August 2013 - New Features

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August 2013 - New Features


We are pleased to provide you with a summary of our August 2013 release (R167, R167.1, R167.2, R167.3), including new features and resolved issues.


Our August 2013 Zuora release (8/15/13) includes:

✓ Z-Force 360 Turbo Sync: This feature is in controlled release, but we couldn't wait to tell you about it. We have re-designed our sync process, providing up to a 24X improvement in performance and the ability to monitor the sync in Salesforce.

✓ Chart of Accounts extended to all users: By popular demand, we've enabled non-Z-Finance users to set the Type field when editing an accounting code in the new Chart of Accounts detail page that was introduced last month.

✓ Usability improvements:  We continue to make improvements to our user interface and error messages. Friendlier, more intuitive, better guidance - that's the Zuora way.

Read on for more information about these and other changes in the latest release of Zuora.

New Zuora Features

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.


New optional fields for creating an owner transfer amendment

We've added two optional fields: Amendment Name and Change Description to the Subscription Owner Transfer page. Now when you create an Owner Transfer Amendment, you can better describe the amendment. Another customer delight from Zuora.

See Invoice Subscriptions to Different Accounts (Owner Transfer Amendment) for more information.

Usabilty improvement on a subscription cancellation error message 

We've clarified a subscription cancellation error message.

If you forget to enter the Cancellation Effective Date when canceling a subscription, the message now references the correct missing required field. Small change - improved messaging - more customer delight.


Continued improvements to support multi-currency

In our July 2013 release, we began supporting multi-currency payment processing via the payment gateway. As a result, our integration now supports the currencies: USD, CAD, EUR, and GBP. In the previous release, we enhanced our integration to:

  • Pass currency in payment (sale) transactions, and
  • Allow our merchants to pass the optional field for email address with transactions using currency type = GBP or EUR. The email address is a requirement by some international processors that connect to

In this release, we have made further improvements to support multi-currency:

  • Allow our merchants to pass the optional field for email address with any transaction, for any currency type. The email address can be included for payment method authorization, sale, and refund requests to
  • Pass the currency type for refund transactions.

PayPal Adaptive integration enhancements

In our existing PayPal Adaptive integration, we used PayKey as the Zuora Payment.ReferenceID. This Reference ID does not
correspond to a reference ID in PayPal and users could not reconcile these transactions.

In this release, the following fields are used from PayPal for the Payment and Refund Reference ID, respectively to reconcile:

  • paymentInfoList.paymentInfo(0).transactionId
  • refundInfoList.refundInfo(0).encryptedRefundTransactionId connection timeout improvements

We now set a connection timeout and read socket connection timeout for our integration in order to prevent payment runs from
continuously waiting to connect to in the event there is an issue with the connection. With the timeout set, the transaction will timeout and re-attempt a new connection rather than become stuck in processing.


Turbo Z-Force Sync 

We're especially delighted this month to tell you about spectacular performance gains in Zuora 360 sync - up to 24X faster than before. To achieve this remarkable improvement, we re-tooled our Zuora-to-Salesforce synchronization to use more sophisticated logic, better leverage of Salesforce APIs, and a parallel pipeline for most objects. Where updates are limited to just a few specific fields, only those fields are synchronized. And we've added "resume-ability": if a sync fails, retries are limited to only the failed items - you don't have to re-start from scratch.

You'll also be pleased to know that we've enabled monitoring of the sync in Salesforce, so you can keep an eye on the sync process.

This enhancement involves no installation or reconfiguration on your part. More details are available in our Turbo Sync bulletin.

No effort is required from you to enable this feature. We will be gradually rolling it out to targeted customer groups over the next few months, so if you don't see an immediate difference, please be patient and know that we're working to turbo-charge your sync as soon as possible.

Hosted Payment Pages - Lifespan of unreferenced payment method increased to 72 hours

When your customer creates a new payment method with a hosted payment page, we store it for a limited lifespan, waiting for you to use it in a subscription. If the payment method has not been used in a subscription within that time period, we delete it. In R167 we've increased the time limit on these "standalone" payment methods from 48 hours to 72 hours.


Chart of Accounts - accounting code type selection is now extended to more users

When we released the new Chart of Accounts feature last month, only Z-Finance users could select the Type field when editing an accounting code. By popular demand, we've extended that ability to non-Z-Finance users as well. We have exposed a fully managed list of Chart of Accounts to all users making reporting and accounting integration much easier. Before this enhancement, the accounting code type was pre-selected by default and could not be updated.

See Set up Chart of Accounts for more information.

Zuora APIs


WSDL Version

For Release 167, the WSDL version is now 49.0. See The Zuora WSDL for information about downloading the current version.

Clarified error message for SOAP amend() call

The string "UNKNOWN_ERROR" was formerly returned when trying to update a charge through the amend() call if the ServiceActivationDate or CustomerAcceptanceDate was not specified. In this release, a more descriptive error message is returned when an incomplete amend() call is requested.

New optional InvoiceDate field is available for two SOAP objects

A new optional InvoiceDate field is now available for two SOAP objects: SubscribeInvoiceProcessingOptions and InvoiceProcessingOptions. With this field, you can specify the Invoice date for subscribe() or amend() calls as an alternate to the Invoice Target date.

The following is an example of the SOAP message for the InvoiceProcessingOptions object:


See the following for more information:


Improved error message on InvoiceCollect REST API call when processing accounts with negative or zero balances

When calling the InvoiceCollect REST API to generate an invoice and make a payment, the request processes all outstanding invoices on the account. If any of these accounts have a negative or zero balances, an unclear error message was returned in previous versions. In this release we enhanced the error message to:

Cannot collect payment on an invoice with a negative or zero balance

Resolved issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.


MRR Totals should not include the CMRR of canceled subscriptions

The Total MRR in the Subscriptions & Amendments section of a customer account included the CMRRMRRMRR of the canceled subscription. The Total MRR was reporting incorrect earnings.

This issue was resolved in this release. Total MRR now reports only on active subscriptions.

For draft subscriptions, special characters were ignored in the Customer Account Name field

For the German locale, special characters like the plus sign (+) were ignored in the Customer Account Name for new subscriptions with a Draft status.

This issue was resolved in this release. The Customer Account Name is correctly displayed for all subscription statuses.


Amend() call should not allow a one-time charge update

The amend() call allowed you to update a one-time charge when it should not.

This issue was resolved in this release. Now when you try to update a one-time charge via the amend() call, an error message is returned informing you that updating a one-time charge is not supported.

A subscribe() call with no recurring charges returns an '0E-9' error on the TotalMRR field

When requesting a subscribe() call with no recurring charges, the TotalMRR field should return '0' but returned an '0E-9' error instead.

This issue was resolved in this release.

Maintenance Release R167.1

The R167.1 release (August 20, 2013) includes internal fixes.

Maintenance Release R167.2

The R167.2 release (August 28, 2013) includes internal fixes, plus the following:

For new subscriptions, a space in Customer Name field is replaced by a Plus sign (+) 

This issue was resolved in this release. 

Maintenance Release R167.3

The R167.3 release (September 3, 2013) includes internal fixes.

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