3 release.

Retry Callouts

Zuora 360 now retries all callouts to Zuora in the event that an intermittent/unexpected error occurs while sending the callout.

Patch Release 2.80.4

The following issues were resolved in the 2.80.4 release.

Chatter feed for the Billing Account object is automatically enabled after installing the Zuora 360 package

When you install Zuora 360 2.80.3, the chatter feed for the Billing Account object is automatically enabled on the billing account name field, potentially causing sync performance degradation. Now the chatter feed is disabled by default on the objects, Billing Account, Invoice, Subscription. You can enable the chatter feed on these objects manually after installation.

Incorrect Zuora 360 connection failure message when caused by no remote site setting

If you tested the Zuora 360 connection without an entry in the Salesforce remote site setting, you received a generic error message, "...failure after 4 attempts." The issue was fixed, and now the actual error message is appended to the generic error message.

Patch Release 2.80.5

The following issue was resolved in the 2.80.5 release.

A retry logic to the zLogin SOAP API call

The zLogin() call is now retried up to three times if Zuora returns a 'Read Timed Out' message' in a SOAP response.

Patch Release 2.80.6

The following issue was resolved in the 2.80.6 release.

A new scheduled Apex job to clean up sync history records

Each time a Zuora 360 sync job runs, a Sync History record and five CrmId Change Result records are created in Salesforce. When you enable Real-Time Sync, the number of these sync history records can grow large and quickly hit the Salesforce storage limit. 
A scheduled job was added to alleviate the issue. The job periodically deletes from Salesforce all sync history records that are older than seven days.