July 2010 New Features

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July 2010 New Features


We are pleased to provide you with a summary of our July, 2010 release.


Subscription Preview for Active and Canceled Subscriptions

We have extended the draft subscription preview feature that we rolled out in May to allow previews for active and canceled subscriptions. This allows a user to view all invoices generated for the subscription, as well as future invoices, taking into account any amendments to the subscription.

Expanded Subscription List View

We have improved the subscription expanded and list views to enhance usability:

We now have an expanded view of subscriptions similar to the expanded views of accounts or products in other parts of the product. This layout allows the user to view key data about the subscription in an easy-to-read format.

In addition, we’ve added several new sort fields to the display including Contract Effective Date, and CMRR (Contracted MRR), to aid in finding and sorting subscriptions

Improved Subscription Search

You can now search subscriptions using custom fields attached to the subscription. This functionality works in much the same way as the account search – simply type a search parameter into the subscription search box, and we will display results that match on custom fields as well as all previously supported fields (e.g. subscription name and account number)

Faster Payment Method Entry

When entering a credit- or debit-card as an electronic payment method to an account, you may now default the address to the address of the bill-to contact, or the sold-to contact. This allows you to quickly enter electronic payment methods in cases where the card address matches your contact’s address.

Enhanced Invoice Presentment: Transaction Table Includes all Transaction Types

Extending our transaction table from previous releases, we have added the capability to include adjustments, in addition to the Payments and Refunds that were previously shown. With this feature, the transaction table will now show all transactions that apply to the invoice. Using the Original Invoice Total, the Transaction Table, and the Current Balance, you can now give your customers a full view of their invoice’s history. We recommend that you use this transaction table instead of the separate Payments and Adjustments table on your invoices in order to show the complete view of all transactions. For instructions on how to add a transactions table to your invoice template, download the Sample Invoice template by going to Settings > Z-Billing Settings > Manage Invoice Rules and Templates.


Refund Permissions Included in Standard User Role

As we communicated in last month’s release notes, as of the July ’10 release the ability to process refunds is now included in the Standard User Role. If you would like to restrict access to this functionality, we recommend you create a new user role with this Refunds permission turned off, and assign it to the affected users.

Electronic Refunds on CyberSource Payment Gateway

With this release, you may now automatically process refunds through the CyberSource Payment Gateway. We now support electronic refunds across all payment gateways and processors that Zuora supports (including PayPal, Authorize.net, Litle, Chase Orbital, and CyberSource) To issue a refund, go to any Payment | more | Create a Refund.

Bank Identification Number (BIN) on Payment Methods

For all credit cards and debit cards created in the system after this release is live, we will track and store the Bank Identification Number (BIN) associated with those payment methods, and attach them to any payments processed against those credit and debit cards. This number (also known as the Issuer Identification Number) is useful for reconciliation and behavior tracking among different payment method types (e.g. to differentiate between Visa cards issued by Chase vs. Citibank, etc.), and will be available in the Payment Method API and the Payment Method Export. In addition, the payment export will now show the BIN of the payment method associated with each payment (if applicable).


Z-Force Quotes 3.0

We’re rolling out major improvements to our Z-Force module (our 100% native integration with Salesforce.com). The new version of Z-Force Quotes includes the ability to create customer-quotes for upsells and change orders, and push them over to Z-Billing as amendments to an existing subscription.

The Quotes module will:

  • Automatically scan Zuora for existing subscriptions when the new quote is created
  • Offer the user the option to create new subscriptions or amend any existing subscriptions on their accounts
  • Let the user add new products, add additional units to existing charges, or remove products from an existing subscription
  • Allow salespeople to generate a quote that shows all the incremental changes to the subscription
  • Enable quotes to be automatically pushed over to Zuora to start the billing process.

To install the latest version of Z-Force Quotes, please contact Zuora Global Suport for the installation instructions

Z-Commerce API

Simplified Payments API

We’ve enhanced the Payment API to allow you to create a Payment, and apply it to an invoice with a single call, saving several steps in the Payment creation process. With the latest version of the API, you no longer need to create a draft payment, and apply it to an invoice. We encourage all users of the current Payments API to upgrade to this version for easier management and reconciliation.

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