June 2009 New Features

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June 2009 New Features


This month, we’ve added features that make Z-Billing and Z-payments easier to use and more powerful. We’ve also taken a number of your most popular suggestions and released a number of frequently requested features.


Customer Accounts

Selecting a Different Invoice Template for Different Customer Accounts

You can now select a different invoice template for your customer accounts. You can do this by editing the billing and payment terms from the customer account. During which you will be able to select a template from a drop-down menu. All existing customer accounts are set to the default invoice template unless you specify another.


Sort Order for Subscription Line Items

Many of our customers have requested that subscription line times be alphabetically sorted. With this new release, the subscription line items are sorted alphabetically first by Rate Plan Name and then by Rate Plan Charge.

Improved Export Performance

We improved the performance of our 2 most widely used exports -- Mass Order Export and Invoice Export. For larger data volumes, you will notice that both these exports are significantly faster.

Export of Revenue Recognition Trigger Date

For Mass Order Entry Export, Revenue Recognition Trigger Date is now properly populated.

Previously Split Service Period for Invoice Charges are No Longer Split

Previously, if you had an amendment and proration turned on, the invoice would show the prorated charge with a partial service period (i.e. 1/15 - 1/31). The original charge (i.e., 1/1 - 1/31) would be split into 2 line items with 2 service periods and one matching the prorated service period (i.e., 1/1 -1/14 and 1/15 - 1/31). The charges are still correct but the invoice line items could potentially be confusing to end customers. With this release, the original charge will have its original service period (i.e., 1/1 - 1/31).

Billing Operations

Filtering Bill Runs for Specific Charge Types

You can now perform bill runs and filter for specific charge types. For example, you can now do a bill run and exclude one-time charges and recurring charges and therefore only invoice for usage charges. You can filter charges when you set up a billing run. You will see this setting on the new bill run screen.

Batch Printing and Archiving of Invoices

Many of you perform batch processing of your bills. We made it easier by allowing you to batch print and archive invoices. In the past, invoices could only be saved individually. Now, Z-Billing allows you to save and archive all posted invoices from a bill run into a single zip file, meaning you can batch print all or select a group to be printed. Additionally, if you are integrating with external websites or other internal systems, you can also access these batched invoices easily.

Suppress Zero Value Charges on Invoices

You can now suppress the display of zero value charges on an invoice. You can choose to do this for individual invoice templates. You can specify this setting from Admin, Manage Invoice Rules and Templates. When you upload your invoice template, check Do not display zero value invoice line items.

Sending Invoices to Additional Email Addresses

Previously, invoices are emailed to the billing contact's work email address. You can now add additional email addresses on the account so that you can email an invoice to more than the billing contact.


AR Summary Report

You can now create an AR Summary report by Accounting Code. This report can extract and summarize all charges, payments and adjustments by accounting code. The accounting code can be used to enter sub-ledger info into Financial systems or as a control report.


Automatic Password Reset and Security Question Setup

If you forget your password, you can now automatically request that your password be reset from our application directly. If you have set a security question, you will be asked to confirm the answer. If you have not created your security question previously, you can set one up at the time of your first password reset.

Z-Commerce Platform

Account Balance Accessible via API

Starting with our 7.0 of the Z-Commerce API, you can now access the balance for an account. Please note that this is a Read Only field. This feature is useful if you process electronic payments as you can now poll Zuora for customers with outstanding balances.

Return "Smart" Results from API Querying

Starting with our 7.0 of the Z-Commerce API, we will only return unique fields from your API queries. For example, if your query is SELECT NAME, ADDRESS, NAME..., the query will only return NAME once.

Improved Error Messaging for API Subscribe () Call

In version 7.0 of the Z-Commerce API, we corrected an erroneous error message in the Subscribe () call in Version 6.0. In certain cases, the Subscribe() call would return success but still return an erroneous error message "UNKNOWN_ERROR" that was misleading. In version 7.0, you will no longer see the "UNKNOWN_ERROR" returned with a successful call.


Z-Force Quotes and Account Rollback

When using Z-Force quotes, if you enter a quote and the creation of a subscription in Z-Billing fails, we now have a check in our integration that will rollback previous objects created in the process (e.g., customer accounts and billing contacts)which allows you to preserve data integrity in Z-Billing.

Z-Force Quotes and Subscription ID Field on Quote Object

When a quote is submitted to Z-Billing, we now store the Zuora Subscription ID of the newly created subscription on the Quote object. This allows for you to directly link a Quote and the subscription that was created from it.

Z-Force Quotes and Updating Bill Cycle Day for Existing Customers

We now have a new option in Zuora Config that allows users to automatically updating the bill cycle day when a subscription is created for an existing Zuora account. This accommodates some customer billing scenarios where the bill cycle day is change when creating a second, third, etc. subscription/order.

Z-Force Quotes Support a Renewal Term of 0

You can now submit a quote that has a renewal term of 0.

Picklist Values for Batch and Allow Invoice Edit Configurations for Z-Force Quotes

We have changed the configuration for Batch and Allow Invoice Editing to be a picklist and checkbox respectively. This will reduce errors from typing in the values during configuration.

Fixed Bug with Z-Force Quotes Contacts Associated to Accounts that were Previously Synced via Z-Force 360

With the latest Z-Force Quotes (2.02), contacts associated to an account that was previously synced via Z-Force 360 will show up as a selection for you to choose when you create a quote in Salesforce.

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