August 2009 New Features

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August 2009 New Features


We are pleased to provide you with a summary of our August, 2009 release.


Export Draft Invoices in CSV and PDF

You can now export draft invoices to .csv and .pdf for any completed bill run. You do not have to post your bill run prior to exporting. Since you can now export your invoices in batch, it is easier to check and validate your invoices all at once prior to posting.

Asynchronous Processing for Batch Emailing of Invoices and PDF Extract of Invoices

We continue to change processes to be asynchronous. We recently changed the canceling and posting processes to be asynchronous. With this release, batch emailing of invoices and .pdf extracts of invoices are now also asynchronous. We will continue to move additional processes such as the generation of .csv invoices and other exports to be asynchronous in upcoming releases.

Invoice PDF File Name Convention

The Invoice PDF file naming has changed to include additional information: INVnumber_AccountNumber_AccountName_InvoiceDate_Status.pdf. This additional naming provides relevant details about the invoice.

Display Status for Batch Emailing of Invoices and Date Last Email was Sent

If you batch email your invoices, the bill run details will now show the status when you are done. You will also now see the date that the last email was sent. To see the date, go to the generated invoices tab within the bill run.


Additional Fields for Transaction Processing by

We recognize that it is easier for you to use fraud protection and AVS as well as better process global transactions if we provide additional information (that is optional for you to populate) for your transactions. See below for a complete list of fields that are available to you for your transactions:

Fields for Credit Card Authorization and Sales

  • Transaction Amount
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Zip Code
  • Customer ID
  • Credit Card Number
  • Credit Card Expiration Date
  • CVV Code
  • E-mail Address (Sale Only)
  • Description (Sale Only)
  • Invoice # (Sale Only)

Fields for ACH Transactions

  • Transaction Amount
  • Customer ID
  • Bank ABA Code
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Account Type
  • Bank Name
  • Bank Account Name
  • Description
  • Invoice Number
  • E-mail Address

Additional Gateway Information Available from Payment Export

The Gateway Transaction Result Number and the Gateway Transaction Result Message are now available via the payment export. This information allows for better tracking of payments at the gateway for either troubleshooting or reconciliation (i.e., tracing declined payments at the gateway).

User Administration

Administrative User Unlock

Currently, you can set a maximum number of login attempts. When users exceed this, they are locked out. Starting with this release, administrators can unlock users that have been locked out. To do so, go to Admin and then Manage Users. Only administrators will be able to see this feature under Admin settings.

Z-Commerce API

Subscription Created Date Field Available to Query

The Subscription Created Date field is available to query. This is possible for all versions of a subscription. This allows you to track the creation of new subscriptions and amendments as well as existing subscriptions amendments.

Delete Usage

Delete usage is possible from the delete() call. You can now delete usage programmatically. For example, if usage is uploaded incorrectly, usage can be deleted via the delete() call and the correct usage can be uploaded subsequently.

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