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Install Workflow

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For tenants in the Sandbox environment, a trial version of Workflow is available under Platform in the left navigation panel of Zuora.



  1. Log into your Zuora tenant.

  2. Navigate to Marketplace > Purchases.

  3. Hover over Workflow and click Deploy or Download. 
    "Deploy" corresponds to apps that have been purchased; "Download" corresponds to apps that are automatically available for you to install.

  4. In the General tab of the New Configuration dialog, complete the configurations.

    • Name - Enter a name that will help you to identify the Workflow instance. 
    • Run Mode - Select Collections.
    • Execution - Select External unless otherwise specified in the Workflow documentation. 
    • Target - Select the OAuth tenant login that you created previously.
  5. In the Advanced tab, select the production build.

    • If you are in the Sandbox environment, select Sandbox - US.

    • If you are in the Production environment, select Production - US.

  6. Click Create to save the settings.

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