2014 Z-Suite Integration Release Notes

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2014 Z-Suite Integration Release Notes


These Release Notes for 2014 include enhancements and resolved issues for Z-Suite Integration Releases.

December 2014 Release, v256

Release Date Version
December 10, 2014 v256


Increase Performance for the following Syncs:

  • Zuora Customer Account to NetSuite
  • Zuora Invoice to NetSuite
  • Zuora Invoice Item Updates to NetSuite
  • Zuora Payment to NetSuite
  • Zuora Refund to NetSuite
  • Zuora Invoice Item Adjustment to NetSuite

The above syncs were each updated for increased performance. This enhancement takes advantage of Concurrent Session Users, offered by the SuiteCloud Plus License from NetSuite, to allow the processing of records into NetSuite on a multi-threaded basis. The sync will split into 10 threads when connecting to NetSuite to import records and maximize throughput, thereby increasing overall performance.

Resolved Issues

The following issue was resolved for this release.

Invoice Sync Error Handling

Resolved a bug with error logging for the Zuora Invoice to NetSuite sync where one or more errors would be encountered by the process, but the process would complete without indicating an error from the View Activity page regardless.

September 2014 Release, v238

Release Date Version
September 25, 2014 v238

Resolved Issues

The following issue was resolved for this release.

Timestamp Capture Script Error

Resolved an error in a script that captures and tracks the timestamp for the NetSuite Account to Zuora sync. This issue caused the sync to not initialize properly.

September 2014 Release, v234

Release Date Version
September 17, 2014 v234


Invoice Item Adjustment Sync Increase Performance

The Invoice Item Adjustment sync was updated for increased performance. This enhancement takes advantage of Zuora API features that were previously unavailable to Z-Suite. The sync now performs a single callout to the Zuora platform and retrieves all Invoice Item Adjustments once – rather than on a per invoice basis.

New Ability to Disable Customer Account Syncs

A new Advanced Settings option lets you disable the Customer Account sync. Use this option to help troubleshoot other syncs when the Customer Account record needs to process a large amount of data.

Validation and Error Handling Improvement

Z-Suite Connector can differentiate between warnings and errors that occur from Zuora and NetSuite.​ Process logs now show WARNING and SEVERE level messages rather than listing them all under WARNING.

Increased Reliability in Update Syncs

The following syncs were updated to make use of newly introduced differences between a warning and error in Z-Suite:

  • Zuora Customer Account to NetSuite
  • Zuora Product to NetSuite
  • Zuora Product Rate Plan to NetSuite
  • Zuora Product Rate Plan Charge to NetSuite
  • NetSuite Customer to Zuora

Before: When the Z-Suite Connector encountered an error during one of the syncs referenced in the previous list, the connector would re-sync all data from the previous step along with any new data that occurred during the last attempt.

Now: When the Z-Suite Connector encounters an error, the connector tries to re-sync records that did not previously reach the destination system – only when warnings are encountered during the sync. The connector tries to re-sync all records only when the process cannot cleanly recover from an error.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved for this release.

Fatal Error in Invoice Item Sync

A fatal error issue has been resolved in the Invoice Item Sync that was caused by a sorting algorithm. Z-Suite Connector now allows remaining syncs to complete. Process logs now display relevant validation or error messages.

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