April 2009 New Features

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April 2009 New Features


This month, our new features allow our application to be Easier to Use and give you More Power and better Security – your data is protected by Zuora.

Easier to Use

Enhanced Account Search

Many of our customers search by accounts and we have made it easier. We are enhancing the account search so that in addition to searching by account name, you can search by account number and CRM ID. We will be adding search by Bill To and Sold To contacts’ emails as well as first and last names in the coming releases.

Un-post Invoice

Many of our customers requested that we allow for the un-post of invoices that were mistakenly posted. We now allow you to un-post the last invoice so that it is easier for you to reverse any mistakes with posted invoices. Please note that only invoices that do not have payments or adjustments can be un-posted.

Standard ISO State and Country Codes

Our API now accepts standard ISO State and Country codes. We accept both the 2-character and the 3-character ISO standard abbreviations. We will also have automatic validation of states for the US and provinces for Canada. For example, you can now pass in “USA” instead of “United States”. Please note that this is available in Version 5.0 or greater of Z-Commerce API.

More Power

Export Orders and Export Subscriptions

We enhanced the performance of our 2 widely used exports – Export Orders (Subscriptions and Amendments) and Export Subscriptions. These exports will now take a fraction of the time previously. Please note that for exports, the PO Number is now more aptly named as “PO Number” and no longer “CUST PO”.

More Fields to Display on the Invoice

Many of our customers requested that we allow the charge description to be displayed on the invoice. You can now add the charge description on your invoice by adding InvoiceItem.Description to your Invoice template. Additionally, many of you have also requested that the Sales Rep field is available to be displayed on the invoice. This is now available to be displayed on the invoice.

API Access to Price Format

Many in our developer community quested that we allow for API access to the price format. We now allow for this access. The price format can now be used as a filter for API queries on the product catalog. In other words, we allow you to filter your API product queries by its price format.

Multiple Users for PayPal Gateway

We now support multiple users for any single PayFlow Pro merchant account. In the past, our application only allowed the merchant account login. We now allow for any user account that is created in PayPal Manager and associated to your PayFlow Pro merchant account to be used in our application as the login to your gateway.



Your data is protected with Zuora. We require that all API and web application traffic communications via HTTPS (your API calls must use HTTPS and the application URL must be https://www.zuora.com/apps). With our web application, there is no action required by you – the only difference that you may see is that any old URLs that are not communicating via HTTPS will no longer be available. For API communications, you are required to change all calls to HTTPS if you were previously using HTTP.

Stronger Passwords

Your existing passwords will continue to work and there is no need to change your password today. However, the next time you change your password, it must be at least 8 characters long, contain at least one number, one capital letter, one lower case letter and one special character (i.e., @#$%, etc.). We will require that you change your existing passwords by mid-May.
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