February 2010 New Features

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February 2010 New Features


This release enhances security with custom roles and permissions, improves payment processing flexibility by supporting multiple payment gateways simultaneously, allows for renewal invoices to be sent in advance of subscription expiration, increases precision and explicitly defines rounding rules for all supported currencies, increases filtering options and improves experience for bill run exports and enhances user experience with various user interface improvements.


Admin Support for Custom Roles

We now allow for the creation of custom Z-Billing and Z-Payment roles. With these custom roles, you can now explicitly allow or restrict users from undertaking up to 11 operations with Accounts, Adjustments, Invoices and Payments. You can create and manage custom roles by accessing from the upper right corner, Settings > Administrative Settings > Manage User Roles.


Support for Autorenewing Subscriptions in Advance

We now support the autorenewing of subscriptions prior to their renewal date. You can do this directly from your bill run. This allows for invoices to be sent in advance of the renewal date. You no longer need to wait until the end of a subscription term for it to autorenew.; Using this feature, subscriptions will autorenew once they have been billed through the end of their term.

Improved Precision for All Supported Currencies

We have now improved how we store and calculate currency values such as taxes, invoice amounts, and payments. All supported currencies now have an explicit set of rounding rules and currency precision. This ensures that all charges are accurately calculated to the exact number of decimal places supported by the currency. Precision and rounding rules for each currency are now shown within Settings > Administrative Settings > Z-Billing Settings > Customize Currencies. Please note that your end users will not see a change.

Improved Invoice Exports

You can now filter which invoices are exported from a bill run. Filter criteria include invoice balance, invoice total, and invoice due date. Now bill run exports, like our other invoice exports, are processed in the background -- downloads occur offline which improves the experience for large data sets. You will be sent an e-mail when the export is ready for download. See Exporting Files for more information on our invoice exports.

Account Export now Includes Payment Gateway

Account exports will now have a new column, “Payment Gateway”, denoting which payment gateway has been mapped to this account. This was added since we now support multiple Payment Gateways.

UI Improvements

Account Key Metrics Have Been Updated

For Account Key Metrics, Monthly Recurring Revenue has been renamed to Today’s MRR. We also added a new metric, Contracted MRR. Today’s MRR represents the current monthly recurring revenue for the customer account while Contracted MRR is the future expected MRR that accounts for future upgrades, downgrades, up sells and cancellations.

Support for Updating Subscription Notes

You can now edit and update Notes for Subscriptions.

Improved UI When Editing Charges On Subscription

When you edit the detail information for a charge, you can now close the window by clicking on the new Done button.
Improved Messaging When Resetting Trigger Dates. We now show a link “Why can’t I change this?” when you attempt to reset trigger dates for subscriptions that have invoiced charges.

Z- Payments

Support for Multiple Payment Gateways

We now support the simultaneous use of multiple gateways, allowing different customer accounts to be mapped to different payment gateways. Common use may include using one gateway for international payments and another for domestic payments. Another use may be to optimize payment methods or fees for gateways. Multiple gateways can be configured under Settings > Z-Payment Settings > Setup Payment Gateway.

Z-Commerce API

Support for Setting a Specific Date for a Charge’s Triggering Condition

With this release, you can now specify a specific date for when a charge triggers, instead of specifying Contract Effective, Service Activation and Customer Acceptance dates. This feature can be used with the subscribe() call for new subscriptions and while creating amendments. Please see the API Documentation for more details.

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