May 2012 New Features

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May 2012 New Features


We are pleased to provide you with a summary of our May, 2012 release, including new features and resolved issues.

New Features

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

Zuora Commerce

The following features have been added to Zuora Commerce.


We have upgraded Z-Force 360 to version 2.3 and Z-Force Quotes to version 5.5. The following improvements to Z-Force are included in this release. 


All existing Z-Force users will be notified via email when the managed packages are available.

Chatter Collaboration in Z-Force

In this release, Z-Force Quotes and Z-Force 360 have improved support for Salesforce Chatter with roll-up feeds to Accounts and Opportunities. With Chatter, Z-Force can now alert you to significant events and changes in your Quotes, Subscriptions and Billing Information.

In Z-Force Quotes, Chatter feeds from Quotes are rolled-up to the Opportunity object, notifying followers of the Opportunity when a Quote is created or updated. In Z-Force 360, Chatter feeds from Billing Accounts, Subscriptions and Invoices are rolled-up to the Account Object. All Account collaborators are notified when new Subscription or Billing Information is available for the Account.

See Chatter Collaboration in Z-Force for more information about this feature. 

Support for the amend() Call in Order Builder

In this release, you can use the new Order Builder amend() call to create amendments to existing subscriptions. 

See zamend Method for more information about working with this new feature. 

Preview Invoices from Order Builder

We have added the ability to preview invoices created using the subscribe call from Order Builder. You can use Preview mode by setting preview options in the subscribe call, including the number of billing periods to include in the preview invoice. 

See Previewing an Invoice for more information about using this new feature. 

Specify the Billing Account Parent in Z-Force Quotes

In this release, you can specify an existing billing account as the parent of a new billing account when you create a subscription quote with a new account. If you select a parent account, the new account will be assigned a parent account in Zuora when the information is synced from Salesforce to Zuora.  

To use this feature: 

  • You must have the Customer Hierarchy permission enabled for your Zuora tenant. 
  • You must set the Enable Parent Customer Account configuration option on the Z-Force Quotes Config page.
Support for Invoice Owner Transfer in Z-Force Quotes​​

In this release, we have added support for Invoice Owner Transfer actions. You can change the invoice owner on the Quote Detail page. 

To use this feature: 

  • You must have the Owner Transfer Amendment permission for your Zuora tenant.
  • You must enable the Enable Invoice Owner option in the Z-Quotes Config page in Salesforce. 
  • You must be using Zuora API version 32.0 or above (up to version 38.0). The API URL option must be configured to as or later.

See Changing Invoice Owners for Quotes for more information about using this feature. 

Reporting for Z-Force Objects

In this release, we have enabled reporting for Z-Force objects by default, for all new installations of Z-Force. All of the Z-Force object reports are now available to you automatically when you install Z-Force, without requiring additional configuration. Note that this is not applicable for upgrades of existing installations of Z-Force.

Sync Additional Fields to Z-Force 360

We have added the ability to sync several new fields to Z-Force 360. 

  • ​Term Setting field: You can use this field to determine whether a subscription is Termed or Evergreen. 
  • Activation date fields: We have also added the ability to sync the Contract Effective Date, Service Activation, and Customer Acceptance Date fields to the subscription in Z-Force. You can use these fields to determine important subscription activation dates from within Z-Force. 
  • Subscription Start Date and Subscription End Date fields: Use these to determine start and end dates from within Z-Force, which also allows you to identify whether a subscription has been renewed. 

See Z-Force Field Reference for a list of fields that are synced by Z-Force. 

Upgraded Field Lengths

Z-Force Quotes now supports 13-digit values for the Quantity fields for the following objects: QuoteRatePlanChargeProductRatePlanChargeQuoteChargeSummary, and QuoteCharge.

We have also increased the ​Product SKU field ​to 70 characters in length. Previously, the field could accept SKUs up to 20 characters in length. ​

​Use a Custom Product Selector Built Using Global Methods and Components

Using Z-Force Global Methods and Components, you can now build and use your own custom product selector (with Apex code and VisualForce pages). After you add your custom product selector button to the Quote Detail layout for New Subscription, Amendment, and Renewal quotes, you can now disable or hide the Zuora user interface buttons.

To use this feature, enable the Hide Default Product Selector option in the Z-Quotes Config page in Salesforce. 

See Additional Sample Code for Global Methods and Components for a reference implementation of a custom Product Selector with filtering capabilities, built using Global Methods and Components. 

Capture SOAP Request and Response for Debugging in Order Builder

In this release, we have added the ability for Order Builder users to inspect the SOAP request and response XML strings in the debug log. 

See Logging SOAP Request and Response XML Strings for more information about using this feature. 

Aligned the Precision of Numeric Fields

In this release, we have aligned the precision of numeric fields in Z-Force custom fields. 

  Z-Force Fields
Numeric Fields Quote
List Price (11,7) (11,7) (11,7)    
Effective Price (11,7) (11,7) (11,7)    
List Total (16,2) (16,2) (16,2)    
Total (16,2) (16,2) (16,2) (16,2)  
MRR (16,2) (16,2) (16,2) (16,2) Rollup
TCV (16,2) (16,2) (16,2) (16,2) Rollup
Discount (16,2) (16,2) (16,2)    
Quantity (13,0) (13,0) (13,0)    
Field Placeholders

In this release, we have placeholder fields for future functionality. These values will be used in an upcoming release. 

Z-Force 360: 

  • Billing Account: CreditBalance
  • Subscription: NextChargeDate
  • Subscription Product Charge: EffectiveEndDateAccountingCode

Z-Force Quotes:

  • Product Rate Plan Charge: RevRecCode

See Z-Force Field Reference for a complete list of the fields that are synced by Z-Force. 

Zuora API

The following features have been added to the Zuora API. 

WSDL Version

The Zuora WSDL has been updated to version 39.0. We have added fields to support a feature that is currently in controlled release. 

See Zuora WSDL for information about downloading the latest version.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Billing and Payments

The following issues were fixed in Z-Billing and Z-Payments.

​Auth Call in CyberSource or Verifi Gateway is Declined

In previous releases, some customers could encounter an error when attempting to create multiple payment methods in a short period of time (within a 15- to 20-minute window), using the same payment card for each payment method. The length of the window would depend on the customer's gateway settings. 

This issue has been fixed in this release. 


The following issues were resolved in Z-Force. We have upgraded Z-Force 360 to version 2.3 and Z-Force Quotes to version 5.5. You must upgrade to the latest version of Z-Force 360 and Z-Force Quotes. See Upgrading Z-Force Quotes and Upgrading Z-Force 360 for more information. 

Must Load a WSDL to Activate the Invoice PDF Link in Z-Force 360

In previous releases, Z-Force 360 required users to upload a WSDL to activate the Invoice PDF link (to be able to download invoices without logging in). 

This issue has been fixed in this release, and you do not need to upload the WSDL to use the Invoice PDF link. 

Z-Force Global Methods and Components: Updated Charges Not Displayed Properly in the zChargeGroup Component

In previous releases, the Quantity and Effective Price fields were not updated correctly when using the CustomProductSelector page of Global Methods and Components to update an existing Quote Charge in an Amendment or Renewal Quote.

This issue has been fixed in this release. 

​Error When Changing the CRM Account of the Synced Billing Account

​In previous releases, after saving a Salesforce sandbox user credential on the sync page and syncing a billing account to Salesforce, an error would occur if you changed the CRM account of the synced billing account.

This issue has been fixed in this release. 

"Use Sandbox" Option Not Saved for Salesforce Sandbox User

In previous releases, the Use Sandbox option on the Sync settings page was not enabled after setting a sandbox user.

This issue has been fixed in this release. To view this option, select Settings > Z-Force Settings, then click Synchronize Data. On the Sync page, click Edit in the Salesforce Credentials area to view the Use Sandbox option.

Accounts Created by Z-Force Quotes Use 15-Digit CRM ID

In previous releases, when a quote was sent to Z-Billing and a new billing account was created in Zuora, the CRM Account ID of the quote was populated as a 15-character ID.

This issue has been fixed in this release. Z-Force Quotes now uses the 18-digit CRM ID for all new accounts. However, existing accounts will not be upgraded automatically to use 18-character account IDs. 

Payment.GatewayOptionData is Loaded as a Singular Field in zSchema

In previous releases, after the Zuora WSDL was loaded into Z-Force 360 the Payment.GatewayOptionData was loaded as a singular field instead of an Array field. This prevented users from specifying a list of GatewayOption objects when creating a request on the ​​Payment object.

This issue has been fixed in this release. 

Z-Payments Page

The following issue was fixed for Z-Payments Page. 

CVV Tooltip Appears Below Icon 

In some cases, the CVV tooltip pop-up would appear below the CVV icon. 

This issue has been fixed in this release, and the CVV tooltip will always appear to the right of the icon. 

Zuora API

The following issues were resolved in the Zuora API. 

Export ZOQL: Error with Queries Containing Numeric IDs

In previous releases, Export ZOQL did not correctly process queries with IDs that contained long strings of numbers. 

This issue has been fixed in this release.

Export ZOQL: Cannot Query ParentAccount.mrr

In previous releases, the ZOQL query select ParentAccount.mrr from Account did not execute correctly.

This issue has been fixed in this release. ​

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