January 2013 - New Features

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January 2013 - New Features


We are pleased to provide you with a summary of our January, 2013 release (R160), including new features and resolved issues.

New features

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

Zuora Billing and Payments

The following features have been added to Z-Billing and Z-Payments.

Rating and Billing Engine Performance Improvements

As part of our ongoing focus on performance and scalability, in this release we have made several application and infrastructure changes that will provide material improvements to bill run processing times. Although your actual results may vary, our internal performance benchmarks have measured 30% to 50% improvements (on average) in bill run processing times, with significantly larger improvements in many cases.

Reason codes for refunds

In this release, we have added the ability to assign reason codes to refunds. This allows you to easily differentiate between the various reasons for why a refund could happen, and especially to record "offline" exceptions on payments, such as failed ACH/direct debit payments, chargebacks, and disputes.

See Reason Codes for Payment Operations for more information about configuring and using reason codes.

User list now includes login dates

In this release, we added a Last Login column to the Zuora Administrator Manage Users page. This gives you better visibility into user activity in your Zuora tenant.

Zuora recommends that you perform a regular review of all user accounts in your Zuora tenant and deactivate user accounts that no longer need access. Administrators of Zuora can use this page to review all user accounts that have been provisioned. Rows having a Status of Active represent users who currently have access to your tenant. See Using the Last Login Date to Manage User Accounts in Your Tenant for more information. 

Zuora API

The following features have been added to the Zuora API. 

WSDL Version

The Zuora WSDL has been updated to version 44.0 See WSDL and API Versions for information about downloading the latest version. 

Support for reason codes

In this release, we have added the ReasonCode field to the Refund object to support reason codes. This allows you to control the reason codes that are attached to payment refunds and credit balance adjustments.

Resolved issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Billing and Payments

The following issues were fixed in Z-Billing and Z-Payments.

DE9325: Editing a rate plan charge automatically adds a comma to values greater than 1000

Previously, when creating a rate plan with a per unit charge Zuora would automatically add a comma to values greater than 1000. This dynamic addition of a comma could cause an error to occur. 

We have fixed this issue in this release. Zuora will not add a comma to the charge value. 

DE10174: Usage rounding issue on Usage Summary UI

In previous releases, usage values would be rounded in one screen on the Zuora UI (the Usage section of the Account screen) but the same quantity would be shown unrounded on another screen (Billing Operations > Usage).

We have fixed this issue in this release. The usage quantities are shown unrounded in both areas of the user interface, which is consistent with what is displayed on the invoice.

DE10274: Editing the tax on the Edit Invoice Page creates an incorrect subtotal

In some cases, editing an invoice that included a discount and tax could cause the subtotal to show an incorrect value. 

We have fixed this issue in this release.

DE10275: Deprecated hard-coded bill run posted notification

In this release, we have deprecated the email notification Bill Run Notification: Posted. Previously, when a bill run set to auto-post its invoices completed successfully, Zuora would automatically deliver this email notification to the inbox of that bill run's creator. However, there was no way to modify the email contents or prevent it from being sent. Zuora allows you to customize notifications, so there is no longer a need for this hard-coded email notification. 

You can create a custom notification that uses the Bill Run Completion event.

DE10365: Password reminder errors

In previous releases, the password reminder page in Zuora would not display a confirmation question. Instead, the page prompted the user to select a question. In this case, users were not able to provide an answer because they were not provided with the associated hint. 

We have fixed this issue in this release.

DE10369: Split invoice popup window does not respond on the Chrome browser

When using the Chrome browser to access the Zuora UI and working with the split invoice feature, the dialog box that allowed you to set the invoice split percentages would respond with an error when the user clicked save.

We have fixed this issue in this release.

DE10378: Export subscription shows incorrect Amount value for tiered pricing flat fee

Previously, the Amount value was not displayed correctly for tiered pricing charges in exported subscription files.

We have fixed this issue in this release.

DE10437: Error if Processed usage quantity contains a comma

In previous releases, the Zuora UI would not display the quantity of processed usage charges if the quantity value contained a comma. 

We have fixed this issue in this release. Zuora will no longer add a comma to the Quantity value. 

DE10450: Callout returns status of Unknown

In some cases, callouts could return with a status of Unknown

We have fixed this issue in this release by improving the response to provide more information. We have also increased the callout timeout threshold. 

 Zuora recommends that once your application receives the Zuora callout request, you should cache the request and respond immediately. If your system performs business logic based on the callout, that business logic should be done in separate thread or process.


The following issues were fixed in Z-Force and Z-Checkout.

DE10114: "Total Before Tax" not calculated correctly

In previous releases, when calculating inclusive tax Z-Checkout did not adjust the Total Before Tax amount correctly (the Total Before Tax amount was not equal to the Total Due Today minus the Estimated Tax).

We have fixed this issue in this release. 

DE10460: Support for non-Latin characters

In previous releases, users could not use non-Latin characters when setting default values for Hosted Payment Page attributes through URL parameters.

We have fixed this issue in this release.

DE10471: Payment and Refund Amount currency syncing as USD

In some cases, Payment and Refund amounts that used a non-US currency would be synced to Salesforce.com in US dollars (USD). 

We have fixed this issue in this release. 


The R160.1 release (January 21, 2013) includes internal operational fixes.

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