June 2013 - New Features

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June 2013 - New Features


We are pleased to provide you with a summary of our June 2013 release (R165, R165.1, R165.2), including new features and resolved issues.


In our June release...

✓ Reports and Exports: We've enhanced the AR aging report and added an InvoiceItemAdjustment data source.

✓ Payment Gateways: Continuing a trend, we now support non-referenced credit balance refunds for the MeS payment gateway.

✓ REST API / Accounts: By popular request, you can now set the autoPay field when creating or updating accounts with POST / PUT.

✓ SOAP API / Subscriptions: With this release you can see delta MRR and TCV in subscription and amendment previews, and set an InvoiceTargetDate when creating subscriptions.

Please read on for more information about these and other changes.

New features

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

Billing & Payment

Non-referenced (credit balance) refunds now supported for Merchant eSolutions payment gateway

In this release, we support credit balance refunds for the MeS gateway. Users no longer have to leave the Zuora application to issue a credit balance refund in the gateway, then map the refund in Zuora. This two-step manual process is now done in one step, entirely in Zuora, streamlining your payment operations.

Here's the current list of payment gateways for which we support this feature: Chase Paymentech Orbital Gateway, Verifi Gateway, CyberSource, Litle, and now MeS.

For more on non-referenced credit balance refunds, see Cancelling and Refunding Credit Balances.

New export data source provides data on Invoice Item Adjustments

A new Zuora data source, InvoiceItemAdjustment, lets you easily export data related to Invoice Item Adjustments - useful in tracking your invoice exceptions and customer relationships. Zuora data sources are pre-joined, queryable objects that allow you to easily create data exports through the UI (at Z-Billing > Reports > Data Sources) and the SOAP API.

For more on data sources, see Data Source Exports.  To learn about using them through the SOAP API, see Creating an Export.


Invoice Aging Report enhanced to optionally include data from negative invoices

The accounts receivable invoice aging report, accessed at Z-Billing > Reports > Reporting > Invoice Aging Report, can now be configured to include or exclude negative invoices. The option is configured in Settings > Z-Finance Settings > Configure Aging Balance Settings, along with the AR aging buckets. Prior to this release, the AR aging report did not include negative invoices.

Zuora APIs


POST / PUT Accounts now lets you specify the autoPay setting when creating or updating Accounts 

You can now set an account's autoPay value via REST when creating or updating an account. This extends our vision of the Zuora REST API as a convenient solution for web storefronts. For more on this feature, refer to our REST documentation for Create Account and Update Account.

 The Zuora REST API is in controlled release. Contact Zuora Global Support to learn more about enabling it for your tenant.


WSDL Version

For Release 165, the WSDL version is 48.0See Zuora WSDL for information about downloading the latest version.

The subscribe() call now supports an optional InvoiceTargetDate field when creating a new subscription

This R165 feature (early-released with R164.1) allows you to specify the invoice target date when creating a subscription with the Zuora SOAP API. This is an enhancement to the existing options of immediately invoicing and collecting payment (for the new subscription only or for all the account's subscriptions). The REST API already supported this target-date capability. One possible use case is to invoice at subscription time for a service that begins in the future.

For details, see the SubscribeInvoiceProcessingOptions structure within SubscribeOptions under SubscribeRequest. Requires WSDL 48.0 or higher.

Previews of subscriptions and amendments now include delta MRR and TCV

The SOAP subscribe() and amend() previews now return delta MRR and TCV. This allows your customers to see the financial impact of the decision they're making. For a new subscription, the new fields are totalMrr and totalTcv. For an amendment, the new fields are totalDeltaMrr and totalDeltaTcv.

More information can be found at SubscribeResult and AmendResult. Requires WSDL 48.0 or higher. 

Resolved issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Billing and Payments

Redundant callouts generated for payment method expiration  

When a callout was triggered by a payment method scheduled to expire in 15 or 30 days, Zuora generated the callout every day, instead of just once. (This optional feature is configured in Settings > Z-Payments Settings > Setup Profiles, Notifications and Email Templates.)

We have fixed this issue in this release.

Discount charge caused erroneous prepayment charges

Under certain conditions, changing a flat-fee charge to a discount charge caused invoices to contain non-existent recurring prepayment charges.

We have fixed this issue in this release.

Incorrect field contents for InvoiceItem.ProductDescription

The field InvoiceItem.ProductDescription returned a charge description, not a product description.

We have fixed this issue in this release.

Unable to sort invoice items by account name

In R164, we added the AccountName field to invoice templates, but did not allow you to sort on that field when generating invoice PDFs.

In this release, you can now sort invoice items on the AccountName field.

Unable to change product category

Under certain circumstances when editing a product, saving the edits did not successfully change the contents of the category field.

We have fixed this issue in this release.

Previewing the result of an amendment created gaps in the invoice number series

When using amend() and setting PreviewOptions.EnablePreviewMode = true (i.e., to preview the invoice that would result from the amendment), gaps were created in the invoice number series. The problem did not exist in the web UI - only in the SOAP API.

We have fixed this issue in this release.

Unable to query Usage by invoice ID or invoice number

If the setting "API Query Case Sensitive" was enabled for the tenant, queries of Usage based on the InvoiceId or InvoiceNumber field returned zero results.

We have fixed this issue in this release.


The R165.1 release (June 17, 2013) includes the following enhancement:

Qvalent payment gateway transactions no longer require IP address

Zuora previously required that an IP address be provided as a security feature for transactions processed through the Qvalent QuickGateway. In this release we have removed that feature by request.

For information on setting up the Qvalent QuickGateway, see the description at Qvalent QuickGateway.


The R165.2 release (June 27, 2013) includes the following operational change:

Rating of individual Usage items is now in controlled release

By default, Zuora rates (calculates charges for) usage records in groups, based on charge type, and shows the total for each charge type as a single line on an invoice. However, you have the option of rating individual usage records instead of groups, and showing each usage record as a separate invoice item with its own calculated charge. In R165.2 we are moving the individual-rating option into controlled release. Customers who were already using this option before R165.2 will continue to have access to it, but others who wish to use it will need to request access by contacting Global Support.

For more information on this feature, see our documentation on Billing Rules and Usage.

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