October 2013 - New Features

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October 2013 - New Features


Welcome to the Zuora October 2013 Release (R169, R169.1, R169.2). This release includes new features, enhancements, and resolved issues.

Zuora Highlights

New SOAP APIs for billing and subscriptions: Now you can preview subscriptions and override billing periods on rate plan charges via new SOAP APIs.

New Zuora Features and Enhancements


Extended SOAP API to allow preview subscription through End of Term on amend() and subscribe() calls

You can now preview a subscription through to the End of Term by calling the SOAP API amend() and subscribe() and by specifying the  PreviewThroughTermEnd=TRUE option.

In previous releases, only the NumberOfPeriods option was available from the SOAP API amend() and subscribe() calls, which returns a preview for the next specified number of billing periods.

You must upgrade to WSDL 51.0 to take advantage of this new SOAP API option.

See the amend() and subscribe() topics for details on these SOAP API calls. For additional implementation details, see PreviewOptions and Previewing a Subscription.

Extended BillingPeriod Override for Rate Plan Charges to SOAP API

We have another new SOAP API option to override the billing period of a Rate Plan Charge when creating an amendment of type NewProduct through the SOAP API create() call. The following SOAP APIs support the option to override billing periods:

  • Amendment Batch Creation (SingleTransaction) 
  • Amend Creation
  • Charge Update. Used to update Rate Plan Charges on pending amendments or pending subscriptions as part of the Amend Creation API process.

This enhancement extends the new billing period override functionality introduced in our previous release, R168, to the SOAP API.

When calling the create() method using the Amendment Batch Creation (SingleTransaction) API or Amend Creation API,  you can specify different values for the BillingPeriod and SpecificBillingPeriod of a Rate Plan Charge to those set in the Product Catalog. These changes are only reflected in the NewProduct Amendment that you create, and do not affect the Rate Plan Charge of the product in the product catalog.

You must upgrade to WSDL version 51.0 to use this SOAP feature. 

The Mass Order Entry Template was also updated to include these two new fields: BillingPeriod and SpecificBillingPeriod. Zuora recommends downloading the new version of this template. Go the Subscriptions page in Zuora and click the Mass Order Entry Template link.

See Amendment for details on SOAP API usage. See Rate Plan Charge for more information about overriding the billing period from the Zuora user interface. 


New Litle & Co. Updater supports Batch Management Console and Data Source export

This feature is in controlled release. Contact Zuora Global Support to learn more about enabling it for your tenant.  

For the Zuora Payment Method Updater service, the new Litle & Co. Updater is now up and running with enhanced features. The new Litle & Co. Updater is more stable. This updater also comes with a user console for viewing and managing batches on the Payment Method Updater page. You can also export data using the Data Source export feature. Choose Payment Method Updater as your Data Source from the Data Sources page. 

The new Litle & Co. Updater has been renamed to "Litle & Co." The  previous version is now referred to as "Litle & Co. (Legacy)" and will be phased out in the coming releases.

See the Payment Method ​Updater Data Source for more information on exporting payment method data.


New permission allows subscription and amendment changes in a closed accounting period

This feature is in controlled release. Contact Zuora Global Support to learn more about enabling it for your tenant.  

We've created a new permission that allows changes to subscriptions and amendments that occurs in a closed accounting period. Note that if you are tracking revenue recognition outside of Zuora, changes to subscription in a closed accounting period may result in revenue changes as well. For this reason, this permission is disabled by default.  Access is granted by request based upon use case review and approval. You must contact Global Support for consideration if you are interested in this permission.

Zuora APIs


WSDL Version

For Release 169, the WSDL version is now 51.0. See The Zuora WSDL for information about downloading the current version.

Resolved issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.


Subscribe() call did not preview next period when NumberOfPeriods was set to 1

When making a call to the SOAP Subscribe() API with PreviewOptions enabled (EnablePreviewMode=True) and if NumberOfPeriods=1, unexpected behavior resulted. Setting NumberOfPeriods=1 incorrectly set the invoiceTargetDate to the current system date.

This issue was resolved in this release. Setting NumberOfPeriods=1 correctly sets the invoiceTargetDate to the account's first bill cycle day (BCD) after its contract effective (CE) date.

Note: This issue impacts the SOAP API subscribe() call only. No change was required to the Preview Subscription from the user interface.

See Previewing a Subscription for more information about previewing subscriptions through the SOAP API.


HTML tags were incorrectly displayed in Payment Gateway error messages

HTML tags were incorrectly displayed in Payment Gateway error messages.

This issue was resolved in this release. HTML tags no longer appear in error messages.

Sync History was not filtering records when paginating to other Sync History pages

The Sync History filter was not filtering records when paginating to other Sync History pages.

This issue was resolved in this release. The Sync History can filter records as expected when paginating to other pages.

Maintenance Release R169.1

The R169.1release includes internal fixes.

  • API Sandbox release, October 23, 2013
  • Production release, October 24, 2013

Maintenance Release R169.2

The R169.2 release includes a resolved issue.

  • API Sandbox release, October 29, 2013
  • Production release, October 30, 2013

Syntax error corrected on WSDL 51.0

Corrected a syntax error.

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