March 2016 Release Notes

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March 2016 Release Notes

Welcome to the release notes for the Zuora March 2016 Release, R198. This release includes new Zuora features, enhancements, resolved issues, and improvements to the Knowledge Center.

Current Product Version

The following table shows the product versions currently released on the Zuora Production and API Sandbox environments.

Environment Current Product Version Release Date Current WSDL Version
Production R198.4 April 18, 2016 75.0
API Sandbox R198.4 April 17, 2016 75.0

See Product Versions and Release Dates for more information.

Security Update

Technical Operations and Security planned security upgrade deprecates TLS 1.0.

  • Sandbox Release Completed: February 4, 2016
  • Planned Production Release: April 7, 2016

For more information refer to the Zuora Community Announcement: Zuora is Disabling TLS 1.0

Subscription​ Management

Update Product Rate Plan Charge Tiers Using the SOAP API

Previously you could only update the price of product rate plan charge tiers using the Zuora SOAP API. Now you can update all tier information of product rate plan charges using the SOAP update call. This enhancement allows you to update thousands of pricing tiers within minutes instead of updating charges one at a time from the Zuora UI.

See Update Product Catalog for more information on updating product rate plan charge tiers.


Upcoming Changes to Accounting Codes

The following changes will come into effect for the Zuora April release, R199:
  • You will only be able to specify accounting codes that already exist in your chart of accounts. For example, if you update the accounting code on a product rate plan charge by specifying a non-existent accounting code, an error is returned.
  • Accounting codes will require unique names, regardless of the accounting code type. For example, if you have a Sales Revenue accounting code called “Revenue,” you cannot have another accounting code also called “Revenue,” even if it is of a different type, such as Deferred Revenue. Only newly-created accounting codes will be affected. Existing accounting codes with duplicate names will not be affected.

Please ensure that your Zuora integration complies with these upcoming changes before the Zuora April release.

Cancel and Delete Summary Journal Entries and Journal Runs Using the REST API

The following REST API calls are now available:

Zuora for Salesforce

Additional Sold To Contact Fields Synchronized from Zuora Account

The following Sold To Contact fields in Zuora CPQ are now synchronized and populated with the values in the corresponding Zuora Billing Account (Zuora__CustomerAccount__c) fields:

  • Sold To City (Zuora__SoldToCity__c)
  • Sold To Country (Zuora__SoldToCountry__c)
  • Sold To Address1 (Zuora__SoldToAddress1__c)
  • Sold To Address2 (Zuora__SoldToAddress2__c)
  • Sold To State (Zuora__SoldToState__c)
  • Sold To PostalCode (Zuora__SoldToPostalCode__c)
  • Sold To Fax (Zuora__SoldToFax__c)
  • Sold To Work Email (Zuora__SoldToWorkEmail__c)
  • Sold To Work Phone (Zuora__SoldToWorkPhone__c)

See Sync Field Mapping of Account and Related Objects for mapping of the new fields between Zuora and Zuora CPQ.

New Quote File Generation Service Upgraded

Zuora has been moving to a new service to create Quote PDF documents. In this release, we will stop supporting the old Quote PDF generation service. The existing Quote templates created for the old generation service will automatically be upgraded to work with the new service.

Quote PDF Documents Support Tiers and Bundles

Now you can add quote charge tiers and bundles to quote PDF documents.

Quote charge tiers are listed in a nested table inside the charge table.

To add tiers or bundles to your quote PDF documents, create new quote templates using the new sample template. The new quote template will be available in the Commerce Settings as of the Production release of the 198 release.

Refer to Supported Merge Fields for Quote Templates for the new and existing merge fields available for quote documents.



Current WSDL version: 75

See Zuora WSDL for information on how to check your version and download the latest version.

SOAP API Change History

See Zuora SOAP API Version History for a summary of updates made to the SOAP API in recent Zuora releases.

Date Field Changes as of WSDL 69

Please read this important note before using WSDL version 69 or later.

In WSDL 68 and earlier, 56 Zuora SOAP API date fields are treated as dateTime fields. As of WSDL 69, Zuora will treat these fields as date only fields. These fields are no longer compatible with dateTime values. Date and dateTime values in WSDL 69 are now the same as date and dateTime values in the Zuora application.

Before downloading and using WSDL 69, check to see if your SOAP integration passes or receives dateTime values to or from any of these fields.

The AQuA API is also affected by these date field changes. If you use the AQuA API, you must review the date field changes and take the appropriate action.

See Date Field Changes in the WSDL for more information.

Knowledge Center

We have updated the following Knowledge Center articles based on your feedback:

  • Zuora Object Query Language: Removed duplicate text from the query syntax example.
  • Full Certificate Chain: Fixed the .crt file download links.
  • RatePlanCharge and ProductRatePlanCharge SOAP objects: Corrected the values of the BillingTiming field to In Advance and In Arrears.
  • Manage Custom Fields in Z-Billing: Added a note to not create a custom field with the same name as the standard Zuora field for the Usage object.
  • Account SOAP object: Updated the following field descriptions:
    • Batch: This field is required if using the subscribe() call and optional if using other supported calls.
    • InvoiceDeliveryPrefsEmail: This field supports the subscribe() call.
    • InvoiceDeliveryPrefsPrint: This field supports the subscribe() call.
  • Subscription SOAP object: Clarified the information for the following fields to indicate that they are required if using the subscribe() call:
    • InitialTerm
    • RenewalTerm
  • Create subscription REST API method: Updated the examples with different REST API minor versions.
  • Configure Your Tenant Profile and Permissions: Clarified why to cancel posted invoice permission when using the Avalara integration.
  • BillRun SOAP object: Updated this object with the following changes:
    • Supported calls: Removed the unsupported cancel() call. Added the supported but missing update() call.
    • The Status field: Added the missing values of this field.
  • Update subscription and Preview subscription REST API methods: Corrected the value of the previewType field to InvoiceItemChargeMetrics.
  • BillingPreview() SOAP API call: Added a note to clarify that BillingPreview call does not calculate taxes for charges in the subscription. 
  • Subscription Amendments: Added a new section: Amending a Subscription that Already Has a Future-dated Amendment to describe subscription amendments when future-dated amendment already exists on the subscription.
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