June 2014 - New Features

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June 2014 - New Features


Welcome to the Zuora June 2014 Release (R177). This release includes new features, enhancements, resolved issues, and improvements to the Knowledge Center.

Released Versions

Environment Current Product Version Release Date Current WSDL
Production R177.2 July 2, 2014 57.0
API Sandbox R177.2 July 1, 2014 57.0

See Version Information for more version information.

Highlights by Zuora Keys

  • BILL: New Invoice File Generation Service supports conditional display using IF mergefields Subscription renewal term end dates now match initial start date  | Get Invoices REST API call can now retrieve the invoice PDF​ | Improved handling of which accounts are included in end-of-month scheduled bill runs
  • COLLECT:  New support for WorldPay High Capacity Gateway Updater
  • SCALE: New authentication support for notification callouts

Zuora for Salesforce Release (Q1 2014)

See Zuora for Salesforce Quotes Q1 2014 Release Notes and Zuora 360 Q1 2014 Release Notes for details.

New Zuora Features and Enhancements


New Invoice File Generation Service Offers Conditional Display Using IF Mergefields

A new Invoice File Generation Service is available that supports conditional display. Use IF mergefields in your templates to conditionally display text and mergefields in invoices. See IF Mergefields.

With the new service, Zuora can develop richer invoice features previously not possible. You must upgrade to the new service to benefit from these new capabilities – as we release them.


You must upgrade each of your custom invoice templates to use this new service. 

Zuora recommends that you upgrade to the new service soon. Zuora will stop supporting the old invoice file generation service. See the  following transition schedule for details. Allow yourself enough time to prepare your templates for compatibility with the new invoice file generation service

Before upgrading, test your templates that use the older service to verify compatibility with the new service.​ Zuora has provided a tool that checks your existing templates for compatibility. To get started, go to Z-Billing Settings > Manage Invoice Rules and Templates​ > Get Templates ready for New Invoice Generation Service.

See Upgrade to New Invoice File Generation Service for upgrade instructions.

Enhanced Renewed Term End Dates Match Initial Term Start Date

We have enhanced renewal term end dates to match the initial start date.  If that date doesn't exist, the term end date is set to the last day of the month.

The following table shows that the initial term start date is January 29th and the initial term end date is February 28th. For a monthly renewal, the term end date for Renewal Term 1 is March 29th to match the term start date of the initial term start date. The term start and end dates for renewal term 2 and for future renewal term end dates are set to the 29th. Bold highlights the improvement as of this release compared to previous releases.  

  Previous Releases Release 177
Subscription created with
initial and renewal term = 1 month
Term Start Date Term End Date Term Start Date Term End Date
Initial Term 1/29/2014 2/28/2014 1/29/2014 2/28/2014
Renewal Term 1 2/28/2014 3/28/2014 2/28/2014 3/29/2014
Renewal Term 2 3/28/2014 4/28/2014 3/29/2014 4/29/2014

If a terms and conditions amendment changes the term start date, this new date is preserved in subsequent renewal terms.

Enhanced Option for Scheduled Bill Runs

We have enhanced the behavior of the That Matches the Bill Run Day option. This change only affects new bill runs that are scheduled to run on the last day of the month. Selecting this option now includes all customers with a bill cycle day greater than or equal to the bill run day.

The following table shows which customer accounts are processed by a scheduled bill run that runs on the last day of each month when the option That Matches the Bill Run Day is selected. Bold highlights the improvement as of this release compared to previous releases.

Bill Run Day

Previous Releases

Release 177

Month Day
(last day of month)
Customer Accounts
Bill Cycle Days 
January, March, May, July, August, October, December 31st EOM EOM
April, June, September, November 30th 30th, EOM 30th, EOM
February (leap year) 29th 29th, EOM 29th, 30th, EOM
February 28th 28th, EOM 28th, 29th, 30th, EOM

See Creating Bill Runs for more information on the That Matches the Bill Run Day option.

Retrieve Invoice PDF Files through REST API Calls

You can now retrieve invoice PDF files through REST API calls. We've made the following changes to our REST API:

New: Get Files 

This new REST API gets the file content by the file-id of the generated invoice PDF and returns a binary stream of the file contents.​

GET https://api.zuora.com/rest/v1/files/{file-id}

See Get Files for more information.

This REST API is CORS enabled to allow you to use client-side JavaScript to initiate the download from the browser. See Zuora CORS REST for more information.

Updated: Get Invoices

This REST API now returns a new response body field for each invoice. This new field contains the URL generated from the  GET Files REST API to the PDF file.  For example, https://api.zuora.com/rest/v1/files/4028921545d4bdcc0145d4c207100002​​.

See Get Invoices for more information.


Support for the WorldPay High Capacity Gateway Updater

The WorldPay High Capacity Gateway Updater is integrated with the Zuora Payment Method Updater.This service provides global issuer coverage for VISA and MasterCard credit cards when using the WorldPay Gateway.

This feature is in Controlled ReleaseSubmit a request at Zuora Global Support to get this feature enabled for your tenant.

The Zuora Payment Method Updater keeps credit card information for your customers up to date. With the WorldPay High Capacity Gateway Updater, the CyberSource Account Updater, and the Litle & Co. Account Updater, you get multiple options when considering Account Updater services.

See  Configure WorldPay High Capacity Gateway Updater to learn how to configure the WorldPay High Capacity Gateway Updater in Zuora.


Notification Callouts Now Supports Authentication

Callout Authentication lets you to make secure web service calls using a basic login. You can enable callout authentication under Z-Billing Settings or Z-Payment Settings

See Configuring Callout Notifications for more information.

Zuora APIs


WSDL Version

For Release 177, the WSDL version is 57.0. See The Zuora WSDL for information about downloading the current version.​

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved for this release.

Closed PaymentMethodStatus Not Triggering Authorization Call to Gateway

Changing PaymentMethodStatus to closed did not trigger an authorization call to the payment gateway.

Zuora Knowledge Center

Customer-requested Improvements to Articles

We updated the following Knowledge Center articles based on customer-reported feedback:

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