January 2014 - New Features

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January 2014 - New Features


Welcome to the Zuora January 2014 Release (R172, R172.1, R172.2, R172.3). This release includes new features, enhancements, resolved issues, and improvements to the Knowledge Center.

Released VersionsEdit section

Environment Current product version Release date Current WSDL
Production 172.3 February 7, 2014 52.0
API Sandbox 172.3 February 6, 2014 52.0

See Version Information for more version information.

Zuora Highlights

  • New data sources for exporting tiered charges: We added two new data sources for exporting tiered charge data on the product and subscriptions.
  • Hosted payments — encrypted and more secure: Sensitive data is now encrypted and more secure
  • Quickly access sync status from email notifications: We now include sync status in our sync email notifications.
  • Email bounce-backs return to Reply-to: We've improved how we handle undeliverable emails sent through Zuora – they are returned to your Repy-to email address.

Zuora for Salesforce Titanium Release (Q4 2013)

See Zuora for Salesforce Quotes Q4 2013 Release Notes and Zuora 360 Q4 2013 Release Notes for details.

New Zuora Features and Enhancements


New data source to export product and subscription tiered charge data

Two new data source objects are now available for exporting product and subscription tiered charge data:

  • ProductRatePlanChargeTier use this data source to export data, such as productRatePlanCharge, ProductRatePlan, and Product.
  • RatePlanChargeTier use this data source to export data, such as RatePlanCharge, RatePlan, Subscription, Amendment, and ProductRatePlanCharge.

See Product Rate Plan Charge Tier Data Source and Rate Plan Charge Tier Data Source for more information.

Improvements to the auto-renewal process result in faster performance

This release we've made internal improvements to our subscription auto renewal process. Results show that performance on auto-renewals is nine times faster.

See Renewing Subscriptions Automatically for more information on setting up subscriptions for auto-renewal.

Trigger Condition enhancements when updating a product on a subscription amendment

We've enhanced the usability of the Trigger Condition when updating the product on subscription amendments: 

  • When Upon Specific Date is selected the Trigger Condition, we now display the trigger date, such as 02/16/2014 next to the Trigger Condition.
  • We now let you change the Trigger Condition to another type. For example, you can change the Upon Specific Date Trigger Condition on the original subscription to Upon Service Activation Trigger Condition (or any other) on the new (or amended) subscription.

Note that this a Zuora user interface enhancement for the amendment type Update a Product.

See Update a Product (Amendment) for more information on how to amend a subscription to update a product.

New invoice template merge fields to support the presentation of previous transactions and starting balances

We've added two new merged fields that you can configure on your invoice template:

  • Account.PreviousTransactionImpactTotal: The sum of all rows that appear in the Previous Transactions table configured using table filters, such as SinceLastInvoice or UptoDaysOld.
  • Account.PreviousTransactionStartAmount: The Starting Balance with respect to the Previous Transaction table.  This field is calculated as  Account.PreviousBalance - Account.PreviousTransactionImpactTotal.

See Displaying Previous Transactions Data for more information and Supported Merge Fields for Invoices for definitions.


Encrypted credit card information required on the Hosted Payment Method pages for pre-loading

For improved security and PCI compliance, when pre-populating the Hosted Payment Method pages with payment information, you are required to send the encrypted credit card number, CVV number, and expiration year and month to the Hosted Payment Method pages.

See Customizing Hosted Payment Method Pages for more information about pre-loading the credit card information on the Hosted Payment Method pages.

Turbo Sync goes GA

Turbo Sync is now generally available and used by all Zuora 360 tenants. Turbo Sync reflects a complete re-architecture of our Zuora-to-Salesforce synchronization, including:

  • Sophisticated logic based on object hierarchies
  • Improved use of Salesforce APIs and thread model
  • Parallel pipelines for most objects
  • More bulk/batch-oriented sync operations using the Salesforce Bulk API feature
  • Resume-ability. On retries, Turbo Sync skips the records that were already successfully synced.

See Turbo Sync for more information about Turbo Sync.

A new recurring sync option 

With the general availability of the 2-Hour Sync mode, you have more flexible sync mode options. In addition to the Manual Sync option, the Recurring Sync option now supports Daily Sync and Every 2-hour Sync modes.

See Synchronize Data from Z-Billing about setting the recurring sync mode.

Sync notifications now include sync status

Now the sync notification email includes the sync status for you to quickly assess the status of sync operations.


New setting to change subscriptions and amendments in closed accounting periods 

We've created a new setting under Z-Finance Settings, that allows you to make changes to subscriptions and amendments in a closed accounting period. Note that you must have Z-Finance to access this setting.

See Accounting Periods for more information about this setting.


We enhanced how Zuora handles undeliverable emails

We've enhanced how Zuora handles email bounce-backs. As of R172, we are routing undelivered notifications sent through Zuora to your reply-to address or from address if the reply-to isn't specified. With this change, you can better monitor undelivered emails and take action when your customer notifications and invoices can't reach their intended destinations.

On the January Production Release date, all undelivered email sent through Zuora will be automatically routed to your reply-to or from email address. No user interaction is required.

Since we are introducing this enhancement for the first time, you may potentially start receiving a large number of undeliverable email messages.  

  • If you do not want undeliverable emails to be sent to your current reply-to address, create a new mailbox specifically for this purpose and update the repy-to email address. See Creating Email Templates for more information.
  • To avoid receiving multiple undeliverable emails from the same email address, remove or update the email specified in the Zuora Contact object.

Zuora APIs


WSDL Version

For Release 172, the WSDL version remains 52.0. See The Zuora WSDL for information about downloading the current version.

Resolved Issues


A new status message added to Turbo Sync

When there were failed records during a sync, Turbo Sync returned a misleading status of "Finished".

Now when there are record failures during a sync, Turbo Sync returns a newly added status, "Finished With Errors".  When the "Finished With Errors" status returns, Turbo Sync will retry the failed records in the next sync session.

The Last Modified Date value not being updated for Electronic Payment Method

When the Consecutive Failed Payments value of the payment method increased due to an error in payment transaction, the Last Modified Date value was not updated in the payment method details. Consequently, the updated Consecutive Failed Payments was not synced to Salesforce along with the payment method details.

Now, the Consecutive Failed Payments value correctly syncs to Salesforce when there is an error in payment transaction.

Zuora Knowledge Center

The following improvements were made to Knowledge Center articles:

Maintenance Release 172.1

This maintenance release includes internal fixes.

  • Production release, January 22, 2014
  • API Sandbox release, January 21, 2014

Maintenance Release 172.2

This maintenance release includes internal fixes.

  • Production release, January 29, 2014
  • API Sandbox release, January 28, 2014

Maintenance Release 172.3

This maintenance release includes internal fixes.

  • Production release, February 7, 2014
  • API Sandbox release, February 6, 2014
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