February 2017 Release Notes

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February 2017 Release Notes

Welcome to the release notes for the Zuora February 2017 Release, R209. This release includes new Zuora features, enhancements, resolved issues, and improvements to the Knowledge Center.

Current Product Version

The following table shows the product versions currently released on the Zuora Production and API Sandbox environments. 

Environment Current Product Version Release Date Current WSDL Version
Production R209.2 March 8, 2017 84.0
API Sandbox R209.2 March 7, 2017 84.0

See Product Versions and Release Dates for more information.

Billing and Payments

Flexible Invoice Delivery Through the REST API

You can now use the REST API to specify the following information:

  • Whether to send invoices to your customers through email or postal mail
  • Additional email addresses to receive emailed invoices

The invoiceDeliveryPrefsEmail, invoiceDeliveryPrefsPrint, and additionalEmailAddresses fields are now available for the following REST API methods:

More Locales for Invoice PDF Localization

The Invoice PDF Localization feature is in Limited Availability. If you already have this feature enabled, these new locales are available automatically. Submit a request at Zuora Global Support only if you wish to have access to Invoice PDF Localization.

Zuora now supports translating invoice merge fields for the following countries and corresponding languages in invoice PDFs:

  • Bulgaria: Bulgarian 
  • Czech Republic: Czech 
  • Denmark: Danish 
  • Estonia: Estonian 
  • Finland: Finnish 
  • Greece: Greek 
  • Hungary: Hungarian 
  • Latvia: Latvian 
  • Norway: Norwegian 
  • Romania: Romanian 
  • Slovakia: Slovak 
  • Slovenia: Slovenian 
  • Sweden: Swedish

This feature allows you to extend your billing to even more geographies.

See Supported Languages for more information.

Zuora for Salesforce Releases (Q4 2016)

Token Id and Second Token Id Synchronized to Salesforce

Starting in this release, the Token Id and Second Token Id fields on the Payment Method object are synced from Zuora to Salesforce, enabling you to support custom use cases involving payments in Salesforce.

Typically, the Token Id is used for the customer identifier or profile on the payment gateway side, and the Second Token Id is used as the underlying individual payment instrument identifier. 

See PaymentMethod for descriptions of the TokenId and SecondTokenId fields.

Refer to Sync Field Mapping of Account and Related Objects to see how the TokeId and SecondTokeId fields are mapped to the fields in Zuora CPQ.

Tenant Details Added to 360 Sync Email Notifications

The following information is now included in the email notifications sent out when any type of sync jobs have processed.

  • When Zuora Multi-entity is enabled in your tenant:
    • Tenant Name
    • Tenant Id
    • Entity Name
    • Entity Id
  • When Zuora Multi-entity is not enabled in your tenant:
    • Tenant Name
    • Tenant Id

See Synchronize Data from Zuora for more information.

Support for Billing Timing Option in Product Catalog Syncs from Zuora to Salesforce

The value you set in the Billing Timing field on Product Rate Plan Charge in Zuora is now synchronized to the corresponding field in Salesforce to support billing the charge in advance or arrears for quotes.

Once a product rate plan charge is added to a subscription, you can no longer update the billing timing of the product rate plan charge in Zuora.

See Billing Timing for how the setting affects your subscriptions in Zuora.

Refer to Sync Field Mapping of Product Catalog Related Objects and Sync Field Mapping of Subscription and Related Objects to see how the Billing Timing field is mapped to the field in Zuora CPQ.


The following articles describe the latest features of Zuora Reporting and the Zuora Insights add-on:



Current WSDL version: 84

See Zuora WSDL for information on how to check your version and download the latest version.

SOAP API Change History

See Zuora SOAP API Version History for a summary of updates made to the SOAP API in recent Zuora releases.

Knowledge Center

We have updated the following Knowledge Center articles based on your feedback:

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