Perform Period Open Activities

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Perform Period Open Activities

After you closed the period at the end of the month, you can now open a new period. This article introduces the period open activities and the tasks you need to do after closing a period.

Period Open Activities

This table lists the types, names, and description of the period open activities. You need to run these activities when opening a new period. See the Tasks of Period Open Activities section below.

Activity Type Activity Name Description
Program   RevPro3.0 Netting Process This program is to calculate the CA/CL balance and net position for each RC in the new current open period by carrying forward the prior period ending CA/CL balance and net position to the new current open period.
Program RevPro3.0 Reporting Period Open  This program is to carry forward all balance sheet account balances at the account level from the prior period to the new current open period to reflect the correct amounts on the reports.
Manual Task Review SSP’s  This is a reminder to the user to review and validate SSP’s both for values and effective dates. Any updates should be made PRIOR to pulling in any transactions in the new current open period. 

Tasks of Period Open Activities

When a new period is opened in Zuora RevPro, you need to perform the Period Open activities.

If the Period Open template is defined and enabled, upon closing the period, the system will display the Period Open activity template when the following programs are configured:

  1. RevPro3.0 Netting Process
  2. RevPro3.0 Reporting Period Open Process
  3. Review SSP’s
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