July 2015 Release Notes

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July 2015 Release Notes

Welcome to the Zuora July 2015 Release, R190, R190.1, R190.2. This release includes new Zuora features, enhancements, resolved issues, and improvements to the Knowledge Center.

Highlights by Zuora Keys

Summary of generally available features and enhancements by Zuora Keys:

  • PRICE: Removing Product Amendments Now Allowed | Edit Draft Subscriptions Through SOAP API 
  • BILL: Australia Post Bar Code Supported on Custom Invoices
  • COLLECT: Delete Credit Balance Adjustments Fully Supported
  • ACCOUNT: AR Roll Forward Balance is Here | Journal Entries and Journal Runs Available Through Data Sources
  • SCALE: 56 Date Fields Change from DataTime to Date Only Fields as of WSDL 69

Currently Released Versions

Environment Current Product Version Release Date Current WSDL
Production R190.2 August 5, 2015 69.0
API Sandbox R190.2 August 4, 2015 69.0

See Version Information for more version information.

Z-Suite Integrations Release

Z-Suite Integrations Release Notes
Release August 5, 2015, v463

Features and Enhancements


Removing Product Amendments Now Supported

Zuora now lets you remove a product amendment even if there is a future-dated amendment for a product or renewal. You can remove product amendments before updating products and renewals with a price change amendment. This enhancement lets you avoid reverting a future-dated amendment when removing a product from a subscription.

See Remove a Product (Amendment) for more information.

Edit Draft Subscriptions Through SOAP update()

Zuora now allows you to edit draft subscription information using the SOAP API update call. You can update the following fields before you create a subscription: 

  • AccountId
  • AutoRenew
  • InitialTerm
  • InvoiceOwnerId
  • Name
  • RenewalSetting
  • RenewalTerm
  • TermStartDate
  • TermType fields

See SOAP API Subscription for more information.

Australia Post Bar Code Font Supported on Invoice Template

Zuora now supports Australia Post bar codes in invoice template merge fields. You can add up to five bar codes on your invoices using bar code merge fields on your invoice templates. This feature is available only on the new invoice file generation service.

See Using Barcodes on Invoice Templates for more information.

New Invoice File Generation Service Zuora will stop supporting the old file generation service as of the September, 2015 Release R192. If you have not already done so, you will need to update your invoice templates before that time.


Improved Error Message for Missing Required Fields in Payment Pages 2.0

In Payment Pages, now you can include the missing field names in the error message when a required field is not filled in. Include the variable, #fieldName, in the custom error message during Payment Page configuration. For example, "Please enter a valid #fieldName to continue." #fieldName will be replaced with the missing field name.

See Configure Payment Pages 2.0 for enabling the client-side validation of required fields and setting custom error messages.


View Your AR Roll Forward Balance in Zuora

You can now see your Accounts Receivable roll forward balance in Zuora, allowing you to reconcile AR-impacting transactions more easily.

Navigate to Z-Finance > Accounting Periods, select an accounting period, and then select the new Balances tab.

After running a trial balance for the accounting period, the Balances tab shows your AR starting balance, summary amounts for transactions that impact AR, and then your AR ending balance. You can also download all AR-impacting transactions for an accounting period in a single CSV file by clicking Download Detail.

All Z-Finance users have access to this new feature.

See View Accounts Receivable Balance for more information.

Journal Entries and Journal Runs Now Available Through Data Sources

The journal entry and journal run objects are now available through the following transactional data sources:

The new data source objects helps you determine which journal entry a particular transaction is summarized in - giving you more ways to integrate journal entries from Zuora into your accounting close process.

All Z-Finance users have access to the journal entry and journal run data source objects.


Deleting Canceled Credit Balance Adjustments Now Supported

You can now delete all types of canceled credit balance adjustments. Deletions can be made from the user interface or by using the SOAP API. The Delete Credit Balance Adjustment permission is required for deletions.

Adyen Gateway Credentials

Instructions on creating an Adyen user with the correct roles required to set up the gateway have been updated in the Zuora Knowledge Center.

See Adyen Gateway for more information.

Invoice Due Notification

Before this release, you could send an account-level Invoices Past Due summary notification, which listed all of the past due invoices. This notification would be sent once a month for each customer. In this release, we've added a new notification for individual invoices that are past due. You can select the number or days before or after the due date to send out a notification. Furthermore, you can create multiple notifications to be sent, for example at 7, 10, and 15 days past due, all within the same communication profile. You can use this new notification to craft your own dunning notices.

See Supported Event Types for more information.

Zuora APIs


Date Field Changes as of WSDL 69

Read this Important Note Before Using WSDL version 69

In WSDL 68 and earlier, 56 Zuora SOAP API date fields are treated as dateTime fields. As of WSDL 69, Zuora will treat these fields as date only fields. These fields are no longer compatible with dateTime values. Date and dateTime values in WSDL 69 are now the same as date and dateTime values in the Zuora application.

Before downloading and using WSDL 69, check to see if your SOAP integration passes or receives dateTime values to or from any of these fields.

The AQuA API is also affected by these date field changes. If you use the AQuA API, you must review the date field changes and take the appropriate action.

See Date Field Changes in the SOAP API for more information.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.


Time Component was Not Present in DateTime Fields

The time component of dateTime fields was not displayed in CSV files generated through the AQuA API. The date and time components are now both correctly displayed in the CSV files.​

  • If you are using AQuA version 1.0 or 1.1, this issue is resolved in API version 69. API version 69 is the latest version as of this Zuora release.
  • If you are using AQuA version 1.2, this issue was already resolved in the Zuora May Release, R188, regardless of the API version.

The AQuA API uses the latest API version by default, so ensure that your integration is expecting dateTime values from dateTime fields. 

If you don't want to use API version 69, specify the version that you do want to use in the apiVersion field of your AQuA queries.


Multiple Card Authorizations Occurring with Payment Pages 2.0

When your customer clicked the "submit" button on a Payment Page, the button turned gray, but remained clickable. If the "submit" button was clicked more than once, multiple authorizations were sent to the payment gateway, causing multiple charges to the credit card. 

Unable to Create Payment Methods of Diners Club Credit Cards

Payment Pages 2.0 returned a client-side validation error, "Invalid Card Type", for Diners Club credit cards.

The issue was fixed, and now you can use Diners Club credit cards on Payment Pages 2.0. Diners Club cards will now be processed with card type of Discover, by default.

State Field in Payment Pages 2.0 Doesn't Change to a Drop-down with the Country Field Pre-populated to "United States"

The State field in Payment Pages 2.0 did not change to the drop-down list of U.S. state names when the Country field was pre-populated as United States in the client JavaScript with 'creditCardCountry'= 'USA'.


Payment Date Incorrect on Processed Payment Email Notifications

Two processed payment email notifications (Manual Email for Payment and Payment Processed) displayed incorrect payment dates. The incorrect dates were based on the date the payment was created rather than the date the payment was effective. All payment notifications now show a payment date based on the effective date of the payment.


Limited Early Access to Time Zone Support

Coming soon you will have the option to choose a time zone for your tenant. 

For existing tenants, changing your time zone will affect your user interface, SOAP API, Data Source Exports, and Export ZOQL. See Before Changing Your Time Zone after changing your Time Zone to help you decide if this future option is right for you.

Time zone support in Zuora is in Limited Availability. We are currently not accepting early access to this feature. 

Time Zone Offset SOAP API Response For Daylight Savings Time

Time zone offsets were set to GMT-8 for SOAP API responses from dateTime fields. SOAP API responses from dateTime fields now use Pacific Time (GMT-7/-8). DateTime values in Pacific Daylight Time will have a time zone offset of GMT-7. DateTime values in Pacific Standard Time will have a time zone offset of GMT-8.

See Date and dateTime Format for more information.

Query Date Value with a Specific Time Zone Offset Supported

Time zone offsets were ignored when making a SOAP API query call using a time zone offset with a date filter value. Time zone offsets are now applied to SOAP API query date filter values.

See Zuora Object Query Language for more information.

Knowledge Center

Customer-requested Improvements to Articles

We have updated the following Knowledge Center articles based on customer-reported feedback:

Maintenance Release 190.2

  • Production release, August 5, 2015
  • API Sandbox release, August 4, 2015

This maintenance release includes internal fixes.

Maintenance Release 190.1

  • Production release, July 29, 2015
  • API Sandbox release, July 28, 2015

This maintenance release includes internal fixes.

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