August 2010 New Features

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August 2010 New Features


We are pleased to provide you with a summary of our August, 2010 release.


Improved Support for Evergreen Subscriptions

With the August release, we are making it easier to create evergreen subscriptions (vs. termed subscriptions). "Evergreen" is a term for subscriptions that do not expire which means your customer will be automatically billed until the subscription is canceled. With this feature, a new column has been added to the subscription export for "Term Setting" designating whether the subscription is evergreen or termed. To set up an evergreen subscription, choose "Evergreen" under the Term Setting field when creating the subscription.

To create evergreen subscriptions using the SOAP API please review this.

Customers who want to change existing subscriptions to evergreen should contact Zuora Global Support.

Custom Invoice Item Sorting

You may now exercise greater control over the order in which charges appear on invoices. For example, charges may be grouped by subscription first, then sorted by charge date. This sorting is in addition to our standard sorting and can be performed for each invoice template for optimal flexibility.

For instructions on how to configure the sorting of invoices on your invoice template, download the sample invoice template by going to Settings > Z-Billing Settings > Manage Invoice Templates.


Invoice Item Adjustment

Users may now adjust invoices at the line item level, which aids in data entry, and helps to ensure greater accuracy of reports and accounting integration. This functionality is slightly different from the existing Adjustment functionality in that it allows the user to adjust the invoice details, including taxes, and have those adjustments reported in the system under the same accounting code as the items that are being adjusted.

For example, if an invoice has a $100 one-time charge and a $50 recurring charge, plus a line item for $5 in taxes applied to the one-time charge, you may now choose to apply an Invoice Item Adjustment to adjust the $50 recurring charge, which will automatically tie the adjustment to the accounting and revenue recognition code associated with that charge.

To create an invoice item adjustment, go to Z-Billing > Billing Operations > Invoice Item Adjustments.

Custom Fields on Refunds

Custom fields may now be added to refunds to allow for better reporting. This functionality is similar to existing custom fields functionality on other objects such as Accounts and Subscriptions. To create a custom field on refunds, click on settings | Z-Payments Settings | Manage Custom Fields.

Z-Commerce API

Invoice Item Adjustment API

With the introduction of Invoice Item Adjustments, you can now create and query invoice item adjustments via the API.

For more information on this API, please refer to the API documentation here.

New Payment Field and Custom Fields on Refunds Object

We’ve added support for the Invoice number field on the Payment API, and also added support for custom fields on Refunds.

For more information on this API, please refer to the API documentation here for refunds and here for payments.

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