November 17, 2009 New Features

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November 17, 2009 New Features


We are pleased to provide you with a summary of our November 17, 2009 release.


Additional Fields Available for Invoice Emails

The invoice email functionality has been enhanced to allow inclusion of additional fields. When emailing your customers their invoices, you can now include the following information by selecting the merge field from the dropdown:

  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Total Amount
  • Invoice Due Date
  • Invoice Balance
  • Bill To Contact First Name
  • Bill To Contact Last Name
  • Account Currency
  • Account Name

You can access invoice email functionality by navigating to Admin > Manage Invoice Emails.

Support for Multiple BCC email addresses for Invoice Emails

You can now BCC multiple email addresses when you send your invoice emails. The email addresses will need to be separated by commas. You can enter the BCC email addresses by navigating to Admin | Manage Invoice Emails.

Payment Export Filtering

The payment export has been enhanced so that you can filter on several criteria: status (processed, canceled, etc.), date (payment date, invoice date, etc.), and date range (today, a specific date, etc.). The payment export will also include a total record count which allows you to quickly verify if all expected data was exported. You can access the payment export by navigating to Reports | Exports.


View Gateway's Payment Status

You can now view the most up-to-date payment status from the gateway. This status is displayed as the Gateway Transaction State which is viewable from the Payment record. You will be able to see if a payment has settled. This is useful for determining if you need to void (payment has not settled) versus refund payments (after a payment has settled). You can view the Gateway's Payment Status by navigating to Customer Accounts > <view account> > Transactions > Payments.

Support for Merchant Reference ID for Cybersource Transactions

To help with reconciling transactions that have been processed between Z-Payments and the Cybersource gateway, we are now passing the payment number from Z-Payments to Cybersource. This number will be stored as the merchant reference ID in Cybersource.

ACH Checking Type Mandatory for Authorize.NET

When processing ACH payments, the ACH checking type field is now mandatory. This ensures classification of ACH payments which reduces ACH chargebacks. Below is the checking type mapping to ACH type:

  1. Business Checking will map to the "PPD" ACH type
  2. Checking will map to "Web" ACH type
  3. Savings will map to "Web" ACH type

Z-Force 360

Managed Package

Z-Force 360 is now a managed package. This allows you to upgrade without uninstalling previous versions. To upgrade, please contact customer care by clicking on the support link in the upper right hand corner.

Support for Multi-Currency Orgs

If your org is set up for multi-currency support, Z-Force 360 will now allow all currency-related fields in the synchronized data to be viewed and reported in the Zuora currency. In the past, Z-Force 360 used the Salesforce default currency for products, subscriptions, and invoices. For example, if an invoice in Zuora was denominated in GBP but the default currency in your multi-currency Salesforce org was USD, all of your invoices would be displayed with a USD indicator in Salesforce. Now, the same GBP invoice in Zuora would be reflected in your multi-currency Salesforce Org as GBP when synchronized. Note that in order to reflect multiple currencies, you must have multi-currency support enabled in your Org.

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