July 2012 New Features

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July 2012 New Features


We are pleased to provide you with a summary of our July, 2012 release (R154), including new features and resolved issues.

New Features

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

Zuora Billing and Payments

The following features have been added to Z-Billing and Z-Payments.

Update a charge model when the product rate plan charge isn't tied to a subscription

Now, if you'd like to model pricing and packaging charge models, you can change the charge model on a product rate plan charge as long as it isn't part of an existing subscription. To prevent tax problems, once you create a subscription off of a particular product rate plan charge, we don't permit updates to the rate plan charge model.

You will receive an error message if you are using the API to change a charge model that is part of a subscription's product rate plan charge.

Example API Request:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" standalone="no"?>
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
 <ns1:SessionHeader xmlns:ns1="http://api.zuora.com/" soapenv:mustUnderstand="0">
<ns1:update xmlns:ns1="http://api.zuora.com/">
 <ns1:zObjects xmlns:ns2="http://object.api.zuora.com/"

Example API Response with Error Message:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
      <ns1:updateResponse xmlns:ns1="http://api.zuora.com/">
               <ns1:Message>Product Rate Plan Charge "Charge Model" update not allowed since
                it is subscribed.</ns1:Message>

Invoice PDF regeneration via SOAP API

You can regenerate the Invoice PDF after invoice generation. For example, you generate an invoice and a PDF of that invoice. Then you update a custom field value or change the invoice template. You can use the update() API to regenerate the invoice's PDF file to reflect your changes. There is a maximum of three times for regeneration for a single invoice.

You can find out more about this use case, including an example request and response, in the API documentation.


The following features have been added to Z-Reporting. These features are currently available only in the Zuora API Sandbox. 

Rapid Report Designer

The Columns tab has been replaced with new Column Selection and Column Formats tabs. The Column Selection tab allows you to choose the columns to display in the report and the order in which they will appear. The Column Formats tab allows you to change the caption, format, and alignment of the report columns.

Some of the tabs and options for the Summary report type have been redesigned to reduce confusion:

  • The Column Selection tab isn't available for the Summary report type.
  • The Column Formats tab lists the Sorting and Totals columns for the Summary report and can be used to change a column's caption and other formatting options.
  • The Sorting tab omits the row count options for a Summary report.
  • The report Totals tab has been simplified. You now select the columns you want to use for totals.
  • The Totals tab includes a Show Row Count check box for a Summary report instead of the Show Row Count in Report Totals check box.
  • Layout Options: A new For Empty Crosstab Cells, Display option allows you to choose what to display in a crosstab report cell when the cell contains no value. A new For Empty Grouping Values, Display option allows you to choose what to display in empty crosstab report headers, group headers, and group footers.
  • Data Source: The Data Source tab automatically scrolls to the selected data source in an existing report definition.
  • Column Selection: Selecting a header in the Available Columns list highlights all the columns that belong to that header.

Single Sign-On

Zuora SSO now supports adding organizations with the same name.

Zuora Commerce

The following has been added to Zuora Commerce in this release.


We have made the following enhancements to our Z-Checkout Subscribe pages for this release.

 Z-Checkout provides a set of hosted checkout pages (deployed as iframes) that allow our merchants to integrate subscription commerce onto their websites in a fast and secure manner, with no coding needed. Z-Checkout Subscribe is still a controlled release feature. Contact Zuora Global Support to learn more about enabling this feature within your Zuora tenant. 

Support for Z-Tax

With this release, Z-Checkout Subscribe pages now support Z-Tax. With this enhancement, the appropriate taxes (as defined via Z-Tax tax rates) will now automatically be displayed and applied to your new subscribers using Z-Checkout to complete their orders.

If you are using Z-Tax, there is no additional work required on your part to have taxation appear in your Z-Checkout Subscribe pages, though you will need to be sure that your Z-Checkout pages are configured to collect the appropriate location information from subscribers (for example, country, state, and zip code) for tax to be calculated.

See Configure Your Checkout Page for more information about using these features with Z-Checkout. 

Support for Termed Subscriptions

With this release, Z-Checkout Subscribe pages now support the creation of Termed subscriptions. Previously, Z-Checkout had only offered support for creating Evergreen subscriptions.

If you want to use Z-Checkout to create Termed subscriptions, you simply need to specify these settings in the Subscription Configuration section when creating or editing your Z-Checkout page.


See Configure Your Checkout Page for more information about using these features with Z-Checkout. 

Zuora API

The following features have been added to the Zuora API. 

WSDL Version

The Zuora WSDL has been updated to version 40.0 See WSDL and API Versions for information about downloading the latest version. 

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Billing and Payments

The following issues were​ fixed in Z-Billing and Z-Payments.

DE5674 Fixed: Query call does not accept escaped single quotes

Previously, you received an error message if you used \' in a string.

We have fixed this issue in this release. Use a single backslash (\) in the string value of API queries. For example:

select​ AccountNumber from account where Name = 'San Francisco\'s Finest'

This fix is for API version 40.0 and later, and doesn't apply to earlier versions.


The following issues were​ fixed in Z-Reporting. These fixes are currently available only in the Zuora API Sandbox. 

Rapid Report Designer

  • Data Source: If the data source selection hasn't changed, the Replace Data Source dialog box isn't displayed when you leave the Data Source tab.
  • Filters: Entering an invalid value for a filter's data type displays a descriptive error message.
  • Filters: When you add a value filter for a date column, an advanced date widget is used for the value field.
  • Groupings: If you change the data source of a crosstab report and select the Modify the report for me now option in the Replace Data Source dialog box, invalid groupings are automatically removed.
  • Layout Options: Using the same text for the Title and Subtitle no longer produces an error.
  • Layout Options: The last keystroke entered in a text field (for example, Title) is now saved.
  • Sorting: Using the Day of Week date interval for a date sort column no longer produces an error.
  • Style: A report no longer continues to look for a missing style sheet after the style option has been changed from Use stored style sheet to Use the report specific settings below.
  • Several issues with the display of the modified (pencil) icon have been fixed.
  • A query with a required parameter and snippet functions can be selected as the data source for a report without an error.

Query Designer

The Query designer now generates the correct SQL for Zuora.

Patch 154.1

The following issues are resolved in the R154.1 release (July 12, 2012): 

  • DE9733: Error when canceling an invoice that included usage charges with specific months set as the billing period. If this occurred, Zuora would not cancel the invoice. 
  • DE9739: NPE error when editing a hosted subscribe page created before the 154 release (Z-Checkout)
  • DE9597: Can't pass Captcha security check on server if the first check failed (Z-Checkout)
  • Plus various Zuora internal operational fixes. 

Patch 154.2

The following issues are resolved in the R154.2 release (July 24, 2012): 

  • DE 5919: Unexpected error "XML document structures must start and end within the same entity" (Z-Force sync). If the text fields of objects being synced to Salesforce.com contain invalid XML characters, Zuora will now automatically replace them with an empty string (" "). This includes the following characters:
    • 0xFFFE
    • 0xFFFF
    • Control characters 0x0 - 0x19 (except the valid characters 0x9, 0xA, 0xD, tab, newline, and carriage return)
    • 0xD800 - 0xDFFF
  • DE7098: Replace JCaptcha with reCaptcha. This fix does not affect the existing Z-Checkout page's setting Enable Captcha security validation. We have also added new CSS fields to support reCaptcha
  • Plus various Zuora internal operational fixes. 

Patch 154.3

The R154.3 release (July 26, 2012) includes internal operational fixes.

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