Editing Your Alert Subscription

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Editing Your Alert Subscription


You can edit your alert subscription to configure the types of alerts that you want to receive. 

Alert notifications are triggered when the sync has a warning or error event. Events are aggregated and then sent via email periodically (every 5-10 minutes) after the event is reported to the NetSuite Connector console.

Edit Your Alert Subscription

To edit your alert subscription:

  1. In the Integration Manager, click About/Preferences


  1. In the About/Preferences window, view your Account ID. The account ID is used to activate your integration subscription and to assist with technical support.

  2. Click Edit Subscription.


  1. In the Edit Alert Subscription dialog, select an alert level and specify an email address. Zuora recommends that you select WARNING to view alerts with of WARNING level and above.


 Note: If multiple recipients are desired, we suggest that you create a distribution list email group and configure the single address in NetSuite Connector.

  1. Click OK


  1. Click Close to return to the main window of the Integrations Manager.


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