January 2015 - Release Notes

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January 2015 - Release Notes

Welcome to the Zuora January 2015 Release, R184, R18.1. This release includes new Zuora features, enhancements, resolved issues, and improvements to the Knowledge Center.

Highlights by Zuora Keys

Summary of generally available features and enhancements by Zuora Keys:

  • PRICE: Charge number field now supported when getting subscriptions through REST API
  • ACQUIRE: New Quote File Generation Service
  • COLLECT: Select multiple criteria on Payment runs | Create a payment for outstanding invoices on an account 
  • NURTURE: Mobile browser support for Payment Pages 2.0 | Enhanced cookie handling for Payment Pages 2.0 | Library method for digital signature verification on Payment Pages 2.0 callbacks
  • SCALE: Real-time Sync is GA | Support for Custom Batch Names

Released Versions

Environment Current Product Version Release Date Current WSDL
Production R184.1 January 28, 2015 64.0
API Sandbox R184.1 January 27, 2015 64.0

See Version Information for more version information.

Z-Suite Integrations Release

Z-Suite Integrations Release Notes
Released January 28, 2015, Z-Suite v321

Features and Enhancements


Real-time Sync is Generally Available

Zuora 360 Real-time Sync is now generally available.

Real-time Sync monitors record changes in Zuora and automatically synchronizes the changed records to Salesforce once the number of record change events reaches the configured threshold.

You must have the 2.70 or later version of Zuora 360 to use Real-time Sync.

See Real-time Sync for detailed information about Real-time Sync.

New Quote File Generation Service with More Supported Fonts

A new and more stable quote file generation service is available that provides a greater range of fonts. See Supported Fonts for Quote Templates.

With the new service, you will benefit from Zuora's continued investment in features related to generating quote documents.  

Zuora will continue to support the old quote file generation service, but we encourage you to upgrade as soon as possible in order to take advantage of new features as we release them. Zuora will eventually stop supporting the old quote generation service.

See Upgrade to New Quote File Generation Service for upgrade instructions.

Support for Country White List and Country Black List

In Payment Pages 2.0, you can now filter the country list displayed to customers by using one of two optional parameters. Use countryWhiteList for countries to be displayed or countryBlackList for countries to be hidden.

See Client Parameters for Payment Pages 2.0 for more information.

Cookie Handling in Payment Pages 2.0

Tenants can choose how to handle sensitive user information as it relates to being stored in cookies. User information is stored only in cookies when the submit button is outside the payment entry form and retainValue is set to true.

See Error Handling for Payment Pages 2.0 for more information.

Payment Pages 2.0 Browser Support

Payment Pages 2.0 now supports iOS and Android mobile browsers. The current tested and supported browsers are:

  • Desktop
    • Mozilla Firefox (the two most recent stable versions)
    • Google Chrome (the latest stable version)
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, and 11
  • Mobile
    • Google Chrome (iOS and Android)
    • Safari (iOS)

See Browser Support Policy for more information.

Validating Digital Signatures

For full control over submission of payments and increasing security, Payment Pages 2.0 includes two versions of digital signature validation libraries. These are methods for verifying digital signatures returned as part of Zuora's HPM callback which can quickly and easily be integrated into your project. We offer these libraries in Java and Python.

See Validate the Digital Signature for Payment Pages 2.0 for more information.


Ability to Select Multiple Payment Run Criteria 

Selecting payment run criteria will no longer be exclusive. You will now be able to combine criteria, for example, select currency and gateway.

See Creating Payment Runs for more information.

Ability to Create Single Payment for All Invoices on an Account

You can now create a single payment for all outstanding invoices for an account. For example, if you have three outstanding invoices for an account, you can have the option to have the payment run create a single payment combining the balance of all three invoices.

See Creating Payment Runs for more information.

Enhancements to Payment API

You can now create a payment against multiple invoices in one call. 

See Payment for more information.

Enhancements to Refund API

You can now create a full or partial refund across multiple invoices in one call.

See Refund for more information.


Custom Batch Names

In Z-billing Settings, you can rename account batches with custom names. In this way, you can name batches such that they are meaningful for your business. We've also expanded the number of account batches. Tenants now have up to 50 batches.

See Customize Batch Names for more information.

Zuora APIs


Charge Number Exposed via REST API

Tenants will now get charge numbers when getting subscriptions through the REST API.

See Get Subscription By Key and Get Subscriptions By Account for more information.


WSDL Version

For Release 184, the WSDL version is 64.0. See Zuora WSDL for information about downloading the current version.​

Resolved Issues

There are no resolved issues to report for this release.

Knowledge Center

Customer-requested Improvements to Articles

We have updated the following Knowledge Center articles based on customer-reported feedback:

  • SOAP API ProductRatePlanCharge. Updated the Taxable field to indicate that the TaxMode and TaxCode fields are required when creating or updating the ProductRatePlanCharge object. Updated the TaxMode and TaxCode fields to indicate that they are required when the Taxable field is set to true.
  • SOAP API Updating the Product Catalog. Updated the example in this use case to include the required TaxMode and TaxCode fields when  the Taxation field set to true.
  • SOAP API Account. Updated the InvoiceTemplateId field with information on how to get the Invoice template ID from the Zuora application.

Maintenance Release 184.1

  • API Sandbox release, January 27, 2015

This maintenance release includes internal fixes and the following resolved issue:

Sub-objects on canceled invoices should not be synced

Certain objects, such as payment and payment refund invoice, were incorrectly synced on invoices that were not posted.

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