March 2015 Release Notes

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March 2015 Release Notes

Welcome to the Zuora March 2015 Release, R186, R186.1, R186.2. This release includes new Zuora features, enhancements, resolved issues, and improvements to the Knowledge Center.

Highlights by Zuora Keys

Summary of generally available features and enhancements by Zuora Keys:

  • PRICE: Payment Pages 2.0 validate minimum and maximum quantities on charges
  • BILL: Access to historical invoice PDFs
  • COLLECT: AVS and CVV filtering parameters for Litle Gateway and GlobalCollect | Payment Pages 2.0 supports dynamically passing in the currency and the initial authorization amount
  • ACCOUNT: Summary journal entries are GA | Accounts Receivable Aging includes Credit Balance
  • NURTURE: Access to notification history through new REST method

​Released Versions

Environment Current Product Version Release Date Current WSDL
Production R186.2 April 1, 2015 65.0
API Sandbox R186.2 March 31, 2015 65.0

See Version Information for more version information.

Zuora for Salesforce Release (Q1 2015)

Zuora for Salesforce Quotes Q1 2015 Release Notes and Zuora 360 Q4 2014 Release Notes (note that Zuora 360 release remains Q4 2014)

Z-Suite Integrations Release

Z-Suite Integrations Release Notes
Release March 11, 2015, v328

Features and Enhancements


Support for Invoice PDF Versions

We have provided the ability to access all historical invoice PDF files. Now you can view and resend a specific version of the Invoice PDF file to your subscribers. You can access invoice PDF file versions through:

  • Zuora application UI
Access Invoice PDF File Versions in Zuora Application UI

You can view or download a specific version of an Invoice PDF file in the History section on the Invoice Detail page.

On the same Invoice detail page, you can select to email a specific version of the Invoice PDF file.

See Invoice History for more information.

Access Invoice PDF File Versions through Zuora SOAP API

A new SOAP object, InvoiceFile, was added to support Invoice PDF versions. This new object is available starting with the version 65.0 of Zuora WSDL, and it is created for the new Invoices created in R185 or later.

See InvoiceFile for detail information about the InvoiceFile object.

Access Invoice PDF File Versions through Zuora REST API

You can retrieve all versions of Invoice PDF files through Zuora REST API. The REST get invoices request returns a new element, invoiceFiles, that includes Invoice PDF file version information. Each invoiceFile element contains the following information:

  • id

  • versionNumber

  • pdfFileUrl

Specify the Invoice PDF File Versions in Invoice Template

A new merge field, Invoice.FileVersionNumber, is available in the Invoice Templates. This merge field is for the Invoice PDF file version number, and it is available for new PDF files generated in R186 or later.

See Supported Merge Fields for Invoices for the supported merge fields in Invoice Templates.


New Client Parameters for Dynamic Configuration of Payment Pages 2.0

The two new client parameters are available to support additional payment information in Payment Pages 2.0:

  • currency: The currency in which the initial authorization should be done. This value overrides the default currency in the tenant.
  • authorizationAmount: The initial authorization amount. This value overrides the default authorization amount set for the specific payment gateway.

See Client Parameters for Payment Pages 2.0 for the list of client parameters supported in Payment Pages 2.0.

Minimum and Maximum Quantities Validation in Hosted Checkout Pages

For the quantity based charges, if the maximum quantity or the minimum quantity field value is given for the charges, the Hosted Checkout Pages validates the subscription quantity against the MaxQuantity and MinQuantity values​.

The minimum and  maximum quantities can only be set through Zuora SOAP API. See ProductRatePlanCharge for the information about the minimum and maximum quantity fields.


Summary Journal Entry Feature is Generally Available

The Summary Journal Entry feature is now generally available to all Z-Finance users. Summary journal entries are summaries of Zuora transaction amounts that can be easily exported from Zuora and entered into your accounting system.

You can:

  • Auto-create summary journal entries through configurable journal runs.
  • Create summary journal entries across different business dimensions using segments.
  • Download transaction details for verification during general ledger reconciliation.

See Summary Journal Entries for more information.

Accounts Receivable Aging Report Now Includes Credit Balance

Zuora now provides a new Accounts Receivable Aging report that includes the Invoice Balance, Credit Balance, and Account Balance of each customer as of the end of an accounting period. You no longer need to run a separate Credit Balance report to get an accurate picture of your customers’ outstanding balances when closing the books. Zuora puts all that information in one simple report which you can download from the Zuora UI or through a URL.

The new AR Aging report is automatically available to all Z-Finance users.

See Accounts Receivable Aging for more information.


Additional Configuration Parameters Added to the Litle Payment Gateway

Two configuration parameters have been added to the Litle Payment Gateway that enables AVS and CVV filtering.

See Litle Payment Gateway for more information.

Additional Configuration Parameters Added to the GlobalCollect Payment Gateway

Two configuration parameters have been added to the GlobalCollect Payment Gateway that enables AVS and CVV filtering.

See GlobalCollect Payment Gateway for more information.

Zuora APIs


Notification History

You can now get notification history records for callouts and emails using Notification History REST API resources. You can retrieve past callout and email record details within a given date range with a maximum range of three days. The information in the record details will make it faster and easier for you to find, view, and correct failed records.

See Notification History for more information.


WSDL Version

For Release 186, the WSDL version remains 65.0. See Zuora WSDL for information about downloading the current version.​

Knowledge Center

We have updated the following Knowledge Center articles based on customer-reported feedback:

  • We have updated the following Knowledge Center articles based on customer-reported feedback:

  • File Segmentation. Added a note that file segmentation is supported only in stateful mode and only for the initial load.
  • Personal Settings and Managing your Tenant Profile. Updated these articles to clarify tenant-level locale and personal locale overrides support
  • Contact SOAP API object. Updated FirstName field character limit to 100.

Maintenance Release 186.1

  • API Sandbox release, March 24, 2015

This maintenance release include internal fixes.

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