December 2015 Release Notes

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December 2015 Release Notes

Welcome to the Zuora December 2015 Release, R195. This release includes new Zuora features, enhancements, and improvements to the Knowledge Center.

Released Versions

Environment Current Product Version Release Date Current WSDL
Production R195.3 December 28, 2015 73.0
API Sandbox R195.3 December 28, 2015 73.0

See Version Information for more version information.

GA Highlights by Zuora Keys

  • PRICE: More Period Type Options for Subscription Terms | Create Subscription REST Method Supports Charge End Dates | Create Update Product Amendments with Existing Future-dated Amendments from Zuora UI | Get Subscription REST Method Supports Retrieving Information about Expired Subscriptions
  • COLLECT: Support Move to Akamai
  • ACCOUNT: Recognize Revenue on a Specific Date using REST API, Mass Updater, or Zuora UI
  • NURTURE: View Tenant ID from User Profile

Z-Suite Integrations Release

Z-Suite Integrations Release Notes December 16, 2015, v517 – Production Release

Features and Enhancements

Billing and Subscription​

Enhanced Period Types for Subscription Terms

Previously you could only define the subscription initial terms and renewal terms in months, or update the current terms in months. Now you have more options for the period types of the subscription terms:

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year

You can also view the current term and current term period type on the subscriptions. 

In the SOAP API, the InitialTerm field on the Amendment object is deprecated in this release. Use the CurrentTerm field to update the current subscription term instead. See Deprecated SOAP API items for more information.

The following table shows the new fields for REST API methods, SOAP API objects, and data sources.

New Field REST API Method SOAP API Object Data Source Object
InitialTermPeriodType Get subscriptions by account
Get subscription by key
Create subscription
Preview subscription
Subscription Subscription
RenewalTermPeriodType Get subscriptions by account
Get subscription by key
Create subscription
Update subscription
Subscription Version Amendment
CurrentTerm Get subscriptions by account
Get subscription by key
Subscription Version Amendment
CurrentTermPeriodType Get subscriptions by account
Get subscription by key
Update subscription
Subscription Version Amendment
renewalSetting Get subscriptions by account
Get subscription by key
Update subscription
termStartDate Update subscription    

Create Subscription REST Methods Support Charge End Dates

In the Zuora November 2015 Release, R194, we added the ability to define when charges end by using the Zuora UI and SOAP API. Now you can define and preview the charge end dates when creating subscriptions using the REST API.

The following fields are supported in POST subscription and POST subscription/preview methods:

  • EndDateCondition
  • UpToPeriodsType
  • SpecificEndDate

See Create subscription or Preview subscription for more information.

Create Update Product Amendments Before Future-dated Amendments from the Zuora UI 

In the Zuora November 2015 Release, R194 and the Zuora October 2015 Release, R193, we added the ability to create Update Product amendments through the Zuora APIs even if a future-dated Remove Product or Update Product amendment already exists on the subscription. Now you can also create Update Product amendments from the Zuora UI with a future-dated Remove Product or Update Product amendment on the subscription.

See Update a Product on Subscription with Future-dated Updates and Update a Product on Subscription with a Future-dated Remove for more information.

Retrieve Expired Subscriptions with REST Get Subscription

You can now retrieve detailed information about expired subscriptions using the REST GET subscription by key method. This GET subscription method is now more consistent with the SOAP query call on the Subscription object.

See Get subscription by key for more information.


New Distribution Option to Recognize Revenue on a Specific Date

Zuora now supports the ability to distribute revenue on a specific recognition date. You can distribute revenue using:

The following options are available for distributing revenue on a specified recognition date:

Distribute Revenue on Specific Date
Mass Updater
​Update Revenue Schedules
Zuora UI
Distribute Revenue on Specific Date
specific date (delta fixed amount) Specific Date: delta amount Fixed amount
specific date (delta percent total) Specific Date: delta percent total Percentage of total revenue
specific date (delta percent undistributed) Specific Date: delta percent undistributed Percentage of total undistributed revenue

​You can create milestone-based rules from either Billing-based or Custom Revenue Rule Models.

This feature is available with the Nine Edition and with the Revenue Recognition Add-on for other Zuora Editions.


Zuora Supports the Move to Akamai Technology is implementing a change to use Akamai network technology. Because Akamai uses an extensive network of servers and IP addresses, traffic is routed faster and more efficiently. All connections to will go through Akamai first. 

Zuora is supporting this effort for its customers. The change has the following effect:

  • The production environment transaction URL has changed to: https://secure2/
  • The test environment URL remains unchanged.

To learn more about Akamai, see Akamai FAQs on the website.

For more information about accessing the test and production environments from Zuora, see Gateway.


Tenant ID Displayed for Users

Your tenant ID is now displayed as read-only text on the Edit User Profile page for information purposes. In some situations, when you contact Zuora Support with an issue, the person helping you may ask you to provide the tenant ID.

To see the new read-only Tenant ID field, navigate to Settings > Personal Settings and select Manage Your Profile.

Zuora APIs


See Zuora SOAP API Version History for a summary of updates made to the SOAP API in recent Zuora releases.

Date Field Changes as of WSDL 69

Please read this important note before using WSDL version 69 or later. The current WSDL version is 73.

In WSDL 68 and earlier, 56 Zuora SOAP API date fields are treated as dateTime fields. As of WSDL 69, Zuora will treat these fields as date only fields. These fields are no longer compatible with dateTime values. Date and dateTime values in WSDL 69 are now the same as date and dateTime values in the Zuora application.

Before downloading and using WSDL 69, check to see if your SOAP integration passes or receives dateTime values to or from any of these fields.

The AQuA API is also affected by these date field changes. If you use the AQuA API, you must review the date field changes and take the appropriate action.

See Date Field Changes in the WSDL for more information.

Knowledge Center

Customer-requested Improvements to Articles

We have updated the following Knowledge Center articles based on customer-reported feedback:

  • Concurrent Request Limits: Updated Big Process Request with a list of relevant objects
  • RatePlanCharge SOAP object: Updated Allowed operations to include Create and Update on the following fields:
    • TriggerDate
    • TriggerEvent
  • Import Customer Accounts: Clarified the difference between the Id field and Account Number field. Provided examples.
  • Create Account REST API: Updated field name from subscribeToRatePlan to subscribeToRatePlans.
  • Post Usage REST API: Updated information about file format. Zuora supports posting CSV files.
  • Updated the following REST API methods to indicate custom field support:
  • Bill Runs: Updated article to indicate that Zuora now supports 20,000 charges per invoice on a bill run. You are no longer limited to 5,000 charges per invoice.
  • Amendment SOAP object: Updated RatePlanData to indicate that this container supports only one ratePlan object.

Maintenance Release 195.3

This release includes internal fixes.

  • API Sandbox release, December 28, 2015
  • Production release, December 28, 2015

Maintenance Release 195.2

This release includes internal fixes.

  • API Sandbox release, December 23, 2015
  • Production release, December 23, 2015
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