February 2013 - New Features

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February 2013 - New Features


We are pleased to provide you with a summary of our February, 2013 release (R161), including new features and resolved issues.


This release includes the first deliverable in a series of new features designed to support greater transparency into the life cycle of a payment after it is initially processed, enhancing your ability to record chargebacks and offline payment exceptions. Key components of this deliverable include:

  • User-configurable list of Reason Codes on the Refund object
  • Ability to change Reason Codes associated to refunds
  • Refund notifications (callouts and email)
  • Refund data source with Reason Codes
  • SFDC sync of refunds (including Reason Codes)

In addition, to make it easier for you to accept UK Direct Debit payment on their websites, we are releasing a fully configurable UK Direct Debit hosted payment page for Z-Payments Page.

New features

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

Zuora Billing and Payments

The following features have been added to Z-Billing and Z-Payments.

Notifications for Refunds

In this release, we are adding more functionality to the reason codes for payment operations feature. We have added two notifications, Payment Refund Processed and Credit Balance Refund Processed, with corresponding email templates. You can use these to receive a notification when a refund is successfully processed, on either a payment or the credit balance. You can then use these to launch an automated or manual business process based on the notification.

Advanced reporting capability for the Rate Plan data source

In this release we have we added the SubscriptionVersionAmendment object to the Rate Plan data source object. Note that this will not affect your existing code that uses data sources. 

You can use the SubscriptionVersionAmendment object to export the Renewal or Terms and Conditions amendments from the Rate Plan data source object, in addition to the other amendment types that are already available.

See Rate Plan Data Source for more information about this new object. 

Ability to override accounting codes on payment transactions

In this release, we have added the ability to override the inherited accounting code on a specific payment transaction, through both the UI and the API. Using this feature, you can associate different accounting codes for payments applied to partners, deposits, etc., at the time of creating the payment, to enable different downstream accounting treatments.

See Overriding Accounting Codes on Payments for more information about using this feature. 

Adding the invoice item charge name to data sources

In this release, we have added the Charge Name field to the Invoice Item data source.

See Data Source Exports for information about using the Zuora data sources, and the Invoice Item Data Source for more information about this field. 

New Commerce Indicator for the CyberSource payment gateway

We have added the Commerce Indicator field to the gateway configuration options for the CyberSource gateway. The CyberSource Commerce Indicator is used by processors to determine the source channel of the transaction request (the environment that the cardholder used to provide the payment card details to the merchant) and the type of transaction being processed. 

See CyberSource Payment Gateway for more information about configuring this required setting.

Zuora Commerce

The following features have been added to Zuora Commerce.

Support for UK Direct Debit as a payment method for Hosted Payment Pages

Hosted Payment Pages (Z-Payment Pages) now support the UK Direct Debit payment method. 

See Configure Your Hosted Payments Page for instructions about creating a new page and selecting a payment method. See Hosted Payment Page Fields: Bank Transfer Fields for a list of the new fields that we have added to support this payment method. 

Zuora 360: Ability to sync refunds to Salesforce.com

In this release, we have added the ability to view Refunds in Salesforce at the account level. The Refund and RefundInvoicePayment objects will be synced to Salesforce. 

 This is a controlled release feature. Contact Zuora Global Support to learn more about enabling this feature. 

See Z-Force Field Reference for more information about the sync and the field mappings between Zuora and Salesforce.com. See Upgrading Z-Force 360 for detailed instructions about upgrading Zuora 360 to configure page layouts to include the new refund sync data.

Zuora API

The following features have been added to the Zuora API. 

WSDL Version

The Zuora WSDL has been updated to version 45.0See Zuora WSDL for information about downloading the latest version.

New unit of measure API object

In this release, we have added the UnitOfMeasure object to the Zuora SOAP API. You can use this object to create, update, and query for units of measure via the API. 

 This is a controlled release feature. Contact Zuora Global Support to learn more about enabling this feature. 

See UnitOfMeasure for more information about this new API object. 

Resolved issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Billing and Payments

The following issues were fixed in Z-Billing and Z-Payments.

Error Message Fixes

In this release, we have made changes to some of Zuora's tooltips and error messages to make them more meaningful (DE3957, DE7964, DE10043). 

DE7834: UNKNOWN_ERROR when querying Invoice.Body if the invoice PDF could not be generated

Previously, Zuora returned an UNKNOWN_ERROR message if a user queried Invoice.Body when an invoice PDF was not generated correctly. 

In this release, we have changed the error to be more informative. The error message is now:  ERROR CODE: PDF_QUERY_ERROR, ERROR MESSAGE: "Cannot get expected PDF."

DE10267: Incorrect documentation links in the Zuora UI

Previously, the Quick Help links in the Zuora UI did not link to the correct areas of the Knowledge Center.  

We have fixed these links, and the links to Access the New User's Guide and Free Tutorial and New Features now open the correct Knowledge Center topics. 

DE10371: Incorrect error message when changing a charge trigger

In previous releases, some Zuora users would receive an error message warning that setting Require Service Activation of Orders to No would change all "pending service activation" subscriptions to "pending customer acceptance." This error message was incorrect. 

We have fixed this issue in this release.

DE10470: Error in Billing Account's Contracted MRR key metric

Previously, the Contracted MRR displayed in a billing account's Key Metrics could show inconsistent values if the account included subscriptions with different subscription and invoice owners.

We have fixed this issue in this release.

DE10472: Error with Subscription.SubscriptionName merge field in callout notifications

Previously, the callout notification merge field Subscription.SubscriptionName returned an incorrect value. 

We have fixed this issue in this release.

DE10473: Amendment timeouts when adding or removing users

Previously, timeouts could occur when adding or removing users to/from a subscription with a large number of amendments (100+). If this occurred, the call to Zuora would time out while waiting for Zuora to update the subscription, and the user would not be added to/removed from the subscription.

We have fixed this issue in this release.

DE10586: First invoice generation fails when the subscription contains prepayment and rate plan level discount

In previous releases, if a subscription contained a single prepayment charge and one rate plan-level discount charge, an error could occur the first time an invoice was generated for the subscription. This happened when the one-time prepayment charge was not associated with a product rate plan.

We have fixed this issue in this release.

Zuora Commerce

The following issues were fixed in Z-Force. 

DE10552: Sync to Salesforce.com is creating duplicate records

In some cases, deleting a record and then resyncing could cause the record to be duplicated in Salesforce.com. 

We have fixed this issue in this release. 


The following issue is resolved in the R161.1 release (February 7, 2013 for Sandbox; February 8 for Production):

DE10716: Cannot view bill run pages

For any bill run that has multiple pages, any pages past the first page will not load. 

This release resolves the issue.


The R161.2 release (February 8, 2012) includes internal operational fixes. 


The following issues are resolved in the R161.4 release (February 19, 2013):

COM-4379: Start time delays with SFDC sync sessions

We have seen lags in sync processes since November 2012. The problem was caused by the JmsXGroupId (used to sequence sync jobs) that was populated, and occurs during peak load times. Because the issue was random, only some tenants were affected by it.

We have resolved the issue with this release.

R161.3 & R161.4

The R161.4 release includes the R161.3 release, which was released to Zuora's API Sandbox. These releases include internal operational fixes. 

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