May 2009 New Features

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May 2009 New Features


With this month's new release, we are happy to announce a brand new module, a new and improved quoting module, and enhanced security features.

Announcing New Taxation Module

Our new Taxation Module is easy to set up and supports all tax types including Sales and Use, Value Added (VAT), Goods and Services (GST), etc. Taxes can be applied to any address with the ability to report taxes to various jurisdictions. We built a tax engine that is tightly integrated with our recurring billing engine. Product charges can now be taxed and associated to different tax codes.

Key features include:

  • Auto-calculates any type of tax
  • Adds taxes to invoices automatically
  • Supports taxes in any location and any jurisdiction
  • Enables multiple tax rates on different products
  • Supports exemption status for tax exempt customers
  • Tracks whether or not customers have been verified as tax exempt
  • Detailed tax exemption reporting including certificate IDs and exemption amounts
  • Complies with legal requirements for displaying taxes on invoices
  • Easy to manage tax codes and rates
  • Partnered with Avalara, Vertex, and Sabrix
  • Integrates tax information into accounting systems
  • Reporting and analytics make tax time easy

Our new Taxation Module is now available on a limited basis, please contact Zuora Sales for more information.

Z-Force Quotes 2.0 - Key Features

The Z-Force Quotes module enables sales teams to easily build customer-ready quotes based upon your subscription catalog. Approved quotes are automatically pushed into the billing system for end-to-end billing and subscription management.

Key features for the new and improved module include:

  • Improvements with Flexible Configuration - You can now configure and set the default values of many of the subscription and billing account fields such as Batch, Invoice Delivery Method, Currency, AutoRenew, Payment Terms, and Bill Cycle Day. Additionally, you can set and default the Bill Cycle Day to a specific date or to be equal of one of our subscription dates (i.e., contract effective date, service activation date, etc.).
  • New Fields Added to the Quote Template - You can now include Totals, First Period Charges, Total Contract Value (TCV), and the Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) on the charge level on your quote templates.
  • Improved Product Selector Screens - We enhanced our product selector screens so that it will be easier for you to view large product catalogs. We improved the search, ability to sort and our display of multiple charges.
  • Improved Usability - The Special Terms and Notes now appears on the initial quote screen to make it easier for you use. You can also now preview your data before sending to Z-Billing. When you click on "Send to Z-Billing", you will now see a preview screen that shows the Account, Bill To and Sold To Contacts and Subscription information. With Z-Force Quotes, you will now be able to check to see if an account exists before creating a subscription. If the account exists, only the new subscription will be created for the account. You will have the option to create a new subscription and account or just a subscription with an existing account. Furthermore, you will now have the ability to push Contact and Account information to existing accounts in Zuora. If an account exists, you can now view the differences between the data in Salesforce and Z-Billing. You will be given the option to update the data in Z-Billing with the data in Salesforce either on a field-level basis or for the entire record. You can turn this option on in your Zuora configuration.


The following security features ensure that your data is the safest with Zuora.

  • Session timeouts after 15 minutes - To improve security, sessions will now timeout after 15 minutes. From our application, the user will need to login after 15 minutes of inactivity. For our APIs, the session will timeout after 15 minutes regardless of activity. Please contact support by logging a case if you have questions.
  • Delete sensitive data from inactive accounts - We will be removing credit card data from your application if it belongs to an "inactive" account. An inactive account is defined as 180 days of inactivity after the cancellation of all subscriptions or if a subscription was never created. Inactivity DOES NOT include customers who signed up for an annual subscription and have not been billied in the last 180 days.
  • Users cannot reuse their past 7 passwords - We will now begin to record your most recent passwords. For improved security, you will not be able to reuse you 7 most recent passwords. New users can now also specify their own passwords.
  • Lockout users after 6 consecutive invalid attempts - If users attempt to access Zuora and login incorrectly after 6 attempts, their account will be locked. We will automatically unlock the account after 20 minutes.
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