December 2009 New Features

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December 2009 New Features


We are pleased to provide you with a summary of our December, 2009 release.


New Settings Menu

With this release you will notice that we have consolidated the Admin sections (previously under Z-Billing and Z-Payments) to a single section.

The settings sections have now been separated into Personal Settings, Administration Settings, Z-Billing Settings, Z-Payments Settings, and Z-Force Settings, all accessible under Settings in the top right corner next to Help and Support.

While Administrators will see all settings sections, Standard Users will see all settings except for Administration Settings.

New User Roles and Permissions

We will be introducing new user roles that can be managed by Administrators. Users will have assigned roles for each application. For example, a user may be a Standard User or Administrator for Zuora Platform, and a Z-Billing Standard User for Z-Billing, and a Z-Payments Standard User for Z-Payments. In the future, we will allow customization of these roles per application.


Support for Deleting Amendments that have not been Invoiced

With this release, we now support deleting amendments that have not been invoiced. You can delete amendments for a subscription by going to Z-Billing > Subscriptions, selecting the amendment, then clicking Delete.

New Invoice History Replaces Last Email Sent On Invoice Detail Page

For additional audit trail capability, we now display the timestamp for when an invoice is posted, unposted, canceled, emailed or edited by a user. The timestamp will be displayed in the invoice history section located at the bottom of the invoice detail page.

The email sent history will also be displayed under the invoice history. The email sent history will now reflect the user who emailed the invoice instead of the Bill To Contact.

To get to the invoice history, go to Billing Operations, search by the invoice number, select the invoice number, then scroll to the bottom of the Invoice Detail Page.

Support Billing Past End of Subscription Term When Auto-Renew is Off

There is a new subscription setting called “Invoice Past End-of-Term when Auto-Renew is OFF”.

This setting allows you to invoice past your subscription term even when Auto-Renew is off. This may be applicable whenever you have a subscription that includes a free trial period upfront (for one month) and the actual subscription charge begins in month two. In this example, an annual subscription fee would be charged at month two. However, at the end of the subscription term, the subscription would have a credit of one month. This new setting would allow for a subscription to be invoiced past its term so that you will not have a credit of one month. By default, this setting is set to “Yes” for all previously existing subscriptions.

This setting is located in Settings > Z-Billing Settings > Default Subscription Settings.

Support of Special Characters in the Invoice Export

We now support special characters such as commas and punctuation marks in our invoices export.


Support Use of Auto-Pay with Additional Payment Terms

With this release, you may turn the Auto-Pay setting on with any Payment Term Setting (you are no longer limited to Due Upon Receipt). Payment Runs will process payments for invoices on their due date (i.e. If an account is set to Auto-Pay on, with NET 30 payment terms, an invoice dated January 1, will have a due date on January 30. We will attempt to collect payment on January 30).

Support Searching for American Express Credit Cards by Last 4 Digits

With this release, you can now search for American Express Credit Cards by the last 4 digits. You can do this by going to Z-Payments > Payment Operations > Payment Methods.

Z-Force 360

Support for Incremental Sync

Incremental Sync greatly improves the performance of Z-Force 360 syncs by only updating changes that have happened in Z-Billing (as opposed to updating all data). To activate this option when synchronizing data, choose “Sync Only New and Updated” when starting the sync process.

Z-Force Quotes

New User Interface

We have rewritten the product selector page in Visualforce to improve the user experience and stability by adopting Salesforce’s latest technology. The interface is nearly identical to the old interface in terms of the user flows and look.

Tiered Pricing

Z-Force Quotes now supports creation of quotes and subscriptions that use the tiered pricing model. List prices and totals are automatically calculated based on quantity entered, and users are allowed to enter discounts and discounted total prices, which will be reflected in the new subscription as it is created.

Improved Multi-Currency Support

If multi-currency is enabled in your Salesforce application, the currency of the quote is now defaulted to the currency of the opportunity that is associated with the quote. Please also make sure to configure multi-currency in Z-Billing.

Improved Handling of Special Characters

Z-Force Quotes now handles special characters such as quotations when transferring data from Salesforce to Z-Billing.

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