March 2013 - New Features

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March 2013 - New Features


We are pleased to provide you with a summary of our March, 2013 release (R162), including new features and resolved issues.

New features

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

Zuora Billing and Payments

The following features have been added to Z-Billing and Z-Payments.

Increased bill run performance

To give our customers up to 50% improvements in bill-run processing times, we have changed the behavior of the Rating and Billing Engine so that it no longer updates the Processed-Through and Charged-Through dates for all previous versions of a subscription. As of this release, Zuora maintains those dates only for the latest version of a subscription.

Changes to refund reason codes permissions and UI

In this release, we have made changes to the permissions required to use refund reason codes, as well as some changes to improve the reason code user interface. We have reduced the number of permissions required to use reason codes to a single permission, and we have simplified the process of creating reason codes

See Reason Codes for Payment Operations for more information about this feature.

Ability to control whether to pass optional fields to Cybersource

Zuora continues to give our customers (Zuora merchants) more flexibility when it comes to managing their gateway configuration. In this release, our merchants can control whether or not they want to pass the following optional fields to the CyberSource payment gateway:

  • billTo_customerID 
  • billTo_company 
  • billTo_phoneNumber 
  • billTo_ipAddress 

By default, these fields are passed by Zuora to CyberSource, but merchants now have the ability to control whether they want to discontinue passing these optional fields.

This enhancement is beneficial to merchants who have payment methods and payment transactions with special characters. CyberSource recently deployed new front-end validation rules that prohibit the use of special characters on several fields; these validation rules impact the fields listed above. With the ability to control whether to pass these four fields, merchants can proactively choose to not pass these fields if there is a likelihood that data in these fields contain special characters that can cause their payments transactions and payment method authorizations from failing.

To use this feature, please contact Zuora Global Support to enable this feature for your Zuora tenant. See CyberSource Payment Gateway for additional information about using this payment gateway with Zuora.  

Enhanced support for browser back button on the Customer Account list page

In this release, you can now use your browser's Back button when navigating from a customer account detail page back to the Customer Account list page to a Customer Account detail page. Previously, Zuora would return the user back to the default Customer Account list page. In this release, Zuora will now remember any previous user context (for example, sorts or searches) when you click the Back button.

Litle & Co. Commerce Indicator

Zuora continues to provide merchants with more configurable options when setting up their payment gateway. Last month, we added a Commerce Indicator field for Cybersource, and in this current release, we’ve added the Commerce Indicator field for Litle & Co. This indicator is used by processors to determine the source channel of the transaction request (i.e., the environment that the cardholder used to provide the payment card details to the merchant) and the type of transaction being processed.

See Litle Payment Gateway for more information about configuring this required setting.

Zuora Commerce

The following features have been added to Z-Force.

Ability to sync payment methods to

In this release, we have added the ability to view Payment Methods in Salesforce at the account level. The PaymentMethod object will be synced to Salesforce. 

 This is a controlled release feature. Contact Zuora Global Support to learn more about enabling this feature. 

See Z-Force Field Reference for more information about the sync and the field mappings between Zuora and See Upgrading Z-Force 360 for detailed instructions about upgrading Zuora 360 to configure page layouts to include the new payment method sync data.

Zuora Finance

The following features have been added to Z-Finance.

Enhanced deferred revenue reports

In this release, we have enhanced the deferred revenue reports functionality. The reports now support any accounting periods configured in Zuora for the deferred revenue, journal entry, and transaction detail reports.

Resolved issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Billing and Payments

The following issues were fixed in Z-Billing and Z-Payments.

StackOverflowError by POST /apps/

Previously, searches that returned a large number of results could cause Zuora to return an error message caused by a StackOverflowError.

We have fixed this issue in this release.

No error message when selecting an invalid parent account

Previously, when selecting an invalid parent account when creating or editing a customer account, can save success, Zuora would not return an error and would save the Parent as null.

We have fixed this issue in this release.

Customize UOM display name is not displayed correctly on invoice

Previously, the Customize UOM display name was not displayed correctly on PDF or MS Word invoices.  

To fix this issue, we have added three new merge fields for the UOM display name: InvoiceItem.UnitOfMeasureDisplayedAs, UsageSummary.UOMDisplayedAs, and Usage.UOMDisplayedAs.

Subscription.UpdatedDate not updated when an update() call is performed on a custom field

Previously,  when executing an update() call on a subscription's custom field via the Zuora API, the Subscription.UpdatedDate does not reflect the date of the update. However, when the modification is performed in the Zuora UI, the UpdatedDate value of the Subscription object displayed the correct date and time.

We have fixed this issue in this release. 

Created Date and Updated Date of RatePlanCharge are not stamped with the correct date

Previously, making amendments to subscriptions that changed the RatePlanCharge would not correctly update the Created Date and Updated Date fields. 

We have fixed this issue in this release. 

Qvalent QuickGateway reconciliation issue

In previous releases, some users encountered errors when reconciling payment transactions from Qvalent QuickGateway to Zuora. 

We have fixed this issue in this release.

CurrencyExponent for CLP is 0 but Chase only accepts 2

Zuora has updated our Chase Orbital integration to pass a different exponent for the Chilean Pesos (CLP) currency. Zuora’s gateway implementation follows the ISO 4217 codes for currency as well as the exponent value. The exponent number represents the decimals available in the currency. Chase Orbital's integration requires an exponent value of 2 for CLP, whereas ISO 4217 requires a value of 0.

We have changed our integration to support the exponent value required by Chase Oribital.

Improvements to the Invoice Exports

For the Invoice PDF export, if there were no invoices in the query result set, Zuora will no longer report an error. The status will show Completed instead of Error, with 0 files returned. 


The R162.1 release (March 28, 2013) includes internal operational fixes.

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