Configure Connection Information

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Configure Connection Information


Specify information about your Zuora and NetSuite accounts in the Connection Information screen.  

Connection Settings

Zuora Connection

Specify the following information in the Zuora Connection section:

  • Web Service Site: This field is pre-populated with the URL of the Zuora Web Service Site from which you are logged into Zuora:
    • (for a US Sandbox environment)
    • (for a US Production environment)
    • (for a US Services environment) 
    • (for an EU Sandbox environment)
    • (for an EU Production environment)
  • User: Enter your Zuora login name.
  • Password: Enter your Zuora password. 

NetSuite Connection

Specify the following information in the NetSuite Connection section:

  • Environment: Select Production.
  • User: Enter your NetSuite login Name.
  • Password: Enter your NetSuite password.
  • Account ID: The NetSuite Tenant Account ID is provided by NetSuite. To find the Account ID in NetSuite, go to Setup > Integration > Web Services Preferences and check the value of the Account ID field. For example, TSTDRV678100
  • Enable Multithreading (Concurrent user sessions): Enabling multithreading for NetSuite Create and Update commands allows for faster processing. Choose Yes if you have a SuiteCloud Plus License from NetSuite and your integration user has Concurrent Sessions enabled. Contact NetSuite to add this license if desired. Leave this selected No if you don't know what NetSuite license you have.

If you do not have a SuiteCloud Plus License or the Integration User does not have Concurrent Sessions enabled, errors will occur during the sync process.

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