June 2010 New Features

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June 2010 New Features


We are pleased to provide you with a summary of our June, 2010 release.


Invoice Charge Sort Order Improvements

Based on customer feedback, we have improved the sort-order of the invoice item table on the invoices. Previously, invoices showed charges sorted according to the following fields:

  • Charge Date
  • Product Name
  • Rate Plan Name
  • Charge Number

With this release, the sort order has been changed to:

  • Charge Date
  • Product Name
  • Rate Plan Name
  • Charge Name

This makes it easier to read.

Configurable Subscription Product and Charge Display

We have improved usability by allowing users to choose the order in which the products and the charges on a subscription are displayed in the user interface. From within a subscription, next to the subscription products and charges display, click on the arrows to the left of the product or the charge to move them up or down in the list.

Configurable Subscription Display in the Customer Account

From the customer account page, under Subscriptions and Amendments, you can use the up and down arrows to display your subscriptions based on your preferred viewing order.


Refund Payments

We continue to add to our ability to handle more subscription-related transactions within Z-Payments by allowing users to issue and track refunds on payments. Just like external payments, users may enter external refunds to track refunds that have been performed outside of Z-Payments (e.g.by issuing a check). In addition, you can make electronic refunds using Chase/Paymentech, PayPal, and Authorize.net gateways, which will automatically refund money to the customer's credit card.

Because of the sensitive nature of refunds, we are rolling out this feature in stages to help customers manage the process of rolling this out to their users. With this release, the Standard User will NOT have immediate access to this functionality – the administrator will need to create a new role with this permission turned on in order to access this functionality immediately. As of our July release, this permission will be included in the Standard User role – we recommend those who want to restrict access to this functionality to create a separate role that restricts this functionality.

To issue a refund, go to any Payment, then click more > Refund this payment.

Transactions Table on the Invoice Template

You may now customize your invoices to show Payments and Refunds associated with the invoice in a single table, sorted by date. This allows you to show your customers a more complete picture of transactions that impact the invoice balance. For instructions on how to add a transactions table to your invoice template, download the Sample Invoice template by going to Settings > Z-Billing Settings > Manage Invoice Rules and Templates.


Z-Force 360 Scheduled Sync

With this release, we now allow you to automatically synchronize your data on a daily basis. You may set your daily sync to occur at a particular time each day, in order to tailor it to your daily operations. See Z-Force for more information.

Z-Force 360 Performance Improvements

With this release, we have greatly improved the performance of synchronization, especially after the first time the data is synchronized. Look for more improvements to come as we continue to optimize this important feature.

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