March 2009 New Features

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March 2009 New Features


We are pleased to provide you with a summary of our March, 2009 release.

System Enhancements

Zuora has implemented an overhaul of its system, both software and hardware, to ensure greater reliability and scalability. The changes will offer a significant increase in the ability to process high-volume transactions.

API Features

A new version of the WSDL, version 4.0, is now available. Any existing software using previous versions of the Z-Commerce API’s will continue to work and no changes are needed to keep existing functionality. However, to take advantage of the following new features, you will need to use version 4.0:

Invoice details

Invoices (meta data and line items) are now available as text via the API. Previously, only complete invoices in PDF format were available via the API.


Adjustments can now be created and queried via the API. This was previously only available in the Z-Payments module.

Product Rate Plan Charge Name is Now Available

The name of the product rate plan charge (ProductRatePlanCharge.Name) is now available via our API.

Z-Billing, Z-Payments, Z-Force

Improved credit card validation

Zuora can now validate older American Express and Diners Club cards that are formatted differently than standard American Express and Diners Club numbers.

“Remember User Name” functionality

Zuora will now provide an option to remember the last user logged in and auto-populate the user field for easier login.

Improved performance for Z-Force sync
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