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ARCHIVED 2016 NetSuite Connector Release Notes

These Release Notes include enhancements and resolved issues for NetSuite Connector 2016 Releases.

March 2016 Release, v570

Release Date Release Version
March 21, 2016 Sandbox v570
March 28, 2016 Production v570


Refund's Accounting Code Field Populated with Payment's Accounting Code Field

The NetSuite Connector now assures that the value of the Accounting Code in a created Refund will match the value of the Accounting Code in the Refund's associated Payment. When a Refund is to be synced to Netsuite, the connector will copy the value of the Accounting Code in the Refund's associated Payment and populate the Refund's Accounting Code with that value.

February 2016 Release, v564

Release Date Release Version
Febuary 18, 2016 Sandbox v564
February 24, 2016 Production v564


Account Number De-Concatenation

The NetSuite Connector now allows the option to de-concatenate during the customer sync from Netsuite to Zuora. When this option is enabled, the connector will take the value of the Customer Id field from Netsuite up until the first space (" ") and use that value to populate the Zuora Account Number field.

This will only occur when the Zuora account does not have any associated invoices posted. As Zuora does not allow an account number to be changed when the account contains posted invoices, the connector checks the Zuora accounts for a Last Invoiced date and will not update an account number if a Last Invoiced date is found.

January 2016 Release, v528

Release Date Release Version
January 27, 2016 Production v528
January 20, 2016 Sandbox v528

Resolved Issues

The following issue was resolved for this release:

Errors During Sync in Store Max Value Script

When an integration expires or is created for a newly provisioned Zuora tenant, an error occurred when running the Product Catalog or Account syncs for both New and Modified records:

First document failure: [Function: Store Max Value, Embedded Scripting (Step 2)]: Error executing custom script: No such property: parse for class: java.text.SimpleDateFormat (in groovy script);

This would cause a failure.  A workaround was in place to resolve the issue when it arose for each integration of a newly provisioned Zuora tenant.

A fix has been put in place to resolve this issue. A workaround is no longer required and the account sync will run without these errors.

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