November 2016 Release Notes

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November 2016 Release Notes

Welcome to the release notes for the Zuora November 2016 Release, R206. This release includes new Zuora features, enhancements, resolved issues, and improvements to the Knowledge Center.

Current Product Version

The following table shows the product versions currently released on the Zuora Production and API Sandbox environments.

Environment Current Product Version Release Date Current WSDL Version
Production R206.2 November 28, 2016 81.0
API Sandbox R206.2 November 28, 2016 81.0

See Product Versions and Release Dates for more information.

Subscription Management

Resolved: The Payment Method of the Subscription Owner Was Used to Pay Invoices Even if the Invoice Owner and the Subscription Owner Were Different 

This issue only occurred if you have the Owner Transfer feature enabled.

If you set the invoice owner and subscription owner to different customer accounts through the SOAP API, an error occurred when you were paying invoices. This was because the payment method of the subscription owner account was used to pay invoices. 

This issue is now resolved. The payment method of the invoice owner account can be used to pay invoices.

See Payment Method Used in the Subscribe SOAP API Call for more information.

Billing and Payments

Display Tax Exemption Information on Invoice PDFs

Previously, if tax exemption was enabled, none of the tax items could be displayed on the invoice PDF even if the tax amount was not 0. Now, if the tax amount of a tax item is not 0, the tax item is displayed on the invoice PDF.

See Display Tax Information in Invoices for more information.

Get Invoices REST Method Now Supports More Response Fields

You can now retrieve more information about invoice items through the Get Invoices REST method. The following fields are now included in the response:

  • chargeDate
  • chargeType
  • processingType

See Get invoices for more information.


Support Multi-entity Object Sharing Exceptions Report

The Multi-entity feature is in Limited Availability. If you already have this feature enabled, this object sharing exceptions report is available automatically. Submit a request at Zuora Global Support only if you wish to have access to Multi-entity.

Zuora now supports tracking errors using the object sharing exceptions report for all entities. This report records detailed information about the errors that occurred when synchronizing the shared objects to target entities. You can run this report on-demand to review the errors and fix the root causes. After you have fixed the errors, the error-related data will not be included in your newly exported report.

Errors for the following objects can be exported in the reports:

  • Product
  • Product Rate Plan
  • Product Rate Plan Charge
  • Accounting Period

See Error Report for Object Sharing for more information.


Manage Access to Data Source Exports

Zuora platform administrators can now use a Reporting permission to manage access to data source exports. If you disable the new Enable DataSource Export permission for a user, the user will not be able to download data source exports from the Zuora user interface.

All existing Reporting roles have the Enable DataSource Export permission, enabling all users to continue to download data source exports from the Zuora user interface.

See Reporting Roles for more information.

Zuora for Salesforce Release (Q4 2016)

Additional Sync Field Mappings for Complete Support for Weekly Billing

The fields to support weekly billing in Zuora are now synchronized to Zuora CPQ.

Zuora Object Zuora for Salesforce Object Zuora for Salesforce Field Sync Type

Product Rate Plan Charge


Weekly Bill Cycle Day


Product Catalog Sync

Subscription Product & Charge


Weekly Bill Cycle Day


Account and Related Object Sync



Current WSDL version: 81

See Zuora WSDL for information on how to check your version and download the latest version.

SOAP API Change History

See Zuora SOAP API Version History for a summary of updates made to the SOAP API in recent Zuora releases.

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