October 2010 New Features

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October 2010 New Features


We are pleased to provide you with a summary of our October, 2010 release.


Improved Invoice Page

We have redesigned the Invoice page and provided additional capabilities to make the display easier to understand and provide greater visibility into transactions that affect an invoice. The new interface has all charge invoice items grouped by subscription. In addition, the tax details and discounts are associated to each invoice item to show the relationship to the individual invoice item. With this page, you will be able to see all transactions associated to the invoice over time (for example, payments or invoice item adjustments) To view these features go to Billing Operations > Invoices and select any invoice.

Usage Record Status

Usage records now have a more complete Status tracking that reflects whether the usage record has been used to calculate a posted bill. Upon initial load, usage records will have a status of "Pending," while after they have been used to calculate an invoice, the status will be updated to "Processed." This status will allow users to be able to clearly tell whether a usage has been rated and invoiced, and makes it easier to avoid mismatches between usage records and billed charges. This status field is available via the API and also displayed in the usage listing in the UI.


Credit Balance

Our new Credit Balance functionality allows users to store money on an account (e.g. in the event of an overpayment) to be used for future invoices. This feature allows users to:

  • Accept an overpayment
  • Transfer an invoice with a negative balance to the credit balance
  • Apply a credit balance to an invoice
  • Refund a credit balance to the customer
  • Automatically apply the credit balance to invoices before attempting to apply a payment via the Payment Run

Credit Balance is an advanced feature that is recommended for customers who use Z-Billing as a subledger with summarized integration to the accounting system (i.e. summarizing transactions by Accounting Code to create journal entries). This feature is not recommended for users that are performing transaction-level integration to their Accounting System. Please contact Zuora Customer Care if you would like to enable this feature.

More Flexible Payment Processing

You may now set your payment run to allow payment runs to apply only to specific accounts, bill runs, accounts in a specific batch, accounts with a specific currency, a specific payment gateway, or bill cycle day. This will allow users to more easily target payment processing to apply only to specified accounts. To create a payment run with these enhanced options, click on an Payment Operations | Payment Runs | New Payment Run

Override Gateway Authorization Failures when Saving Payment Methods

When creating or updating payment methods, we have added the capability to save the payment method even if it failed the authorization request with the payment processor or gateway. If a payment method authorization fails upon entry, the user will be presented the option to save anyway. To create a payment method, go to an account and click Create Payment Method.


Z-Force Quotes with Renewals

The new version of Z-Force Quotes allows creation of customer-ready quotes for renewing subscriptions (including any upsells or changes that happen during the renewal process), and push approved quotes to Z-Billing to kick off the billing process. Similar to existing functionality for quoting new subscriptions and amendments, the new version will allow users to:

  • Reference existing subscriptions and pricing from the product catalog maintained in Z-Billing
  • Create customer-ready quotes for potential renewals, including any amendments and upsells that may be negotiated during the renewal process
  • Automatically reflect price changes that take effect during the renewal period
  • Easily enter changes to existing rate plans on a single page
  • Push approved quotes to Z-Billing to kick off the billing process

Z-Commerce API

Create Multiple Amendments in a Single, Atomic Transaction

To simplify the creation of amendments, we now allow multiple amendments to be created and activated using a single call. If any of these grouped amendments fails (for example, due to incorrect data), the entire set of amendments fails and is rolled back. This greatly simplifies error checking when creating amendments that are dependent on each other. For more information on this API, please refer to the API documentation.

Modify Tiers in Subscription and Amendment Calls

We’ve enhanced the Subscribe() and SubscribewithExistingAccount(), and Amendment API calls to allow the modification of tier start (MinQuantity) and end (MaxQuantity) values. This allows API users full flexibility to redefine price tiers within any given subscription. For more information on this API, please refer to the API documentation.

Override Authorization Failures when Saving Payment Methods

The Create Payment Method API now has an option to override gateway results. By selecting this field, Z-Payments will save the payment method regardless of the response from the payment gateway. For more information on this API, please refer to the API documentation.


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