Viewing Sync Activity

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Viewing Sync Activity


When the sync completes, the results are reported back to the View Activity screen. This is where you will view sync history and look for any warnings or errors that may have occurred.

Viewing Sync Results

To view the sync execution results and logs: 

  1. In Zuora, navigate to Settings > Billing.
  2. Click Manage NetSuite Integration.
  3. Click View Activity in the Integrations Manager window. 


  1. Use the links to filter the list.
    • You can display All messages, or limit the list to Errors, Pending activities, or Successes.
    • You can also display messages generated during the previous Hour, Day, or Week


  1. The status icons indicate the following:
    • NS_gray_icon.png: The sync is in process.
    • NS_green_icon.png: The sync has completed successfully. You can confirm a successful sync by logging in to Zuora and viewing the custom fields created in Zuora during the sync process.
    • NS_red_icon.png: An error or warning message. See the Troubleshooting NetSuite Connector for more information.
  2. Click the Log icon to view detailed information about the message. 


  1. In the Show Log panel, select a value in the Minimum Status to Show list. Zuora recommends that you filter the logs by the WARNING level, which displays all logs with the status WARNING or greater.
  2. Double-click an entry in the Message column to view the entire error message.


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